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    • DNA

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      When constructing a house, a building or any large structure, we refer to blueprints. Are we any different? What is our blueprint? What links everything living, together? What ties families together through generations, personality, sickness, health, and looks? These are questions in which scientists have spent hundreds of years trying to figure out. What is the secret of life?

      In 1953, two young men excitedly ran into a bar, and no this is not the opening of a joke, but instead the start of a genetic revolution. These men were shouting with excitement that they had uncovered the secret to life. But what was this secret in which they had discovered? It was DNA.

      A minuscule strand of merely four chemicals that were capable of infinite variety, is DNA. Their secret was and is our blueprint, it directs the of every living thing on this planet. And so began the genetic revolution, that night with those two men. This documentary, DNA unravels the discovery of DNA and covers ethics and genetics.

      A great film for anyone who has ever been curious about DNA, their genetics and how it all came to be. Sit back, relax and enjoy as the secret of life is revealed.

      Part 1 – The Secret of Life

      Part 2 – Playing God

      Part 3 – The Human Race

      Part 4 – Curing Cancer

      Part 5 – Pandora’s Box

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      Published on September 13, 2009 · Filed under: Biology, Environment
    • Nick

      What with stupid and ignorant people gaining the upper hand in numbers through uncontrolled breeding, it's a race against time to develop this technology before we're outnumbered or bombed back to the middle ages by religious nutters…. makes you think.

    • Dan Rayson

      Nick, being ignorant is NOT a measure of your intelligence. Ignorance is something you cannot get, it's something that you can only lose.

      Also, there's no evidence that I've been shown that says breeding less intelligent people with each other will produce less intelligent kids. It's more likely just their upbringing that makes them care less about school.

      The only part of your comment I agree with are the two words "Religious nutters."

    • Nick

      Let's hope that you're right Dan and that we're allowed to move forward in understanding how life works without being prevented from doing so by, shall we say, the mentally challenged, who might look upon all this as too distant from the comfort of the religious dogma that they have found comfort in for so long. And yes, I am aware that uneducated is not the same as unintelligent. I guess I was saying that many people fight to maintain their ignorance as the alternative is just too scary!

    • Dan Rayson

      I guess I'd better actually watch this lol. And then type out a proper review :)

      Before I do though, there's a film I'd recommend. It deals with the "fancy hollywood" (It's not that bad.) version of what would happen if we could control DNA. It's called GATTACA. Enjoy :)

    • Stiev Stigma

      This was a really good series. There's a lot of information on the history of genetics and how it has evolved over the decades. Also, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Jeff Goldblum was the narrator.

    • john

      you can read the book and fallow up each chapter with this documentary.

    • jono659

      Sorry but Dan isn’t right in that we will not be allowed to use the benefits of DNA before the pathological government uses it in yet another manufactured disease.

      I see from the news that a new fungus is now in the wild that mimics all the symptoms of AIDS.

      Sorry but these genetic mutations are not an accident of nature rather manufactured for covert use against the citizenry.

    • jono659

      Sorry meant Nick not you Dan ^^