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    • Ants – Nature’s Secret Power

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      Have you ever considered what life would be like as ant? We’ve heard the expression ants in our pants. Dreamworks brought them to the big-screen in the full feature animated film Antz. Now, imagine what life is really like through their eyes. A world where with one wrong move, you find yourself dead under someone’s shoe.

      In this enticing documentary Bert Holldobler takes us into their ant hills. He journeys into their world like no one else can. He has spent his life travelling the world to fully understand them. To many they are a nuisance, but to Bert they are his life.

      Ants are everywhere, there’s no mistaking that. The biggest colony we know of is in Japan where there is 306 million ants, 1 million queens, in 45,000 colonies, spreading over 270 hectares. They are able to stand upside down on glass and support 100 times their weight. Ants a really quite fascinating when the time is taken to appreciate them.

      Holldobler manages to bring these insect’s world to life with his passion and knowledge. Truly a remarkable story as he showcases how they potentially rule the planet. Ants: Nature’s Secret Power has given me a new perspective on an insect that before viewing Holldobler’s documentary I ignored. It has me thinking twice about those ant hills.

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      Published on August 27, 2008 · Filed under: Biology, Environment, Nature
    • John Neary

      Thank you very much for posting this, i do not watch TV so you are one of my better sources for these great nature programs.

    • Eric Howe

      Interesting timing, I just finished reading Hellstrom's Hive by Frank Herbert.

      I agree with John Neary, I don't watch TV either so this blog gives me my documentary fix.

    • GEE

      Thank you for posting!
      It was amazing, I could not stop watching.

    • koele

      Incredible! Ants of many types with massive cities, air conditioning, communication, antibiotics & disinfectant… this was very cool!

    • Dark Prodigy

      Truly remarkable! "Air conditioning, antibiotics etc" from ants, who would have thought that all that tech was below the ground we trod on everyday! I realy love this website, i posted a link about this website on my website. (

    • T

      It isn't working at the moment! When will it be available again?

    • Documentary Log

      I think I found a solution for the megavideo problem. Instead of clicking on the play button in the middle, just click anywhere else on the video and watch the video on the site of megavideo self. Maybe megavideo doesn't allow me to put videos on my website, but the videos are still there.

    • Thijmen

      Ok! Thank you!

    • roc

      i can't see,why?

    • Petes

      Just click on the button it'll redirect you to another site in another tab. Then go back to this tab and press the middle button again. Common ppl its easy.

    • Micaela

      Dr. Hoelldobller is incredible and so is the other Ant researcher at Arizona State University, ASU is leading research in these incredible social animals. I was a student under Professor Juergen Liebig, who worked under Dr. Hoelldobler and he has just discovered new information about chemical signals produced by ants…check it out, it's quite interesting.

    • sanga


    • Henrik

      You would think Humans would do good but these fellas really beat us big time.
      I canceld my TV license and got rid of the TV, mostly crap these days and sweden is a bit behind sometimes.

    • John

      Utterly FASCINATING!

    • ant eater

      great documentary i really like ants

    • Ants In My Pants

      Ants Are CooL!

    • Vistor

      Wow,did'nt know they are that much powerful

    • Vistor

      Best documentary ever.

    • Lil'Carla

      This documentary is profoundly cool!
      Awesome quotes: "Ants are tough" , "They [the males] are really just flying sperm-machines" and "Nature's true world power"

      The music also contributes to a stunning experience.

      Watch it or stay uncool!

    • alastair jack

      Simply amazing..

    • Guest

      Very good documentary. I wish it was longer and they had added their relationship with certain caterpillars and also added the slave ants which raid colonies and kidnap their workers.

    • Hernan

      I cannot see the video in full screen mode, it redirects me to megavideo homepage. It sucks!

    • Bendik Hansen

      What an absolutely jaw-dropping documentary! By far the best I've seen.

      When I first saw that they were going to fill the ant-city with cement I was shocked and disgusted, but when I saw the result I was mesmerized. It's like something taken straight out of a sci-fi story. It's a bit appalling that we do this in the name of science, but when you see the result you can't stay mad…

      It was amazing to see how the ants cut through the plastic as if it was butter.

      I also wish it had been longer. I'd love to watch this documentary for hours.

    • An other extraordinary video. So much knowledge gained on the teamwork killing of ants. I was surprised to know how smart ants were. A Excelent film indeed.

    • Twisted_Colour

      I click the button and get directed to ad pages, not the documentary. Why?

      P.S. Why did it ask me to use a valid email address (for comments) when I used a valid email address. I've just put in my second address, let's see how it works.

    • Documentary Log

      @Twisted_Colour: Please send me the email address you tried inputting. My contact page is at the top menu.

    • Jack Kebek

      Twisted_Colour, here's how it works.

      You close that popup publicity page, and then you get a "green arrow" on the video you first clicked on. Now you click the green arrow and the documentary will play.

      It only depends on where the documentary is hosted, none are hosted here, it's all about redirecting or else the costs for hosting them would be astronomical.
      BTW, it's a great documentary :)

    • crystal


    • agha

      The best documentary!! One gets shocked on some scenes and the truth presented in this video. Thanks to scientists who provide us such deep and thoughtful facts about the nature. How else could we realize the perfection of creator!!

    • Bubba

      Great documentary! I used to have this morbid fascination with Ants as a child. I would sit outside almost ALL day sometimes watching and feeding these little creatures wishing I could veer into their little world. They're so freaking interesting.

    • keeyop

      cheers: appreciation of scientists and documentarians…
      jeers: "…realize perfection of creator." HUH!? [that's more cognitive dissonance than i can take]

    • Looking at this I believed it was pretty enlightening. I actually appreciate you taking the time and effort to place this article together. Again I discover myself shelling out far too much time both reading and writing comments. Although so what, it absolutely was still worth it!