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    • Apollo Zero

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      Hello All.

      I recently applied for the opportunity to post up some films on this site, and the admin of documentary-log has kindly issued me with that privilege. So here is my first for you – Apollo Zero. While this film won’t give you a definitive yes or no answer to the question “have we been to the moon?”, it does raise some fresh ideas which i hadn’t considered before. For example, did you know that the furthest manned mission into space (other than the apollo missions) took its astronauts only 400 miles from Earth, while the Moon sits 240,000 miles away? There’s a big difference between those 2 distances, and i wonder a bit why no other country, or America since, has claimed to have even come close to sending its people further into space than it is claimed we went in the Sixties.  I’m not convinced as to whether or not we went to the Moon, but this film got me thinking again. See for yourself and make your own judgements.

      mark m

      please share:
      Published on March 18, 2011 · Filed under: Astronomy, Space, Mystery, Conspiracy
    • henry

      Nice! New content. SO appreciated. Going to watch this one now.

    • Ravell

      Good to see new content, but I’m disappointed that it’s a poorly produced hoax theory video.

      The whole video is an appeal to emotion and incredulity. It does not present any valid facts. The few topics presented as facts are misrepresented and taken out of context.

      First of all orbital distances can’t be compared to say traveling from A to B in a car. If you’ve never driven more than 2 miles, then yes, a 3000 mile trip is a unimaginable undertaking. But orbital mechanics simply doesn’t work that way. It takes a massive amount of energy to reach the speed needed to obtain an orbit around the earth. This is called delta V, or difference in velocity. To go from the Apollo launch pad to what’s known as a parking orbit, which is a near circular orbit at about 120 miles altitude, enough energy needs to be expelled as thrust to reach a delta V of 17,500 mph by the time it reaches that altitude, relative to it’s starting speed. At this point changing the altitude of the apogee (highest point of the orbit) takes much less energy, not least because you’ve already shed so much weight in the form of fuel and spent stages just reaching orbital velocity.

      Apollo missions were set up to enter a free return trajectory. Which is where, if no further thrust is applied after trans lunar injection, the gravity of the moon will alter the orbit to swing back to earth. This free return trajectory isn’t a case of pointing at the moon and lighting the engine, rather it’s timing the moment to fire the engine such that the apogee of the orbit is raised to just above the orbit of the moon, to a point in the sky where the moon will be by the time the spacecraft gets there. The delta V required to raise the apogee past the moon is only 7,500 mph. This might still sound like a lot, but keep in mind that the spacecraft is many times lighter than it was at take off.

      You can calculate how long they needed the engine to burn based on how much thrust it produces and how much the spacecraft weighs at that point. (F = m*a). The fuel consumption rate of the engine is a known quantity, as is the remaining fuel in the final Saturn V stage. If you compare this to the mission parameters as executed on each Apollo mission, you’ll find that it works out correctly. The Saturn V indeed had the ability to launch the Command Service Module and Lunar Module into a free return trajectory around the moon. At which point it becomes the task of the SPS engine to slow the spacecraft for lunar orbit insertion and get the back out of it. Again, it’s not too hard to calculate if it was possible with the available fuel.

      So why has the shuttle never gone higher than 400 miles? Quite simply, it’s never been designed to do so. It was designed to remain in low earth orbit to launch and service satellites. Since it was never meant to, its design doesn’t have enough fuel on board to get much higher than 400 miles. Could they retrofit tanks to raise the orbit past the moon? Well, yes, but the need for it hasn’t come up as modifications like that are extremely expensive when the craft wasn’t meant to do so in the first place.

      Then there’s the whole argument that the Van Allan belts prevented an Apollo mission is grossly misrepresented. On Gemini 10 it was found that radiation levels near the Van Allan belts were only 10% of what was expected. Even so to be safe, for the actual lunar missions, the orbital plane was inclined such that trans lunar injection would result in an orbital trajectory that would miss most of the belts effects. A good explanation of this can be found here:

      So finally the question, if all these hoax claims about Apollo have been debunked (There are many more claims and many more people have shown why they are false) why do some people still claim to have evidence of a hoax? The answer to that is simply that it sells books, it sells videos. It makes these people a living. A dishonest one at that as they are purposefully and knowingly exploiting the lack of knowledge of the general public and leaving out vital details.

    • Singing Bear

      Can we have the rest of it? It’s pretty interesting.

    • Ales

      Thanks Mark!!!!

    • Yo!! New Guy!!!

      Hello, nice job uploading some new content! Now all we need is the rest buddy! You’ll get the hang of it…keep on!

    • SnouGi

      Wow, it’s great that you upload some a new documentary! But this one was just crap! I hate these kinds of documentarys.. especially when they “force” out false facts.

      I watched to part 6/7 then I gave up. This dude needs to be hanged, he have no respect for other people. May he die in cancer!

      I’m talking about the dude in the documentary! Not the one who’s posting the documentary ofc ^^ Love this site!

    • Andrew

      Thank you for applying for the site admin job Mark, I’m sure you’ll do great. Wishing all the best! Going to watch the docu now :)

    • MMojo

      Loved the bit about swearing on the bible and The laziness of other nations being responsible for disinterest in following the US.

      When the only US Catholic President Declares He wants to go to the Moon, You just can’t help feeling, trouble would follow. 911 days later, after this public statement was delivered. he was shot! And 33 days before JFK’s death, Diana Spencer Churchill dies and her twin Diana Spencer, dies 12,369 Days after her in Paris. Apollo II would naturally succeed first, as it represented Twins/pairs, the pearl of the USA.

      I am not surprised Neil would not swear on this bible. Would you!

      Go direct to youtube link if you are having problems accessing the full version:

    • Cainer

      good job dude, you’re doing well!! keep up the good work, nuff respect to the creator off this site, its top bombing!! Tally hooo

    • Trevor

      lolololol it wasn’t radiation. it was charged particles from the sun, and it happened once in a while. nothing harmful for 3-4 days

    • Leo

      One thing i wish that ANYONE….ANYONE who has even the audacity to question whether or not we went to the moon is to check in with one of the lunar ranging facilities that can send a laser beam to the moon and the retro-reflectors that MEN placed there send peices of that same beam back where it can measure the continuous degradation of the moons orbit away from the earth. I love this site, and i do thank you for the upload… but…. and i say this as a human being that loves progress and hates it when people try to set humanity back….

      it really takes a huge amount of laziness and honestly, gullability to fall into this argument that is made solely by those that quite frankly are not experts at all. Just as those that love to tout the beloved van allen belt of radiation that would kill anyone that came near it… when Dr. James van allen has disputed this himself. Yes the moon is much further but the saturn v rocket was also MUCH bigger than even anything used since. It just really gets to me that we have the ability to be the leading country in the world in science and tech. but the bottom line is that we’ve gotten to the point that all the tech. that we have has been hijacked by morons and they now have just as much of a voice as those that are learned and have actually done more work than scouring the internet for 3 hrs and believing everything that they see.

      Again, i hope you don’t take this as an attack or anything on you for posting this… i appreciate almost any new doc. however i do hope that this site doesnt just go in the direction of posting any conspiracy theory that comes around… thanks!!

    • pheldespat

      Not this sh*t again! The arguments put forward in this stupid-mentary have been refuted hundreds of times before. I’ll just leave you with a very powerful counter-claim. If the Moon landings were fake, why didn’t the Soviets say anything? It was a space race after all. Some would say that the Ruskies knew the landings were fake, but kept silent in exchange of money or were blackmailed with the possibility or revealing some dirty commie secret. Oh, really? That’s a nice hypothesis. Now show proof.

      The truth is the Soviets had the the technology to know if the Moon landings were true or fake and they knew they had been defeated in the race for the Moon.

      Also, why didn’t the Americans cry foul when the Ruskies put the first artificial satellite in orbit? And when they put the first living being in orbit? And when they put the first man in orbit? And when they performed the first space walk? And when they launched interplanetary probes? And when they took the first photographs of the far side of the Moon? And when they landed robots on the Moon? Because the Americans knew they had been defeated in the first stints of the space race.

      Why no more trips to the Moon after 1972? Because the race was won already. Because it was very, very expensive and there were no immediate returns from the huge effort, apart from the science, which was never the main priority.

    • Leo


      To be honest… as i’ve said before, i love this site and ones like it.. however it really scares me that stuff like this gets put up for a couple of reasons…

      First off, i would have to say that most people that may stumble onto these sites may not have a strong grasp of EVERY subject so when something like this gets put up and lets say you have a couple of so called “AUTHORITIES” or “EXPERTS” chime in with their pov’s… it is likely to be absorbed by those who watch and then of course spread around to their friends as fact. Any moron can question an historical event without doing the proper research to see if that assertion holds water or not.

      Also, intellectual laziness is a real problem nowadays and i truly believe that a site such as this (which i care about) should have a certain amount of responsibility placed upon it if it wants to be seen as either; HONEST, UNBIASED, NEUTRAL, and perhaps most of all…. A PLACE WHICH ENCOURAGES PURSUIT OF KNOWLEDGE. These words may sound a little harsh, however, i do mean it and the reason is as follows….
      I have yet to see any doc’s which are titled..”PROOF THAT WE WENT TO THE MOON”… OR “WHY THOSE WHO BELIEVE WE DIDN’T SEND MEN INTO SPACE ARE BOTH LAZY AND STUPID”. So this is one of the reasons it bothers me when i start to see so called “points of view” that these well accepted events among the scientific community in fact never happened.

      I see nowadays that for one reason or another, the general public has some kind of deep seated mistrust not just for government (which tends to make lies into an artform) but to a certain extent… the scientific community. Even though it is the decades of hard work that these individuals put in for the POSSIBILITY that they can make a major breakthrough and advance mankind’s knowledge base and therefore our quality of life…. in spite of this, people still tend to believe that somehow they are out to get one over on us.

      One has to look no further than the current protests of vaccinations, gm foods, chemical fertilizers, or to the growing cancers of “alternative medicine” such as chiropractic, homeopathy, and newage bullcrap in place of modern PEER REVIEWED TREAMENTS to see what i mean.
      I truly fear for my children and the world that they will face. The weirdest thing is that it seems those blessed with lives in the modernized, industrialized parts of the world have in the past few decades seen so little conflict, and experienced so little in the way of hardship, hunger, and real threats that they are naive enough to believe that science and technology are somehow the real threats out there.

      I know this got a lil off topic but i believe it truly is related and i hope that at least one person reads and gets something out of this.
      Please keep the docs coming… as i said though… i would hope that in the future instead of portraying easily provable facts as questionable we could stick to genuine controversy because there truly is plenty of genuine controversy out there… the moon however is not part of it! :)

    • Leo

      Ok… i just finally finished this “DOCUMENTARY” and oh my god have i never ever ever ever seen such a lack of research and common sense… and of course he had to quote that crackpot ralph rene. I MEAN WOW. SAYING THAT THE REASON WE DIDN’T GO TO THE MOON IS BECAUSE THE SPACE SHUTTLE OR THE SOYUZ CRAFTS CAN ONLY GO INTO LOW EARTH ORBIT!?!?!?!?!?!


      The shuttles and the soyuz ARE BUILT ONLY FOR LOW EARTH ORBIT!!! That’s why it took the mighty saturn v to take the tiny payload (the return capsule, the command module, and the lunar lander) which is relativly tiny compared to the huge shuttle and fuel tank that the srb’s and shuttle main engines carry into LEO.. not to mention that the saturn v was a good deal stronger than any vehicle made before or since.


    • Spoogy

      there is a link to the playlist for all 7 parts of this doc, if you are interested in watching the rest of it.


    • questionable man

      if you pause at 8:40 you can continue to read, and it says that there are no radiation belts at the poles of the earth. who is to know if the apollo crews flew to the moon through the gaps in the radiation belts at the poles of the earth. questionable documentary but still valuable non the less. thank you.

    • a curious Belgian

      this site is awesome !

    • Erx

      To the poster, the reason why those two numbers are so different is due to how gravity works, and since you dont understand gravity, it didn’t make sense to you. which is why i always say, if you ain’t an expert or know enough, you don’t deserve to have a friggen opinion, nor do you deserve to broadcast it. lets say you burn more rocket fuel to go to 1,000 miles, then what? youre gonna need a heap more fuel to slow down and come back to earth, but once you fling yourself out beyond earth gravity, you leave the earth and so the hard part is done, since there is no resistance in space, you’d continue forever if you want, however, you are captured by the moons gravity and land. ur not burning fuel on the way, just to ‘leave’ earth and to ‘land’ on the moon.

      btw, of the 400,000 people who worked on the apollo missions, if it was a scam or didnt happen, dont’ you think there’d have been some whistleblowers by now? There has not been a single one, in fact, it’d be so much harder to scam the whole world than to go to the moon itself, since all the signals from the moon were not just received by nasa. they were independantly verified.

    • highlander

      Looking forward to your next documentary. How about something on why the earth is flat

    • Joseph

      Dear __________,

      Please shepherd these videos to the Internet, and, in effect, the public domain. I wish to remain anonymous, and I trust you will take care in my request. I would be very grateful. I am asking other parties for the same favor. I hope someone obliges me. These videos are significant, I humbly say.

      In these videos I absolutely and unequivocally prove that the Apollo moon landing footage is manufactured on Earth through extensive analysis of falling objects and sand seen in the TV footage. However the complete analysis is far more involved than just that. I believe you will be impressed.

      The Presentation videos are YouTube and Vimeo upload-ready. I would also appreciate if you would post all of the video links provided below for download by anyone.

      I thank you.

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      TVcamera footage edits: 641.7 MB!lkByyZ7b!IUl6FxRHfTORfON50-k0yDgc8aMixcl_oq0rlcjKRyU 160.1 MB!A8BRmIAA!K4Zc0CURPahJvWvDbSYGteTHoqB4w9HsoC3XhFLLsNY 1.93 GB!4x4yjSzJ!KDH7XH36n7ntDcaRf4RBe8IUzdHFtbojnz2lFAEpvyQ 2.89 GB!xxwymArR!E_V83ZM2j4pEiIRYAvwqyt5Rt9WWVLUHGQnNz68BdtA 3.97 GB!E8w01BaC!uQdNiOIXhZ8ngSAA_PtTwaAfcAvILzHjef_REy5FFAc 4.10 GB!5wBSWIQY!kZGTHi00zNqf-QZ3uYmJlC06G-rry_aBiFApv9kkiU0