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    • Google Documentary

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      It starts off on quite a basic level and covers information that most Google-watchers will already know. There are interviews with Melissa Mayer and other Google people – there’s plenty of shots inside the candy-colored Googleplex. The origins of “Don’t be evil” are discussed – it was apparently a directive for a meeting.

      Then the documentary starts to ask some hard questions – about the Holocaust. The documentary looks at the subjective bias of the algorithms, and the nature of truth. Privacy questions. Retaining data. The potential for the mis-use of information. “Why would someone want to make all the worlds information available?” – the inference being, I think, that underneath lies a desire for control. Is information storage and retrieval going to be a private enterprise or a public enterprise, and what are the consequences of that?

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      Published on February 26, 2009 · Filed under: Business, Economy
    • Dadude

      yea not Bad… it's ok

    • Mercury

      what a bunch of bull crap… jesus
      google is great and so helpful, all those stupid analogies and predictions don't even make sense. some of them made me laugh. and the way the google people answered the questions was so great. this documentary was made to attack google, that is so low… makes me feel sad and makes me pity people that are jealous to the point of saying these things like this.
      the biggest irony is this video is that it's on google videos, it's a damn slap in the face from google saying: "you are pathetic" to the makers of this documentary.

    • Flawed

      This documentary is interesting because it provides answers to common questions such as 'how does Google work?' but to harp on Google and the dangers it proposes as a Monopoly is unfounded. We live in a Capitalist society, where growth and strength in the marketplace is a reality. If the point of contention here is based on Google as a monopoly, then the focus should be on all big corporations that have a stronghold on their industries. Further, the fears mentioned here are fears that should be asked of government and policy makers. We can't hold innovative companies back for fear of what will be done with them under a big-brother mentality. This would bring progress to a standstill. Rather, it is our responsibility to keep updated on the on-goings of companies such as Google to ensure that we are protected as users should they violate their position. Of course, some people may not have an issue with their private information being shared, in which case it is their choice to continue using their services. This is true for all facets of society – as technology progresses it is increasingly incumbent on consumers to stay informed and participate in available services to the extent they are comfortable.

    • cj

      this is quite informative and is very true….
      it is a business…. and business involves money….

      im not anti- google, i admit i love their free softwares and services…

      a lot of companies which started with a very honest and "good" vision ends up to a money making scheme when they reach market dominance…..

      just look at microsoft….apple….

      this doc is not to destroy google, it only shows the other side of things… or the what ifs…..

    • lib

      liked it – good overview – 4 star rating

    • Abdullah

      I completly agree with cj. its not an attack on google, its just a highlighting the fears of people. Ofcourse you might decide to pass a cup of clean water but the person who takes it next can put some sand it it. it’s same thing here, what if someone joins the ranks of the top and changes the philosophy of google?

      I really dont want them to change and prefer they stay as they are and wud work with them if they are that way :)