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    • Good Hair

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      Do you have good hair? Comedian Chris Rock takes viewers into the expensive $9 billion world of the black hair industry. He has revealed inspiration for the film arose when his daughter Lola (5-years old) asked him why she didn’t have good hair? This question got the wheels turning and so became the comedic documentary Good Hair.

      During the film, Rock takes viewers all over the hair industry. From Beauty salons to barber shops. He even takes us to hair styling conventions and scientific laboratories, giving viewers an in-depth look into the science behind chemical relaxers that straighten hair.

      Considering I have only dyed my hair once, shamefully the same colour it already was…head hangs in shame, I found this film to be extremely fascinating. As well I am a fan Rock and enjoyed his humour throughout the documentary. It features informative interviews with consumers, celebrities, hair industry business people and stylists. Celebrities showcased in the film are Ice-T, Eve, Salt-n-Pepa and Paul Mooney, to name a few.

      Good Hair features the extreme lengths in which black women go in order to ensure they look a certain way. The film reveals how even during an economic downfall, black women were still willing to spend thousands on their hair.

      What lengths are you will to go through to make sure you have good hair?

      suggested by Chloe! thanks, Chloe

      please share:
      Published on March 30, 2010 · Filed under: History, Lifestyle, Society, Psychology
    • afro

      Player is a bit oversized…


      hi Afro,
      it was the only way it let me give you guys the option of going full screen, which I suggested, anyways. This is the only copy on the internet for the video and thought people would enjoy it. did you?

    • Aramawi

      I am extremely saddedned…… is this what it has come to for my people

    • Scandinavianman

      Blacks are psychologically scared from slavery, perpetuated through mass media and centuries of self hatered. The white man has mentally enslaved the Black race and the Black race suffers from unconditional love for their enemy the white man.


    • realdeal

      really good documentary

    • rose

      I’m so shocked by white the chinese guy said. Chinese people are so blunt and racist. “It look more natural” boo!

    • Tyler Durden

      Wow… seeing a BABY have it’s head shaved in INDIA with an old school RAZOR whilst it’s crying its eyes out and having to have it’s head held stilll… all because of their “God”…

      Fuck EVERYONE who believes in a God.


      Oh and on the overall video… you gotta do what you gotta do!

      • Sure

        The funny thing is God had nothing to do with that. Because we have free will, it’s HUMANS who decide what they do. If you have no religion (which actually, by being an atheist, you do – ironic, isn’t it?), that’s your business. No reason for you to be insulting.

    • Chloe

      Awesome vid!! Thanks doc log for putting it up!!! You guys rock

    • CuriousObserver

      I learned a LOT from this. Never knew how much WORK there was in black hair.

    • Mona

      Documentary or Mockumentary

    • Aboodaub

      I not like him. I go to see him he not make me laug. Why he use bad word why he say mean thing to white american. I like man who make me laug. I like love food life.

    • Kehinde

      Are you serious?

    • Kehinde

      I love my natural hair! It has life to it and stands up to the heavens! It is simply – DIVINE!

    • Ash NA

      I’m white with thin straight hair and I developed a technique many years ago which I still use today for making it stand up and look really thick like the hair Black people have and take for granted.

      I learned a while ago that their hair has an oval cross-section which is why is behaves the way it does, I believe there’s a section about it in The Naked Ape.

      I can only say, thank Flying Spaghetti Monster for hairspray, I owe much of my personal dignity to Schwarzkopf.