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    • Extreme Energy

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      Part of the Universe series airing on the History Channel, Extreme Energy is an informative episode not to be missed. The episode explores energy, the greatest galactic transformer known to man. It continuously transforms from one form and into another. Energy is the fuel that powers our planet and everything else in the mysterious universe, but what exactly is it? How was it created and where did it come from? Are we able to get more of this powerful energy?

      It is something that neither be created nor destroyed, but is able to be morphed from one type and into another. In some objects, for example black holes, this transformation sometimes goes to the extremes. Is it possible for a future or unknown civilization control this strong power? Imagine using a force as powerful as this energy to get rid of our garbage? A time when landfills are over-filled, this could be of great use. Could it be a way to solve our current energy crisis?

      Airing in 2009 as part of the fourth Universe season it explores all aspects of Energy. From black holes to the nuclear rage of the sun, not a stone is left unturned, not an ounce of energy unused. Extreme Energy offers a unique look into the magnificent force of Energy.

      “This Documentary is Currently Not Available From the Director”

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      Published on November 13, 2009 · Filed under: Cosmology, Physics
    • thelastlaughisevil

      pfff retard docu, it doesnt say anything most ppl dont already know

    • dream of sleeping

      why do americans always have to put on a silly overly dramatic deep voice when narrating documentaries? totally ruins it for me.

    • pff

      lol i guess u too smart then .. mate .. dnt watch , and if it doesnt say anythin to u learn english berfore stupid cmmnt's..

    • CBat

      Lolz. These things are always aimed at middle school students. American media thinks American viewers are children.

    • Brandi

      You know what I think is really funny? When a person comments on another person's English, and in the comment, screws up English themselves. haha

    • Brandon

      Being American, I totally agree with you about the melodramatic deep voice ruining the solemn and serious tone of the subject matter.

      Also, I know next to nothing about physics–so please do correct me if I'm wrong; why do they always have the sound of an explosion whenever they depict an explosion in space, as, for example, a supernova? Wouldn't it be silent from the vantage point at which you're watching it? The only time I actually like the sound effects for supernovae is when it is this incredibly eerie hum or drone. That's creepy!

    • The Tay

      well, you have to realize brandon, documentaries are supposed to be interesting. that's the great thing about them is that they are enticing learning accessible, understanding, and most importantly palatable by everyone. yah, once in awhile you will run across a question like that, but its to build dramatic and cinematographic effect. too make it cool. i wouldn't read too much into it. its just the nature of the beast. otherwise it would just be a physics lecture lol.

    • barten106

      nothing to say !
      great vid :)

    • Jani

      great doco! It ties in with string theory and also law of attraction

    • homie12

      wow all those comments and well thinmk of this? the sun isnt a fusion engine , its an electric anode. the power it expresses comes from space where its generated ? i think those who r in control of astronomical facilites my not consider the universe as an electrical phenomenon or they arent saying?
      just think if everyone knew space was full of electricity they wouldnt depend on those who control energy distribution. we dont and never needed fossil fuels. fossil fuel enregy distribution can be controled by the few. the free energy in space cannot. we must feel comfortable being controlled?
      lets re examine the standard model of the universe. the electric model actually explains the things we are now seeing.

    • matt

      Emptying our garbage in blackholes? lol come ON. It’s the year 2235, ‘n we still can’t be arsed to recycle the matter and energy that makes up garbage, so instead? we just find a blockhole and DUMP our rubbish in it?? …yeah! Thousands of dump trucks lining up to the blackhole. As well, what if, on the other end of a black hole, exists a parallel universe, which may as well by our own! and on there end, fucking, RUBBISH, GARBAGE COMIN out fuckin black hole, or white hole. They’re like “shit man wtf” – The Big Dump.

    • mary rozir

      This kind of overdramatic voices and sounds turn the documentary unserious. Americans are always traing to draw attentions only by effects. Is sad that they almost only respond to alarms or scandals or fake dramatism.

    • Ken R

      Why do these kind of docs feel the need to tell you over and over again, that “Energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed”. Okay, I know already this grade 9 level science lesson is boring. How about a doc that doesn’t attempt to talk to us as if we are still in high school!