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    • Atoms

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      The greatest scientific discovery in history has often been referred to as the discovery that everything is made from atoms. But what are they and how did scientists come to discover these atoms?This powerful documentary called Atoms is divided into three separate parts. Part 1 explores the atom and how scientists abandoned traditional beliefs after its discovery. It led to a new world of science that is only strengthened by chemistry, modern physics and biology. Jim Al-Khalili, a nuclear physicist professor brings to life the compelling story behind this revolutionary discovery and the astute people behind it.Professor Al-Khalili takes us into the magnificent discovery of how the universe was created through the atom. He showcases scientists hard work and examination of the atom uncovered the mystery surrounding the universe. The story takes dramatic twists and turns as he touches on other ground-breaking discoveries such as radioactivity, the Big Band and the atom bomb.

      In the third and last part of this three-part series is spent exploring how the atom has forced us to reconsider the nature surrounding our physical existence and the possibilities of a parallel universe. Professor Khalili showcases Earth a small fraction of larger universe than we ever imagined could have been possible.

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      Published on May 26, 2008 · Filed under: Cosmology, Physics
    • Just Some Dude

      Great But jumpy, kept stopping.

    • Yan

      It took me 3hours in watching this vid but I got a technique. 1st let the vid play while waiting the grey line filled-in the entire bar then that is the time you can watch it in full w/out interuptions

    • jenx

      If you can't know the position and the speed of an atom at the same time, what if scientists created nano-bots to ride electrons and report the speed and position of the atoms they are riding on?

    • Koele

      jenx- Electrons are subatomic (smaller than atoms). Atoms make up all matter – including nanoscale technology. It's like you're saying let's build a car out of lincoln logs and have it drive on a single splinter from one lincoln log. It makes no sense. Nanorobotics is still being researched anyhow. When they make something on this scale it is molecular in size (made up of multiple atoms). There is no such thing as subatomic robotics – the two words don't even make sense together.

    • Suny

      To the comment posted 2 Aug 08, their is something called broadbrand…

    • Bendik

      We could build them out of strings? *Winks*

    • Gus Hales

      Is it possibl that there is a planet/moon/or any other object out there made just from gold

    • DK McGreeb

      short answer is yes

    • Jack Kebek

      I'm not sure about gold, but there's a remaining star core that turned out to be a huge diamond.
      Space News :: 10 Billion trillion trillion carat DIAMOND star discovered.
      And a link!

      Now, get a hold of that!!! :)

    • Jack Kebek

      That would be like trying to fit a few Boeing 777's on top a mosquito, or something of that order…
      Electrons are extremely*extremely*extremely small… if not smaller.

      If the nucleus of an atom would have about a 1cm diameter, the electron would be thinner than a hair, and would "orbit" about two kilometers away from it.

      A nanothingie contains quite a large quantity of atoms, depending… even its speedometer would still be far to big.

    • Toozious

      You can watch a more stable version of this at but i much prefer this site in general.

    • Toozious

      Actually i take that back, it's still a google video…seems to work ok for me though.

    • raidz

      I WANT THAT NEUTRON SONG! (20thmin in part 2)
      anyone know how I can get it?

    • Dia

      Could you pls fix part 1, is not working…

    • Mr.watchstomany

      Woah, this doc is super pro god