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    • Frequently Asked Questions

      If you’re having trouble playing the videos on, then please read this FAQ. If you still have difficulties, feel free to report the video by using the “REPORT BROKEN” under the particular video that is giving you trouble. You can also contact me for any questions you have.

      – Why can’t I play the videos?

      First of all, please go through the following list to make sure that you have installed the required programs:

      1. Upgrade your web browser to the latest version. I strongly recommend Firefox.
      2. Make sure javascript is enabled.
      3. Make sure cookies are enabled.
      4. Install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.
      5. Install the latest version of Java.
      6. If you have installed at least one of the above programs now, restart your computer once to make sure that they are properly installed.

      All videos should work fine now.

      – Why do I get a blank box instead of a video player?

      If you see a blank space and nothing else: First wait for the whole page to finish loading. If the blank space remains,
      clear your browser’s cache and restart your web browser. You can try this several times
      and it should fix the problem in most cases.

      – I’m clicking the play button, but nothing happens or an ad pops up. Why?

      Videos from Megavideo are confusing. They require you to click the play button in the middle, after which sometimes a poker ad pops up which you
      will have to close, and then click the play button again to start playing. Let me say up front that these popups are not mine, and I make no money from them whatsoever.

      – The video says I have to wait, why?

      Videos from Megavideo have a time limit of 72 minutes. After this they require you to wait 50 minutes before they let you watch the video again. There are two
      ways to deal with this problem. The first is to just wait a full 50 minutes (the video doesn’t have to be open in your web browser), and then come back to play the video wherever you left.
      The second way is to bypass the limit using tricks you can find on the Internet. Try searching for “bypass megavideo limit” on Google. There’s also a Firefox add-on called Illimitux, but I couldn’t get it to work.

      – Why do the videos stutter and pause so much?

      Some videos are really slow. While playing, you might see the video pause several times in order to get more streaming data. This can be annoying, so the best thing to do here
      is to just pause the video yourself and let it buffer for 10 to 15 minutes. The bar at the bottom of the video will slowly grow. After that, clicking the play button should play
      the video without any stutter or pause.

      – I’m clicking the play button, but the video doesn’t start?

      Have patience, some videos do not play immediately after clicking the play button. They may need to do some initializing and other things. This may take up to 30 seconds.
      If it still doesn’t play, always try to refresh the page at least once.

      – The video says I can’t watch it in my country or region?

      Some videos might be blocked in your country. In this case you will get a message telling you that you can’t watch the video because you don’t live in the right country. Instead of using the “REPORT BROKEN” button, please contact me and tell me which videos you were trying to watch, and I will try to fix them.

      – I’ve tried everything, but I still can’t watch the video?

      If all else fails, and when it’s utterly clear that the video is truly gone, by all means report the video as broken. I will try to fix the video within one week. If you’re sure the video isn’t broken, then please contact me here and I will try to help you out.