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    • Cosmic Journeys – Attack of the Sun

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      Scientists have recently discovered the Sun’s moodiness can change the course of our climate. Many I suppose would argue that the Sun is a female because of her moodiness, but you can be the judge of that as this documentary takes us inside the Sun. The documentary examines what causes the Sun’s anger.

      Cosmic Journey: Attack of the Sun examines how, as time has progressed scientists and astronomers are have become more able to predict these solar storms. With the use of remarkable imagery and computer-simulated technology this film gives us an in-depth look into the Sun and how it works. What causes a solar storm and can they prevented?

      Massive solar eruptions could take aim at Earth and what will that mean for life as we know it? Cosmic Journey: Attack of the Sun takes viewers into the past, back to the solar storms of Halloween 2003 and 1859. How were we effected by these storms and what do they mean?

      There have been predictions that 2012 could the be the year of the next big solar storm. Many believe it will happen around the time of the Olympic games. How will it be effected? Is there a way to prevent our Sun from becoming so angry?

      Solar eruptions a million miles away from our own solar system take place intermittently, and the last one took place in the last five years that culminated an 11-year solar flare up.

      Solar telescopes were able to document all of what is going on, and scientists believed this to be the largest solar flare up we’ve seen, bringing flares to up to ten million degrees. The whole thing lasted for about five weeks with the sun treated as a weapon more dangerous than anyone could even comprehend.

      This documentary explains the phenomenon of the cosmic explosion and how it affects mankind on Earth.

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      Published on May 7, 2010 · Filed under: Astronomy, Space, Cosmology, Physics, Nature, Science, Technology
    • (just a) FROG on the LOG

      If you keep posting vids at this rate very soon you will have to change your header caption to read THOUSANDS of documentaries instead of hundreds! I’ve really enjoyed many of the last dozen or more! Right before the format switch I had counted up how many docos I’ve watched here, and it was like 250 or 60something. I thought I was just about to be caught up to you in videos to watch, as to videos being posted. Now I know that won’t be happening! Its almost like being a spoiled kid on christmas day every time I stop here lately!

      Oh – and I did get that spam. Finally checked it – thank you!

      • Robbyou

        i was just thinking the same thing. do you remember when days would go by without content… now it seems the number has increased, but I feel the quality has kept up too. The suggestion page was a good idea apparently

        • (just a) FROG on the LOG

          Actually, suggested videos were always taken & posted. The Lobotomist, Africas Witch Children, & US v Lennon came from me. I know Jack Kebek was a mad poster – I’ll bet at least 10 docos came from him (the Susskind ones & anything that has to do with Canada (Eh?) are his). I know Sikkan, MooseKnuckles & Harricots posted a bunch too.
          I think the new “staff” may be somewhat to credit for the quantity of vids as of late. I must say; I was a little worried when that slew of quirky ones came all in a row! I don’t think that they should not be posted – to each their own brew of tea (and some of the comments that go with them are PRICELESS), but this sites reputation was built on quality content – which looks to be back in full swing now.
          I’ll admit I’m a teeny-weeny bit of a closet voyer of UFO docos (nothing like that last one though. Disclosure Project is interesting )

          BTW – I found a “Shithead=Sarah Palin” doco for you, but I’m not requesting it for posting here until I go on vacation LOL!

          • robbyou

            I stand corrected! I came to this party late I guess. I find the comments as equally intellectual as the DOCs. I wish there were a way to follow the comments better. I feel I miss some of the comments comming from other time zones, and those should not be missed! Wish there was a “users online at the moment” type of thing we could chat back and forth better than once a week

          • Robbyou

            yeah, i forgot to tell you i need to see that doc.. give me a youtube hint to find it or something. I have been living on failed tea party signs and SNL’s take on all of it

    • lollo

      I guess the whole 2012 apocalypse concept is outdated by now, I always said it would go like this. When things really go bad, nobody will care anymore about who said or believed what, because its to late.