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    • Crapshoot: The Gamble with Our Wastes

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      Have you ever wondered what happens to our sewage? After we flush, where does it go? Each and everyday food waste, paint, condoms, hospital waste, tampons, asbestos and many more forms of wastes end up in our sewer systems. Once it reaches the sewer, what happens to it?

      Crapshoot: The Gamble with Our Wastes takes its viewers on a journey we may not want to travel. It takes us deep into the world of our waste by going underground into our sewer systems. The film examines whether our sewer systems are contributing to the waste problems globally.

      The film travels to India, the United States, Canada, Sweden and Italy analyzing the these sewer systems. It combines interesting interviews and waste overviews from the past to examine the sewage challenges that are facing the world. You will be shocked by what happens to the sludge from these sewage systems.

      Crapshoots takes an in-depth look into rural Ontario where sludge is being dumped on farmers fields. Is it safe for society to consume food that was harvested in fields where sludge has been dumped? Showcasing disgusting pictures of tampon applicators, condoms and sanitary napkins that have been dumped in these fields by sludge trucks. This is a film that will make you think twice next time you flush.

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      Published on May 4, 2010 · Filed under: Biology, Environment, Business, Economy, Health
    • juan valdez

      We use compacted sewage solids on agricultural fields!!!??? WHAT THE F*CK!

    • Chloee

      Eye-opening and SCARY!!! A must watch! I can’t believe they turn raw sh*t into compost for sale and dumped on farm land! I wanted to puke when I saw the people bathing in the Ganga river where raw sewage was spewing out nearby and they were drinking from it!!?!?

      There HAS to be a better way.The compose toilet is a nice idea but people are lazy, they won’t do it long term because it requires investment in their homes. People who live in large apartments or who rent aren’t going to care or can’t change the infrastructure of their homes because they don’t own them. The solution has to be something that is close loop (all materials becomes safe to environment or safe to use on food), easy to implement for the people and still lets people live their lives the same way they did with a flushing toilet. I say that because hard, dramatic changes make humans less likely to comply. It’s human nature unfortunately.

      I wonder if Michael Braungart and William Mcdonough may have the solution to the world’s sewage problem.

    • (just a) FROG on the LOG

      I’m SHOCKED that Canada allows RAW sewage to be dumped in their bodies of water where human contact with that water obviously occurs. Wouldn’t many of the conditions that they site in the film actually prove to be illegal in the US? I was under the assumption that laws & regulations enacted through the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the US Clean Water Act were put in place to eliminate these exact kinds of problems that they are speaking of.
      And raw sewage is considered hazardous waste in the US. By law it is not allowed to enter any navagatible source of water.

      To my understanding, the biggest issues we currently have with our water in the States is coming from the huge amounts of wastes that are produced by factory farming (one more reason to EAT LESS MEAT! Skip the chicken – save a creek) The current regulations do not adequately address how the millions of tons of shit that come from them should be handled. The other is what goes into the storm drains, and will eventually empty directly into a river or lake. In San Diego the beaches are sometimes closed after an exceptionally large storm due to all the pollutants that wash from the streets and are piped out into the ocean. Big waves will wash it right back to the beaches thereby making the water unsafe for human contact.

      As for treatment plant sludge, I believe that before it can be used in fields for crops it must be so clean you could almost eat the sludge itself, so its a very small percentage that will actually be able to be used for agricultural purposes. The majority of it is considered a bio-hazard, and would be prepared as such before it can enter a landfill.

      Have I been wrong to trust these things to be true?

      Oh, and Chloee – me too about the guy in the Ganges river. Repeatedly dunking his head below the water and then washing it all over his face – how refreshing! Eau de toilette!

    • habler

      I have to say that education is the way forward, we have to dispose of 7 billion turds a day. People should be aware and be responsible for disposing of their own waste locally and sustainably. We can all help out in small ways , thus solving the greater problem for example by making compost toilets mandatory in all new homes. All human problems are linked, it would save alot of of energy and water just by moving to this simple step.

    • (just a) FROG on the LOG

      BPs toxic waste in Lk MI!?

      Obviously I am an ignorant fool! In searching for info on boycotting BP Products, I came across an article done by the Chicago Sun-Times in 2007 that had called for a total boycott on BP.

      Apparently, if you have enough money you can buy permits to give you exemptions to the regulations set forth by the EPA & Clean Water Act!

      Late in that year (and you should LOVE this one, Robbyou) the Indiana Department of Environmental Management approved a permit allowing BP to exceed the regulation standards for acceptable waste levels dumped directly into Lake Michigan from their Indiana refinery. Estimations on toxins would include an increase of ammonia by 57%, toxic solids by 37%, and MERCURY, which is illegal for anyone else to dump.

      I hate the amount of time that must be invested to see that the government is doing its job. I hate that the allmighty dollar sets the final word.


      11 lives lost, 37 days of increasing destruction,
      and the oil spill was NOT AN UNAVOIDABLE ACCIDENT

      P L E A S E BOYCOTT BP – shop at the stores, just don’t buy the gas (it can’t hurt to try)

      bp includes:
      A R C O
      A M A C O S T A T I O N S
      A M / P M
      S A F E W A Y G A S

      C A S T R O L (motor oil & lubricants)