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    • Communism

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      Communism: The Promise and the Reality takes its viewers into the controversial topic of Communism. This PBS documentary features ordinary people describing how and why they were fascinated by the promises of Communist government. As these governments begin to collapse globally, people are finally able to speak openly about the topic. These are remarkable stories illustrating heroic endurances of hardship and courageous acts of rebellion.

      The witnesses featured in this outstanding documentary participated in the most gripping moments in Communism history. Covering everything from the Vladimir Lenin Bolsheviks assault on the Winter Palace to the demolition of the Berlin Wall, this documentary is riveting. It also covers the Mao’s great Leap Forward, Fidel Castro’s storming of Cuba and the Tet Offensive to the Gdansk Shipyard strike, not a stone is left unturned.

      The remarkable people featured in Communism: The Promise and the Reality tell the horrific tale of Communism, but they also evoke us that was a form of hope. A hope for land ownership in Cuba, national strength in China, education in Ukraine, relief from poverty in Eastern Europe and religious freedom in Afghanistan.

      Communism as documented by these witnesses exhibits the power of human resilience, even if it didn’t accomplish what it had originally set out to achieve.

      Part 1 – Red Flag:

      Part 2 – Fallout:

      Part 3 – Brave New World:

      Part 4 – Great Leap Forward:

      Part 5 – Guerilla Wars:

      Part 6 – People Power:

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      Published on December 4, 2009 · Filed under: Politics
    • Joe

      It's amazing that there are stillpeople out there that think communism and socialism are ssomehow good ideas.

    • Troy

      I happen to live in a province in Canada that has been run for the most part by Socialists! The voted greatest Canadian of all time, Tommy Douglas, was a Socialist. Socialism destroyed the two tiered system that is destroying America, widening the gaps of disparity, and plagues the economic market. Have you ever lived in under a Socialist government? I doubt it! You have no right!

    • The Tay

      yes, but America is conditioned to anti-idealize capitalism, and see socialism as communism. the ultimate evil. most Americans will never be able to shake the school taught communism threat. in Canada we are a socialist democracy, in a basic way. and yes, in so many ways we prosper because of it, but its still just a flawed capitalism. a social democracy, is still a few years away for us, and a few years after that for America. yes, a better way exists, but as Lenin suggested, it exists when we learn the lessons of capitalism

    • well said

    • Jester

      Communism is the perfect political system, thats why even God is some mix between communist and monarchy system. Problem with communism is that we need a perfect leaders with these attributes (omnicient, omnipotent, omnipresent) in other words…God.

      HUmankind (we) r not prepared for this , were still too greedy and ignorants. we always want to be best than the other , were always on a competition to be the best. better cars, better house, even better womans..they r trying to make a so called technological/ scientific comunism based on resourses and costs its called THE VENUS PROYECT. Question is r we wlling to trust every resorse on earth on a supercomputer that is more inteligent than a human brain (future supercomputers)

    • Jester

      currently world democracies have notice their ways r very ineficient on a world with finite resourses thats why they r taking small parts of comunism and socialist goverments and making them law on their constitution (notice the patriot act, Obama health system etc etc)

      This not bout siting on a swinging chair nagging and yelling "kill those commies". Those comies u talk bout are long dead, look problems we have now and at least give honor to the people who invented those laws and ideas and at least think this "hey maybe those hell crazy commies had some kind of good ideas after all"

      For good or for the bad they(russie) implemented these ideas with bad results as I said we'r imprefects to implement a perfeect goverment. Anyway if u saw all these clips that means ur interested in the subject i suggest you see THE VENUS PROJECT, then sit on ur swinging porch chair again with ur rifle and yell "those damn commies have the fault of everything" :P kk? have a nice day

    • Bazza

      To anyone who knows the slightest thing about left-wing politics, no country or society has ever been truly Communist. Marxist-Leninism or the "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" stage that Marx describes would be better descriptions of what places like the U.S.S.R practiced. Communist parties actually existed before Mark wrote his manifesto! It really annoys me as a Political Sciences student that so many people do not undestand the clear distinctions in left-wing politics.

    • DK McGreeb

      i see your point bazza, i sympathise with you also but the reason no one really understands left wing politics is because its fucked. just like right wing politics. no one really understands any 20th century onwards political party because theyre just all based on lies and what ifs.
      contradict me if you may but youve got to admit that is right really.

    • Jasper

      There is no God. If God exists, and he is omnipotent and benevolent, as you say, then why does he let evil occur in the world? The presence of evil means that God is either not all good or not all knowing.

      But this argument doesn't even matter, because God, at least as described in every major religion on earth, does not exist.

    • Tay.

      Giving a small group of people the right to initiate violence against everyone ISN'T a solution to "exploitation". It's cutting off your head to cure a headache.

      Jesus, how can anyone actually believe that Communism would not be immediately corrupted?

      "People are selfish, so…let's give a violence using monopoly the right to EVERYTHING."


      Forcible government is a logical and practical error.

      The only possibility for a healthy and prosperous society is voluntarism.

      If anyone would like to debate this, please contact me.

    • john

      The introductory note on your website for this video is incorrect in stating that the Bolshevic or working class seizure of power was in 1905, it was in 1917. I hope you will correct this error.

    • JustmE

      I'm living in a ex-comunist country. Russia and my country has a rought history trought the time. I rly hate russian mentality and russian ppl. They hope to get the ex glory they had even now. I just hope someday they will all vaquish the living.

    • Timerlan

      I am from an ex-communist country myself and I have many sad stories to tell in relation to our past.But that,what 'JustmE' wrote,is simply a disgrace,regardless of circumstances and past experience.Whatever pain did you have to go through,you just made it sound like you deserved it…It is simply a racism and it is not communists or russians,or russian communists,but people like you who have inflicted all that pain and suffering on our countries in a first place.
      Russia is a beautiful country and it is full of good people,just like my country,your country or any other country.

    • JustmE

      I bet ure from ex-comunist country with russian language as national language. My opinion reflects the majority of ppl from my country. Go live in Russia and vanquish with all of them. Dont talk about racism cause i dont like russian.. get a dictionary and read what racism is. Call me racist if i hate gipsys (and i hate them). Sad stories? STFU… in 400 years milions died in my country cause of russian plague.U rly dont know the russian history… go read it.

    • Timerlan

      Russian language is not our national language.But that is not the point.I am a social scientist and I advise you to read dictionary before telling me to do that.Current definition of racism is wider then it originally was.And thats what you are,to say the least.And it really is the last time I will engage in a pointless discussion with you.So long.

    • RyanC

      I live in China.

      I'm an American.

      Here, communism has utterly destroyed all common decency, logical consistency, good manners, ethics, honesty and any consideration for rational kindness or goodness.



    • Troy

      Socialism isn't about having access to people's property or lives.
      Just because you live in China doesn't mean you understand Socialism at all!
      And the same could be said about Capitalism in the United States…. it too has destroyed "decency, logical consistency, good manners, ethics, honesty and any consideration for rational kindness or goodness."
      The Socialism I know is about Universal Health Care, Unions that protect workers from corporations, the country making profit off of its natural resources (not some investor from another country who will destroy the environment, and expect tax cuts), the writing of Human Rights Codes, and adding people back into the corporate equation.
      And for the most part, aside from some bad investments, it has worked. In my province in Canada it has held power for 47 of the 63 years since its creation.

    • (just a) F R O G on the LOG

      Ryan – maybe the people there just don't like you, and thats how they act in your presence.

      DK, if I may quote you; "because theyre just all based on lies and what ifs."
      ain't that the truth – nauseating

      Oh, and Ryan, please don't eat any dogs while you're there – they are often more decent than people, no matter where you are.

    • NjT

      I am quite disappointed with many of these comments, which fail to distinguish between ideas and practice. Communism is an idea never fully implemented, and communism as we know it was autocratic (think Stalin and Mao). Communism itself doesn't encourage autocracy and corruption, but in some places revolutionary action was the way for an armed minority to take power from an often equally corrupt historical regime. Communism was their banner.
      If you want to see communism in action, look at the Scandinavian nations, France, some of Canada, and the American unions. Each of these espouse socialist principles.
      What is socialism today? Despite negative historical associations (which were never socialist at all) Socialism is essentially a by-word for democratic communism. These ideas, which make provision for people, rather than militarist government of corporate corruption, are what keep people by and large happier and healthier. Don't believe it? Wiki the Human Development Index. America, the most staunchly capitalist country in the world, is well back.
      And by the way, recent polling suggests than young Americans are changing their minds on the whole thing: 37% prefer capitalism, 33% socialism, and 30% are undecided. Search "rasmussen reports," "Just 53% Say Capitalism Better Than Socialism."
      If capitalism was so great, I'm not sure why it hasn't stopped war, corruption, poverty or hunger. Wiki "distribution of wealth" – in America 10% of the population owns 71% of the wealth; the top 1% controlls 38%. The bottom 40% owned less than 1%. The problem isn't capitalism or communism, its the greed of the people who often champion these ideologies.

    • Jack Kebek

      The lesser the corruption, the better the society : Any society.

    • Joe

      You mention the American Unions as if they are some sort of example to follow. Well, they are wholly corrupt. They are Fascist, and are run to the benefit of our Political Elite. The most obvious example I can now think of is the GM. The union now owns a large share of GM. So tell me, where now does the worker go for representation? The Union? The Union IS the company. Doesn't anybody see the conflict of interest?

      So, about Health Care. The senate bill pushed by all the Unions which benefits ONLY big pharma and the big monopoly insurance companies.

      Open your eyes. Learn what fascism is. It is now blatent in our politics. Big corporations run everything. Obama is sold out. Obama = the same old failed Bush policies.

    • bobo

      anti-communist garbage. Dont waste your time!

    • raidz

      why not?
      In theory, socialist and communism is an elimination of discrimination and judgment. Essentially the same as what the bible is advocating, love and care for everyone. It is the people who screw it up; in a communist society there should not be any leader. Everyone should have their own say, and absolutely no dictatorship.

      The communist failure you see in Russia and China is just Capitalism disguised in Socialism/Communism. If you saw Part 1, the orchestra with no conductor is exactly the ideal of socialism.

      You should understand the idea more before questioning it.

    • John

      Communism/Socialism/Marxism is not an elimination of judgment or discrimination. Any person with a half a brain could figure this out on their own by reading the Communist Manifesto and Darwin’s Theory. To eliminate judgment would mean to eliminate all people or organizations that could judge, but Marxism implies by definition that the state controls everything, and therefore judges what people can and can’t do, who are bad and who are good. Saying the Bible and the Communist Manifesto are the same is grossly ignorant.
      Marxism is the belief (like Darwin theory), that human beings are the same as animals and survival of the fittest. It means that if you rise to the top by being the strongest (killing all political dissidents or etc) then you have the right to do so because humanity is not sacred. The Bible is the exact opposite.

      Plus the biggest difference – The Bible states that you are to worship God, not a human being. Communism is against religion, which is why Marx needed the Darwins Theory, and says that you are to worship the state. This is simple, simple stuff, but people like you have never ready or researched what you are talking about.

    • John

      What a raging idiot lol! Obviously you need to get out of your house and experience real hardship. If you had lived through communist Russia or China, you would not be advocating Communism with stupid generalities. You have no idea what your talking about because you have never researched anything besides liberal propaganda. I swear our nations youth have become completely brainwashed into the most ridiculous notions. For example: Our nation is sitting at 9.7 unemployment with the true unemployment at around 16% (Department of Labor Website), and this because of Debt, Tax’s, and the fact that we do not manufacturer anymore. Green jobs are bull and anyone who has studied this like I have knows this. Where are the jobs? When are they coming? Where is all this stimulus money? We are in for a world of hurt next year and most likely for about 5-6 years until the unintelligent new generations wake up from the indoctrination they have received in public schools. Argue my points all you want, but you will see and feel what I am talking about first hand real soon. Too bad you don’t have survival skills like I do lol.

    • How did you make this site look this cool! Email me if you get the chance and share your wisdom. I’d be thankful.

    • Your place is valueble for me. Many thanks!…

    • I’ll never touch another damn Sunbelt Bakery Granola Bar for the rest of my life!!! Way too many commercials!!!