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    • Building Gods

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      Building Gods addresses whether humanity should construct godlike immensely brilliant machines in this century. It examines how science is moving closer to a computer or “other” human engineered system.  A system that would have the have the ability to house consciousness. Enter the matrix without Keanu Reeves of course.

      The likelihood of a system similar to the matrix stimulates fascination and hope in many. At the same point though it creates fear and paranoia in others. The documentary’s subject isn’t necessarily that of singularity, but by the end of the film you will be thinking in that direction. This 80-minute film features interviews with a brain builder, a cyborg, a theologian and a philosopher. They debate the possibility of extinction, species wars and immorality.

      Scholar Hugo de Garis believes this could cause what he refers to as an Artilect War. He expresses his concern over a world divided with cybernetically augmented humans, brilliant Artilects species and homo-sapiens will eventually define the nature of all global politics.

      So, what does all of this mean for humans as a society? Ken Gumbs breaks it down for the viewers with Building Gods. Will intelligent machine-like Gods come to rule the world one day?

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      Published on February 18, 2009 · Filed under: Science, Technology
    • Tomer

      That was brilliant, really gets you thinking. This is a problem we will have to face soon, most likely in our life times, definitely in the life time of our children.

      We are now going through (as mentioned in the video) the most important phase in our evolution. A theory I saw on one of the other documentaries on this site said that maybe the reason we do not see other intelligent life forms in the universe is because no life form before us has successfully made this transition; maybe when we start visiting planets outside our soler system we will see planets that are filled with radiation (because of a nuclear war) or are too hot for survival (because of their own global warming etc).

      If this is true then we were born either at the best or the worst point in history, depending on how things turn out. But I am definitely glad I am alive to see this as I have no doubt that it will be the most interesting.

    • kerching88

      sounds like half of them have lost there brains already. that philosopher just seemed so dopey. i cudn't bear him talking

    • Henrik

      Intruiging ideas. If I could, hypothetically, become an artilect, I would want to give myself the timespan needed for me to travel the universe and uncover its truths. If something like that would be possible by science, then I think we should set morales and ethics aside and just do it.

    • Maire

      Wow this is an hour+ of my life I'll never get back. From what I could tell everyone on this panel was of the same mindset. There was no alternative voice, no critic posing the practical questions like cost effectiveness, not to mention that this view of the future is predicated upon the continued hegemony of Western civilization. If this kind of cold, calculating talk of Terrans and Cyborgs unnerves me, it would probably terrify most people outside the cultural orbit of North America and Western Europe. I lost count of all the fanciful scenarios pondered here, but I think robot religion takes the cake. Cyborgians or whatever the hell they call themselves are so absorbed in their (literally) make-believe worlds that they have lost touch with the rest of academia, to say nothing of reality. Our track record for living in peace amongst those look and act differently from us is indefensibly sh*tty–and these are just other HUMANS we are talking about! Yet these people have the hubris to ignore what we know of evolution, history, and human nature to say that not only are we going to "build gods" but we will all be ok with this (since we have no choice) and treat them as equals(?)! Treating gods as equals? How does that work? Think of the prejudice towards the mentally retarded–well in this glorious future all who choose to remain "unaltered" are not only retarded but a subclass! One of these people actually used "subclass" as glibly as if he were talking about futuristic weather. Hey, remember what happened the last time we tried to create a master race? But don't worry, cause *we* are *good.* This same documentary noted that people in the 50s imagined a world in 2000 that is vastly different from today and yet they ramble on about the course of the 21st century straight-faced. Maybe in the future there'll be a chip that enables everyone to appreciate irony.

    • Usian

      Interesting. I'm glad I'm only 24 and I have a few more years to see what happens. :)

    • raidz

      This is much better than priests predicting the end of times from the bible.

      Yes this documentary is kinda out there but then the trend on machine calculating powers are real and what’s wrong with having a philosophical talk with the rest of the people not in their scientific field? I think this documentary is not more different in the degree of complexity than The Inconvenient Truth that talks about global warming, which for your information, is also just a prediction of trend and a mix of imagination. Its better to predict something from numbers than to predict from a holy book, with no trend whatsoever and laced with mystery and magic.

      What do you mean there’s no alternative voice? if something have not happened yet, how can anyone counter it? if you are talking about tree-huggers, we dont need them here. If you are trying to refute it, you should live in a third-world country.

      Don’t be confused by their talk about religion. The word religion is used in the same context as Einstein is using the word god. There is just no word for their imagination of the imagined future yet.

    • Lotharloo

      This is an incredibly pointless movie. They don’t present any evidence just their random ideas. There is nothing to be learned here.

    • Lotharloo

      I’ll have to intellectually smack you for the ridiculous comparison. Gore presents the results of decades of scientific data while this documentary present a bunch of opinions. There is a lot of sophisticated math behind how climate scientists determine the trends or do their models and just because you are ignorant of that, it doesn’t mean that it is not there.

    • Banana

      If humans are so important, why do we keep killing each other and creating wars with one and other if we really regarded each other as special we wouldnt do this. If we could have certain emotional centres in our brains tweaked to eliminate the emotions of anger and fear we would be better humans even if it meant we had to become some form of machine, we wouldnt be a total machine we would just be making our emotional responses less primative. We would then respect the machines we had created because we have eliminated these primitive emotions, the ego is what drops the bomb on humanity get rid of the ego and then that eliminates the notion of hate it will eliminate the need to hurt each other. If a machine becomes evil it will be because that machine has been built in mans image with mans hate and ego, so even then it will not be the machines fault it will be mans for treating the machine negativly because the machine has a ego like man…man has to change in order to truely love and respect their masterpiece. I am all for building the super machines however man has to change his perceptions and he has to get rid of this damn primative thing called ego! Also humans becoming highly intelligent by machine should not be about being smarter than the other it really should be about working together to explore the wonders beyond this world to solve riddles of space and time to create machnes which will help us in our endevours to explore space…..and find new horizons.