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    • Hell’s Angel

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      Mother Teresa, a saint or simply Hell’s Angel? The answer to this question varies depending on whom you speak with. Throughout her lifetime she had become well known for her saintliness. Mother Teresa was sincere with her helping of the poor, as many have clearly seen during her time. No one could ever say she did not accomplish or so come extraordinarily great things during her time, but did she always do it right?

      Christopher Hitchens is one who quickly answer “no” to that question. Three years prior to Mother Teresa’s death Hitchens, a popular journalist created this controversial film questioning whether her reputation was truly deserved. You can imagine for woman held at such a high accord, this was not an accusation taken lightly. A year after the Hell’s Angel was released, Hitchens followed it up with the 100-page pamphlet, The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice. It repeated many of the accusations in which Hitchens put forth in his film.

      As seen in Hell’s Angel, Hitchen’s perspective on Mother Teresa and her organization is that of a cult that encourages suffering and in reality doesn’t help those in need. He is vocal in his perspective in which the general public holds of Mother Teresa is far from reality. Hitchen’s blames the mass media for portraying her in such a way.

      So, you be the judge, Mother Teresa: Saint or Hell’s Angel?

      Part 1:

      Part 2:

      Part 3:

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      Published on December 15, 2008 · Filed under: Religion
    • Celine

      This topic had the potential to be so very interesting…pity the commentator was so arrogant and smug.

    • Ken

      No one is beyond reproach.

    • sakara

      the title is an insult to outlaw bikers—who at least are a lot more honest than mother t.

      mother t ANOTHER CON ARTIST…using the poor to get millions for the pope to live like a king.

    • Jimbob

      Christopher Hitchens is allowed to be smug. HE IS BETTER THAN US ALL. *whirly eyes*

    • Purity


      Wow, THIS is the one who seems to be trying hard to garner attention for himself. Imagine that, slagging Mother Teresa!

      Her 'job' is to minister the word of God and to comfort the dieing and the sick. Any of the political stuff or fund raising should be and is, up to politicians and the Church's accountants.

      She's a spiritual person. She shone a bright light on the poor, anyone who had heard of her and her cause was welcome to roll up their shirt sleeves and give a hand.

      She did her part in trying to make the world a bit better. This Christopher Hitchens fellow seems like he's a weaselly little snot. What has he ever done for anyone but himself?

      • atheist

        making the world better, by letting people die slowly and tell them to forgive. proud to be an atheist, and proud to be a hater of christianity and all religions

    • Darrin

      I love watching Christopher Hitchens. He comes up with some of the best insults. But, this vid was not very good. The material was sub-par, and Christopher's performance doesn't do justice for what he's clearly capable of.

    • Jill

      Wow, this was really unimpressive. It's hard to believe that someone would put this much energy into trying to convince the public that Mother Teresa did not do enough to help the poor. I kept waiting for some shocking piece of information that would have convinced me that Mother Teresa is not a hero, but it just never came. So, she's still a hero to me.

    • Mladen

      This woman was no saint, not even from close….
      A person that has so many powerful friends that are basically a bunch of cold hatred murders and criminals, can not be called a saint.
      In the world where so many people dies from aids and hunger (due to bad planning of the family) she speaks against contraceptives…
      The way I see it this documentary was really kind to her.

    • sylvy

      Another side of the late Mother Theresa. The dark side of the light.

    • Mitch

      Ah, Hitchens, the devil’s advocate. He’s right, you know, but I think Mother Teresa was simply oblivious to it all.

    • the Rev

      Just because someone speaks in an erudite & intelligent manor does not make them smug or arrogant. I’ve watched hours of hitchens debates & specials, and although he can be arrogant at times (sometimes for good reason), I didn’t see any of that here.

    • Fuadh

      Atleast he’s not pretending to be saintly!

    • patrick

      me either. I guess having an accent and speaking slowly and clearly makes someone smug and arrogant these days…

      • atheist

        you’re just a christian idiot


      There is too much worship of the human in the place of the divine. The Catholic church is full of idolatry. There is not the least particle of goodness in sinful human beings unless imparted to them by Jesus Christ. All these charitable shows do not mean anything in the sight of God if they are not to His glory. All the wisdom and knowledge that human beings can claim to possess change nothing to the fact that they are lost without the sacrifice of the Son of God. Mother Theresa, Hitchens and all the popes and cardinals and pastors need Jesus Christ or they are lost forever.

      • The Insane Atheist

        Could be because THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS JESUS CHRIST… Idiot…