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    • Food Matters

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      We’ve heard vitamin C is great for building your immune systems. An old wives tale will tell you to eat carrots to give you good eye-sight (or at least that’s what my grandmother told us). Ironic as both my brother and I wear glasses. But can the food we consume really make a difference in our health. Could combing certain foods, supplements and a proper intoxication really treat chronic illnesses, even as fatal as a terminally diagnosed cancer.

      In this documentary, Food Matters Laurentine ten Bosch and James Colquhoun set out on a food-filled adventure to examine the benefits of consuming healthy foods. They attempt to prove that with the amount of chemical additives and nutrionally-depleted food consumed by us each day, it’s no wonder we’re becoming sicker.  You will be shocked by what they uncover as they investigate the trillion-dollar worldwide sickness industry.

      Food Matters wants viewers to rethink what modern medical and health care establishments try to feed us. They explore the many alternative methods available for treating certain illnesses rather than spending thousands of dollars on medical treatment.

      This hard-hitting documentary, Food Matters will have viewers second-guessing the foods and medicines they put in their mouths.


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      Published on March 30, 2010 · Filed under: Biology, Environment, Documentary Trailers, Health, Lifestyle, Society, Nature
    • Bendik

      The sound is really far out of synch on this one…

    • chadM

      not sure if I beleive this or not… But it makes logical sense that big phama would want to supress this kind of information. Even if there are credible studies out there prooving this, they are probably falsly discredited by the phama companies, but who knows…

    • Wise Flow

      Great documentary. Thank you for posting. Well worth the watch. I learned a lot. I’m going to start eating much more organic and less meats. Now that I recieved the education on the differences of organic and natural foods, I have sound reason to spend that extra money for foods that are good for my body.

    • charlie

      well i suppose if you think you could feel better then maybe you should think about what you eat a little more, hmm sounds dangerous…

    • Jeff

      Read the China Study. Huge study on all of this – great read.

    • Luba

      Totally true! I cured myself of depression just by changing my diet!

    • Chloe

      During 2008, I kept having reoccurring urinary tract infections, which by November landed me in hospital and almost came close to being on dialysis. It was antibiotics that made the infection come back again and again. Every time the doctor put me on a round of new antibiotics, the subsequent dose had to be increased because I developed resistance to it. It got so bad, I became resistant to 3 different antibiotics and the infection kept returning.

      In mid 2009, my another doctor suggested I try cranberry capsules and vitamin C with bioflavinoids. I’ve used cranberry juice before but it never worked, but that was because the juice has 40% sugar in it and the sugar fed the infection! Doc said I should use cranberry capsules which has NO sugar. I was skeptical at first but I did what she suggested and since mid 2009 I’ve been healthy and never had a reoccurring infection since! I couldn’t believe that something as simple as dried cranberry powder in a capsule and some vitamin C powder can PREVENT me from having an infection which 3 different antibiotics couldn’t manage. I also haven’t taken any antibiotics since then too!

      Had I been put on cranberry capsules from the very first infection, I would’ve never had any antibiotic resistance, I wouldn’t have gone to the hospital and wouldn’t have experienced so much pain. But conventional medicine doesn’t care about airy fairy herbs, dried berries or their patients! They just want you to be dependent on their lucrative drugs!

    • Meredith

      Amazing documentary. Very informative. I wish more people were interested in the truth.

    • habler

      Dont lump anti-biotics in with the other drugs , they do work and have been proven to do so over many many years. Painkillers also work , the program is aimed mainly at anti depressants etc which are totally unnessesary.

    • Chloee

      What my opinions are and my experiences are mine, they’re none of your business.

      I was giving an account of my experience with drugs in general. What stopped me from getting re-occurring infections was cranberry tablets. I never said “don’t ever take antibiotics” or that “they don’t work at all!”, I said they didn’t work for this specific infection in ME. Antibiotics are necessary for certain situations of course, but my point is conventional medicine would prefer patients to be on drugs regardless of natural therapies available that may work better. This has nothing to do with antibiotics specifically, but why it is better to try natural therapies first for a none serious condition.

      Read carefully before you go attacking other people about their experiences and conditions.

    • soso

      this has just as much relevance to antibiotics as it does to anti depressents and pain killers, fact is they all treat symptoms and dont correct the underlying issues, symptoms is your bodies response telling you something isnt right, listen to it and give it what it needs

    • Sonja

      Most Excellent Video! A must see for every human being!

    • lightbulb

      this has happened to hundreds of women, sadly, because some mds simply do not care. I’m a nurse and suggest cranberry capsules + vitamin C all the time and it works for nearly anyone, unlike the antibiotics which seem to increase it. “if you want to give someone a UTI , give them antibiotics”

      Great documentary.