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    • Destination Mars

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      As time has progressed, space agencies in both America and Europe putting together plans to land the first humans on the red planet Mars. In the past manned missions to Mars have been suggested, but to date none have been successful. Many believe the red planet contains the answers to our future in space. Others have been vocal in their perception that the planet is too dangerous, too far and will cost too much money for humans to explore. But who is right?

      The last Apollo astronaut walked on the moon over 30 years ago. Since that mission it seems American manned space programs have lost their way. They have been unable to travel beyond even low-earth orbit. Following the tragedy surrounding the spaceshuttle Columbia where the crew were tragically lost, a debate has begun. Dr. Robert Zubrin, an astronautical engineer has debated for years that a manned mission to Mars is what the space program needs.

      Technology increasingly continues to advance and yes we are yet to successfully complete a manned mission to this puzzling red planet. In the future, will scientists succeed in sending people to mars? Will we one day step foot on Mars as we did with the moon?

      “There is Currently Only a Trailer Available For This Documentary”

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      Published on May 29, 2009 · Filed under: Astronomy, Space
    • lk

      cool vid,

      here is the break down,
      first im going to replace my organs so I can live forever, then I will become a Martian settler. How is that for a plan?

    • CBat

      They never mention that Mars doesn't have a dynamo at it's heart, and as such the atmosphere may be blasted off as fast as we put it there. I would live there in a bubble just to see, though.

    • Travis

      I can Understand this. If we are going to Colonize Mars beause of the Mass Extinction and also there is some moon on Mars that is Orbiting too close to Mars and will Crash into it soon in the Future. Why is it then we are trying to Colonise it then. This is what I can't Understand. But the time period for this is Much Shorter than the Mass Extinction.

    • Code7R

      Just a little side note:
      New findings suggest that a dynamo at the core of the planet is not required for it to keep its atmosphere. Studies done on Venus show that the atmosphere self-magnetizes. I don't know if they_ve seen that on mars, but the process is fairly simple, so I would guess it happens on mars too.
      The more serious problem for a potential marsian atmosphere is the lack of gravitational pull. It's doubtful if mars could keep a thicker atmosphere. At least, that's what I've read.

    • Code7R

      Great documentary by the way.

      Seeing this ship coming down in the beginning with all the flags on it almost made me cry… really touching.

      What a freak I am. ;-)

    • I've seen this doc 5 times now and it never gets old. I really hope that a manned mars mission happens in my lifetime.

      Oh and this is the best blog ever, thank you again (I say this over and over and will continue to say it ;)

    • Documentary Log

      You may have noticed I'm not much of a talker on the site :) It's because of my full-time college, and a little bit of work. I read every single comment though and I really appreciate it. Thanks!

    • Stapler

      The user seemed to have taken all the parts down, any chance of a re-upload anywhere?

    • Documentary Log

      @Stapler: I'm trying but this one is probably going to take a while. Can't make any promises, sorry.

    • Documentary Log

      Destinaton Mars is back online again!

    • Anonymous

      This poor man is clinging to his childhood dream, and that's it. There's no reason to send humans to Mars when we can send robots.

    • Potagoras

      yes, we can, that is a important step to the mankind, and the future human generation gonna thanks us

    • Abderasmus

      Votre site est vraiment formidable!
      Depuis tout le temps que je cherchais des documentaires en Anglais : Voilà qui est fait!
      Il n'y a plus que les sous-titragers en Anglais qui manquent! to help me improve my English…Thanks!

    • Mr. Leon Washington

      America was the Mars of the 16th Century. We were supposed to build a utopia where everybody had land and prosperity. Well. Look what has happened. The rich still exploit the poor. The US government is corrupt. People hate each other. People murder each other. People are addicted to chemical substances. Husbands and Wives are untrue. Children are molested by perverts. We are taxed into oblivion. People live without hope….on and on it goes.

      Unless we solve the problems that plague the Human Heart we will simply be exporting all of our human evils to a new planet.

      You cannot colonize Mars without a spiritual rebirth of humanity. If mankind goes to Mars as he is now…..Mars will be running red with blood just like Earth.