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    • Extraterrestrials Blue Moon

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      Steven Spielberg brought to the big-screen his interpretation of what aliens look like in the popular film E.T., but was he right? Several science fiction films have given us their perspectives of alternative life, but could they be offering the truth about this other life form? Do aliens really exist in other areas of the universe? Could we live on other planets other than Earth?

      In this informative documentary Extraterrestrials: Blue Moon we fast forward to the year 2020. A telescope orbits high above Earth, far more powerful than anything we’ve ever used before. This new telescope has just made a ground-breaking discovery that will forever change our lives. It’s uncovered an inhabited planet outside of our solar system, but what is it? What is this glowing world? This world that glows like an oasis in the large emptiness of space.

      Extraterrestrials: Blue Moon examines how scientists believe they will find similar worlds to this one within the next ten years. They are now preparing for what we may find. As they continue their investigation into what extraterrestrial life might be like they take viewers on a galactic adventure into this world. With a combination of fascinating fantasy and compelling facts this film speculate how alien life might look in these other environments.

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      Published on September 27, 2009 · Filed under: Astronomy, Space
    • Dan Rayson

      Crudely animated computer graphic representation of a fictional alien planet. More pop-entertainment than documentary. It is what it is, and it's OK at what it does.

      4 star rating from me.

    • ssimon

      POP – 2 stars

    • AdamTM

      Alien Planet on the Discovery Channel did it better, on a higher budget and with actual plot.
      Also it had Michio Kaku and Hawking giving it +1 credibility, instead of cheap actors sitting in front of badly animated Movie-OS computers.

    • It took a billion years for our planet to make trees, so it makes sence that vegetation on other planets would be alot different and more alien then we would ever imagine. But in interstellar space it all comes down to its natural atomic elements that creates the building blocks of life. Amino acids. So commonly vegetation would exist everywhere. But life would even be alot different then what it shows. The way they would detect and see things would be totlay different. I dobut they would have eyes. They would have totaly different ways to see the world. A cool facinating documentary. It was alright.

    • with the new discoveries in the outer planets… mainly JUPiTER, SATuRN, URANuS, their RiNGz, and MOONz. iT seemz like this flick ain't make believe. i Think thiz iz actual data from long satelite research misionz………..

    • Henrik

      This is not even remotely scientific. Just a wet dream for a science fiction nerd.

    • Karl

      Hm, well even though this is fictional, I do think that what they're trying to tell us is that whatever we find out there. We will find it odd, and be completely unfamiliar to the environment. As well as they will think about our environment. Well, if they can think ;)

    • DK McGreeb

      absolutely unreal, been searching unseccessfully for this since i saw it on tv in 2005. admin, you are a fucking legend man.

    • Jack Kebek

      Please remain polite, mostly towards our "unique" and highly dedicated admin.
      Would you enjoy it if people would spit their "tobacco chew" on your floor when they visit you?
      What where you expecting with a title like "Extraterrestrials Blue Moon"???

    • AdamTM

      Jack, chill he said the admin IS a legend, not that hes fucking a legend :P

    • DK McGreeb

      Jack Kebek what are you talking about? I'm guessing you misinterpreted my dialect so i'll reiterate.
      i am very pleased indeed with this upload, i have wanted to see it again since i saw it in 2005 and could not find it until now. you (the admin) are a legend.
      im guessing youve never spoken to the english

    • Jack Kebek

      Oh my… Sorry DK, seems I totally misunderstood you.

      I usually do ok in ummm "international english" but when it becomes somewhat "slangish" (to me) I can get confused.

      Please accept my deepest regrets. I'll do my best to avoid that kind of mistake again.

      And I totally agree about what an extraordinary admin and website we are very lucky to have.

      If I may ad, not so long ago, I was hanging out at another documentary site, and quite a few took a shot at defacing the site, that then closed down (not for that single reason though).
      So, I'm a bit… "edgy" : I don't want to go cold turkey again.

      Again, accept my apologies.

    • DK McGreeb

      hey no worries pal, just as long as you know now i meant only very good things about the site, show and indeed site staff.
      on the other note i cant see this website being shut down, its been up long enough and it only poses educational value, with of course entertainment values but solely this material is just for studying :)
      and i can see why english slang would be confusing really, it varies from town to town, some towns like my own have any amounts of different dialectal slangs.

    • Jack Kebek

      I know it seems hard to believe, but the staff here amounts to 1.
      From what I know, others, like Anthony or Sikkan, suggest video to that ONE person.

      Personnaly, I try to help out when some have problems, only by suggesting to look up at the "instructions" the 1 person staff wrote up, who also happens to be the same one that signs "Documentary Log".

      It was the same at that other site : staff of 1 person. At one point, that other highly dedicated 1 person had issues in his life… and that's how it started to end.

      I did not intervene then, thinking it was none of my business. I know figured out that a community I enjoy been part of, is one I should care about.

      In his name
      Have a nice documentary-log day :)

    • Avatar

      I think they m+ade Avatar movie out of this doc. Very similitudes

    • Johnny Sykes

      As soon as I get my next promotion I would like to donate to this site please E-Mail me info. If there is anything else I can do to help please let me know I work for a T.V. broadcasting studio and I believe this is a fantastic tool for instant wisdom, truth, enlightenment and sometimes just entertainment.

      Thank you for your contribution to human evolution.
      wikipidia on video who'da thunk it.

    • Dan Bartz

      Why are the scientists in a bunker? Are they in a bunker now, or are they going to be in a bunker in 2020? Is there a hidden message here that we are missing? "soecially designed lab" already exists, they show it right away in the video. "They are preparing now for what we maight find" Why would they need to prepare? 50 light years away certainly doesn't seem close enough to pose a threat, perhaps they are preparing for something else. I don't know, but with all the doomsday stuff going around, with supposed secret bunkers for the worlds highest powers, maybe there is something to it?

    • Thomas D. Howard

      FANTASTIC Documentary!Please make more simmular programs.