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    • Burt Rutan sees the future of space (lecture)

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      Burt Rutan is known to many as the world’s most influential industrial designers. His contributions to both air and spacecraft design have paved the way forward for the industry for decades. He has two companies, Scaled Composites and Rutan Aircraft Factory, both have developed and tested more new styles of aircraft than the entire US industry combine. Rutan has designed hundreds of aircrafts himself, inclusive of the famous Voyager.

      He won the $10 million Ansari X Prize for his creation of SpaceShipOne. It was the first privately funded aircraft to enter space twice in a two-week time period. Rutan is now working with Virgin Galactic to construct the first rocketship for space tourism. That would be one of the coolest tourist attractions I’ve ever heard of.

      With an extensive resume as such, it is no surprise Rutan is able to bring the passion as he does in this lecture. From the moment he opens the lecture Burt Rutan Sees the Future of Space with “Houston we have a problem” to the ending credits this lecture will grab your attention. Rutan criticizes the US government-funded space program for deteriorating and reaches out to entrepreneurs for their help. He encourages them pick up from where NASA has left off.

      Burt Rutan See the Future of Space and shares it with us in this passionate lecture.

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      Published on April 6, 2010 · Filed under: Astronomy, Space, Business, Economy, Cosmology, Physics, Science, Technology
    • Janan Ferdosi

      This website the most, bestest, AWESOMEST documentary website EVER! Keep up the good work guys, YOU ROCK!


      Thanks, Janan. I really appreciate that. It’s tons of work, but enjoyable. Glad you liked this one.

    • scottydog

      Very interesting, but i really want him to shave off those sideburns :)

    • Wayne Brinker

      I’ve gotta thank you for this site. It’s great to see it growing so rapidly. Simply the best site of it’s type out there, and by a large margin. Serious yet fun, educational and goofy, awesome but irreverent. Luv ya man.

    • Robbyou

      You can really feel his frustration about the baby Bush administration’s idiotic moon aspirations. TED usually frowns upon this, but Burt seems to have gotten his shots in. We need more like minded people like this genius Burt Rutan

    • (just a) FROG on the LOG

      Hot & mad at the US for dragging its feet? HELL NO I’M NOT !!! I’m certainly all in favor of NASA’s endeavors, but at this point in time there are far more pressing issues for our country than to be giving MY tax dollars to fund Mr. Lamb chops dreams for outer space thrill rides!

      His premise that the value of this pursuit will be realized by America in the prestige that is built in the eyes of other nations is no more than snake oil sales talk. The tarnish that the world currently sees on Americas image will certainly not be lessened by re-creating, and leading in a modern day space race. I say let some other country win, or at least let them feel free to kick THEIR OWN cash on down to Florida, and we’ll be sure to save room for their names to be inscribed on the trophy.

    • Robbyou

      Will there not always be things our country could better spend our tax dollars on? Absolutely. In this day and age where the discoveries in science (not just space) have increased more in the last 15 years then in the past 1500 years, I feel that our exploration of space and the technologies needs to keep up as well. I guess my point is that we have so much invested in infrastructure as well as the sheer knowledge that we have makes it almost a waste if they cannot somehow be used. Perhaps china could launch from canaveral, maybe India could land in Cali? Maybe we dont need to lead the space race, but because of our history, we have to be good stuards of the crown we hold

    • Bart

      Great website, I come here a lot. Two thumbs up for your efforts! I love all the free documentaries. Thanks for sharing knowledge.

    • very good and cool,thank you for your sharing.

    • awful_truth

      An excellent motivational speech for space flight. The only misleading information( I can say with certainty) is when Rutan states that that America had the technology to beat the 1961 Uri Gagarin flight. In truth, it took the U.S a year to match the Russians with orbital flights. (John Glenn) With that said, he is correct that humanity has stagnated its dreams. In reality, the private vs. public industry that he hopes will save it,is also the root to the problem. ( Rutans’s example, a better cell phone – short term profits has misdirected our focus from enlightened advancement, right back to greed) In essence, greed itself has taken humanity’s eye off the priize!