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    • Christopher Hitchens debates Peter Hitchens: Hitchens vs. Hitchens

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      In this powerful debate viewers will witness an intelligent and intense discussion between two brothers. Many know of Christopher Hitchens as he is a very prominent atheist. What may come as a surprise is that his brother is just as respected, only for the opposite reason. Peter Hitchens is almost as famous and respected for being pro-Christian making this a great debate.

      Both brothers offer extremely great arguments. They’re well-spoken and intelligent authors which brings even more life to the debate. At the time of the debate Christopher, the older brother of the two was publicly battling cancer. This was a subject in which he brought up quite frequently during the debate.

      The interesting debate was monitored by Michael Cromartie from the Ethics and Public Policy Center. Christopher argued that society could easily survive without God and in many cases is doing so without God. Peter, on the other hand, took the opposite side. Later in the debate he clarified that he was arguing from the Christianity perspective and not from all religions.

      Regardless which end of the spectrum you are on, you will find this an interesting debate to watch. Christopher Hitchens Debates Peter Hitchens: Hitchens vs. Hitchens is a must-see!

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      Published on July 16, 2010 · Filed under: Anthropology, Biography, From the Vault, Lifestyle, Society, Psychology, Religion
    • Rossman

      This one is a joke. While Christopher Hitchens is thought provoking and intelligent, his brother has nothing to say, and what he does say seem immature and ignorant! There has yet to be a lecture with Christopher Hitchens where someone actually can provide interesting debate.

      • Brian

        Although I haven’t watched this one, I’ve seen Hitchens against D’Souza and Wilson and both of them are clearly thoughtful and intelligent. Your reply just supports pre-suppositional apologetics. Watch the D’Souza debate and listen to the opening arguments. Most atheists completely give Hitchens a pass on his illogical argument. He claims Christianity is “immoral” that the concept of atonement is “wicked” all the while D’Souza gave evidence in history, science and philosphy why Christianity is good for the world. How can an atheist argue on moral grounds without any ground for his morality other than “human solidarity” that he always responds to that is subjective around the world? You started watching this debate with your pre-suppositions and that was the lens through which you watched the debate. Watch “Collision” with Hitchens and Wilson and see a great pre-suppositionalist at work. he gets to the heart of the matter. I respect Hitchens and enjoy watching him, reading him and laugh at many of his jokes but I get tired of so many atheists not recognizing his many illogical arguments. He sounds like a preacher in the D’Souza debate. If D’Souza would have said atheism is immoral, atheists would have laughed. But Hitchens can say that about Christianity and no one speaks up that he has no clothes on.

    • Erin

      The first guy’s S’s hurt my ears

    • marytisthammer

      Peter Hitchens does a marvelous job of making Christopher look and sound quite ridiculous.

    • Michael

      Christopher Hitchens seems to know nothing about the subject he attacks and often misrepresents facts. He also frequently contradicts himself which gives him the appearance of being a very confused person. First, he supports the invasion of Iraq and then turns around and criticizes it when arguing for aetheism. Overall, he comes across as being a rude, egocentric, evasive “bullshitter”. Peter, on the other hand, comes across as being sincere, authentic and credible. The two brothers seem to symbolize both light and darkness… Peter being the former and Christopher the latter. It’s beautiful in a strange sort of “ying/yang” way. The two brothers are absolute opposites. Peter has great clarity. Christopher is confused. Peter is genuine. Christopher is manipulative. One can only wonder “What happened???” He seems to have such a dark and vengeful energy.

    • Lyle

      The only way an atheist can attack Christianity is to first turn it into something it truly is not. It’s called a straw man argument. How often they think that we don’t see the way they twist it and hypocritically attribute flaws to what they attack without using that same measure to their own. The love of sin will keep you from ever finding accepting the truth.

      • Lyle, atheists is in general not interested in christianity or any theistic point of view. In my own experience, christians are the ones that are looking to convince atheists that they are “wrong” and will “burn in hell”. Most atheists are simply not interested in theistic points of view as we don’t believe in any form of “god”, be it yahweh, allah or whatever names they are known by. Christians really doesn’t know how to argue… when they realise they are “loosing the argument”, they get offensive. I believe this is what you refer to as “a straw man argument?”
        This video is the first one that I have ever seen where a theist (christian in this case) and an atheist argues like grownups.

    • James Donaghy

      What an ecellent exchange! I thouroughly enjoyed listening to each piece atleast once. I think Peter wins on atheism and pro-Iraq debates, even though I could never agree with his origional viewpoint. But what impressive oration!

    • sfxkilla

      I agree I was impressed with both sides

    • sfxkilla

      Yeah peter realy does have a wicked S

    • Delphia

      Abstoluely first rate and copper-bottomed, gentlemen!