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      This fascinating documentary covers nature, Earth and humanity. It addresses where and what we’ve been and where we’re heading. Home features aerial footage of over 54 countries the film proves a vast amount of imagery. Similar to other films like Baraka and Planet Earth it examines what have done to the Earth. So while it showcases beautiful imagery, it also does not shy away from the damages we have contributed to this planet, to ourselves, to our home.Home takes viewers on an adventure from the east to the west. It showcases many different locations throughout Earth and focuses on the large amount of wealth owned by 2% of our population. War, starvation, and disease are all addressed in this extraordinary film. Its focus is on the capitalist system that has destroyed our planet and not just nature. This same system as brought humanity to its knees.

      Many of the changes featured in this documentary, Home have taken place over the last 50-100 years. The icecaps that are melting are examined in great detail and the consequences are unfortunately grim. This movie will hopefully ignite a passionate environmental fight, as we need to pull together in order to save our planet, to save our home.

      “There is Currently Only a Trailer Available For This Documentary”

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      Published on November 25, 2009 · Filed under: Biology, Environment, Nature
    • Bo Hong

      it`s heart melting to me. It is up to us to decide the world future, TOGETHER.

    • meaningless life

      it is time.

    • smith

      This documentary tells the greatest truth of the century. It is a must see for all the Homo sapiens of today's modern world. As a citizen we are obligated to safe the nation; as Homo sapiens we are obligated to safe our home "Earth".

    • Darren Willis

      Environmentalist drivel. These guys did as much fact checking as National Geogragphic. They should be embarassed.

    • laurafaith

      beautiful and profound, with an articulate call to action

    • Nicole

      I'm pretty disgruntled that after 72 minutes of the documentary, it stops playing and says that I either have to wait or pay to watch the rest.

      Bad service. Can someone get this on a video hoster that isn't ridiculous?

    • Johannes

      On the contrary. This documentary tells the greatest lie of the century. It is a must see for all the Homo sapiens of tomorrows modern world. As to show our children mankinds arrogance of thinking we're greater than the entire planet, by believeing we'd be able to disrupt it, and that it had to be 'saved' by us…

    • Casey

      In the 1800's we learned we could not just shit in our back yard. Then we got toilets. By the 1900's we learned pipping it into a river at the edge of town didn't work either. Then we got sewer treatment. Now it's the 21st century and few morons still don't see any thing wrong with the way we handle our ever increasingly toxic waste. Anyone who thinks environmentalism is a lie/drivel should go back to shiting in their yard. Maybe they still do.


    • Armin

      Sorry Johannes!!! I apologize on behalf of the people who made the documentary! they made a mistake by not saying that we should sit back and do absolutely nothing and wait for Jesus to save the planet!! or are you one of those who only get out of their apartments to go to work and come back? you probably haven't seen the world and never left your city!

    • Johannes

      well, its my turn to apologise. i guess I could have been more subtle. what I ment was; Its a good thing to strive towards a cleaner enviroment. its something else to claim the need to 'save te planet'. because the planet will be fine, with or without us. climate has changed drastically throughout history, species have gone exticnt and new ones have evolved, meteorites earthquakes and iceages have all been far more disrupting many times over than we will ever be. and if you REALLY look in to the material, things dont add up. for instance, CO2-increase appears to be an effect of global warming, instead of a cause..! Its the climate-change doomscenario-hype thats blinding people from whats realistic and doable. which would be; cleaning up for ourselves, and letting nature go along its way. let the climate change, cause it no big deal. at least not for the planet! (PS i have traveled, as my 'work' is making documentaries)

    • Umbreona Dark

      What I really take from this is more the fact that it is rather essential at some point in the near future to realize a powersource more readily available than Oil. Not so much for the environment but more for our own continued existence in the life style to which we have become acustome.

      However, we also will in time need a new planet if we wish to continue to grow our population as we are considering this planet simply CANNOT support us. It will see us destroyed just like it does to every other species that gets over populated.

    • Armin

      I must admit that your second posting is a lot better than the first one Johannes. Although, I don't agree with everything you are saying, but you make a lot of sense. Now, about the documentary; it has its pros and cons; positives and negatives! The documentary is trying to bind planets climate change with humanity. We may not be able to save the planet, but we can care for it. I personally don't believe that one can save himself, never mind the planet! We can still care for the people… those who struggle to survive… those who go to bed every night with empty stomachs.

    • Imperien

      Anyone having issues with MegaVideo's limitations needs to do this:

      1) Use FireFox instead of Internet Explorer
      2) Install the plugin available here:

      3) Enjoy the films.

      I must say that, overall, I am relatively pleased with most of the comments here. The reaction it got by the idiot brigade on YouTube was positively shameful… Even by YouTube standards.

      Oh sure there are those here that were somehow convinced that global warming is nothing more than a big lie spread by (Al Gore, Satan worshiping oligarchies, leftist NWO groupies, etc) for some nefarious purpose. Then again… These tend to be the same folks that believe "The Book of Genesis" is a more credible scientific reference than "On the Origin of Species".

      Equally frustrating (though nowhere near as nuts) are the peeps that have taken films like "The Global Warming Swindle" as the gospel truth regardless of what the vast majority of peer-reviewed scientific data tells us. Scientific data? Hell… If you're over 35 years of age then you've probably noticed the changes yourself.

      Also worthy of mention are those that seem to be hell bent on arguing over semantics. "Save the Planet" is simply a catchy slogan used to get the message across quickly and efficiently. Arguing that the planet will be fine with or without us is more than a little ridiculous under the circumstances.

      After all, when we say "Save the Planet" what we obviously mean is "Save the Planet from our constant fucking up so that our species may continue to survive"… But since much of the world's population apparently has the attention span of a gnat with ADD then the pithy "Save the Planet" will have to do.

      In closing let me just say that I know that English isn't the main language for many of you. For those with problems understanding the documentary due to this language barrier, the film is available free of charge in many languages (French, Arabic, Russian, etc) on the Home 2009 website.

      Click my name above the film's description at the top of this page to visit their site… And spread the word by telling everyone you know to watch this incredibly important documentary.

      (Note: Special mention to Umbreona Dark for understanding one of the many crucial side-points made in this movie. Bravo!)

    • Johannes

      The phrase "save the planet" is more than just a catchy slogan! it stands for the idea of a 'delicately balanced' ecosystem, in which every species is 'absolutely vital' for this balance, and where humans are causing 'catastrophic changes' threatening all of nature… although the motive of this viewpoint in itself is noble, I personally think its not only romantic horsecrap, its plainly arrogant! nature is not some fragile and holy to-be-protected angel (as portrayed in this movie), is a chaotic ever-changing organic thing, with exactly as much destructive tendencies as we humans have. the only difference is that we humans invented something like ethical values and labeled 'destruction' as 'bad'. It's not bad, its just (human) nature..! which doesn't mean we shouldn't do anything, but its an important realization.

      Apart from this flawed pro-nature-propaganda-aspect, I think the movie is not very interesting as a film. its pretty pictures with pretty music, and a plain voice-over giving old information. as a documentary-maker I consider that a waste of beautiful imagery, which makes me mad (and over-react). watch "the planet" for instance, its far more original and therefore compelling in giving the same message.

    • Darren Willis

      I resent the implicatuion that being skeptical of equivocal claims makes me a creationist. Yes, the majority of scientists believe that human beings are causing climate change. 200 years ago the majority of scientists thought all the animals on earth had existed in only their present form, and only for 6000 years or so. Try looking at opposing evidence. How about the fact that the urban island effect is not PROPERLY taken into account in climate models, or the fact that every climate prediction based on global warming beliefs has been 100 percent wrong, or the fact that many of the claims in favor of global warming have recently been revealed to have been based on falsified or altered data. Environmentalists need to make money too. How do they do that? By scaring you into pouring money into their causes. I recommend you read "State of Fear" by the late Michael Crichton. It's a ficticious storyline,but all the data is real and verifiable, and it's very well presented.

    • Imperien

      I urge you to take a second look at Casey's comments below, Johannes. While perhaps lacking in eloquence, the "shitting in your own back yard" analogy is in fact spot on.

      I do understand your point and, from a planetary perspective, you'll get no argument from me. It is quite true that Earth will continue to exist whether the human race is around to see it or not and (barring any unforeseen events) it will continue to do so until the Sun consumes it in 5 billion years or so.

      But that isn't the issue here. Humans, like all living beings, are motivated primarily by self-interest. As such, they have absolutely no interest in giving up the polluting perks of modern life for the sake of saving a hunk of rock for the future's bacteria.

      The only way to effect longterm positive change for the human species is to break through that barrier by driving home the point that we will be fucked if we continue to "shit in our own backyard".

      Incidentally… Your argument that living organisms cannot have a significant impact upon the planet's environment is, to say the least, flawed almost beyond description.

      At one time the Earth's O to CO2 ratio was quite different than today. Speaking from a "life" perspective, this planet was only slightly less of a shithole than Venus.

      How did this change? Plants (and/or what eventually evolved into plants) chewing up CO2 and spitting out O.

      Now let me ask you: If a bunch of prehistoric ferns were capable of such a monumental transformation to the planet's environment… What leads you to believe that such a thing is beyond the reach of modern humans?

    • Tiago C.

      Standing ovation to Casey's comment. Best analogy I've seen on this subject, no doubt.

      @ Johannes

      Altough I understand what you mean when you say the earth doesn't need to be "saved" you are in fact missing the point when you refute the slogan "Save the Earth", wich should be also understood like an analogy.

      By using this term people are actually stating "Save Ourselves", "Let's do things in a way that will allow us to continue to live on this planet".
      Because like you said, no matter what we do (or don't do), the Earth will remain here and it will keep spinning over itself and around the Sun for many years to come. On the other hand, we might not, if the conditions that allow life on earth change, we either change or we die.

      I understand that the Earth has changed many times over and I'm also certain that it will continue to change. Many species were lost in this changing process and many others have changed (including ourselves).But the problem here is the rate at wich these changes occur.
      And the fact that we do have a direct impact on many of the conditions that allow life to exist on the planet is irrefutable.
      We are each day consuming more and more resources, each day faster and faster.
      Our actions cause changes! And the pace at wich these changes occur is not the same that natural evolution can keep. If we dont open our eyes and take ponderation into our actions we'll wake up one day and have to accept the inevitability that we can't live on this planet anymore.
      And that's not something I want for myself or for future generations.

      When we see our oxygen supply scources being chopped down more and more each day, our ocean resources drainned more and more each year. Ice caps the size of countries melt down in less then a decade, directly affecting weather conditions, that in turn affect entire ecossistems wich end up afecting us. We can't say we dont cause impact. No other species on earth causes so much!

      Sooner or later cause and effect will come and bite us in the ass (and that will be both inevitable and unpleasant).
      So if we can at least try to do something to change that outcome we definetly should.

    • Johannes

      Ooohw, this is truely becomming an interesting discussion forum..! :)

      @ Tiago & Imperien

      Like I said, i don't think we should not do anything about pollution! off course that is a serious problem that needs to be addressed, and I have no doubt that it will, just because of the same analogy casey is using; as soon as we grow so much that we start walking around in our own shit, we'll also start cleaning it up. it's the drowned calf principle.. ugly but true.

      The thing I oppose is the portrayal of nature as a sacred and fragile perfectly balanced and easily disturbed holy flower garden, and human co2 emissions as the blame for global warming, which threatens to bring it all down.

      Nature's not sacred, it's vicious and violent and merciless and chaotic, just like us!

      nature's not perfectly balanced, it's eternally unbalanced! it's constantly organically changing and adapting, and we're panicking because were only just discovering this!

      And our co2 emissions may very well have nothing to do with the globe warming up! theres plenty of counter evidence which makes much more sense if you ask me!

      Did you know human co2 emissions makes up just a tiny fraction of a fraction of a percentage of the atmosphere? as opposed to water vapor, which makes up a big chunk of the atmosphere AND is a much more powerful greenhouse gas! did you know that the co2-concentration is actually FOLLOWING the temperature changes a few hundred years BEHIND? did you know the planet Mars has exactly the same global warming going on right now as on Earth? did you know there's a big analogy with Solar activity and earths temperature? Hmm, what might have more influence on our climate, a tiny tiny fraction increase of a natural occurring gas, or the giant fire roaring heat-source-of-the-entire-solar-sytem- SUN..?

      -to name a few. And personally i dont know what's true and whats bull, and i dont like it that these things play in the cards of oil busyness industry. but I think we better check our research before we start panicking and blaming it all on co2, because it MIGHT NOT HELP! And I only know one thing for sure, one way or another, in 100 years we are going to think we are pretty stupid nowadays…!

    • Tiago C.

      Well this is an interesting subject, one that affects and concerns all of us (or so it should).

      Yes, nature is "vicious and violent and merciless and chaotic", but we're also not gentle.

      And even though nature is powerfull, it's also a functional relation between all things (balance).
      Even though it changes, everything in it must change with it to keep the balance, what doesn't change/adapt gets eliminated (nature is harsh, just like you said) and this is the why it will always outsurvive us as a species, we're part of "it", but "it" is so much more than us.

      We humans have the power to disturb that functionallity, by for example producing waste faster than nature alone can recycle, Those disturbances affect the "balance" of things, that in turn ends up affecting us in return.

      Human race has, and has proven, to have the power to disrupt the normal functionality of the worldwide ecosystem (aka nature).
      I've heard an example, not long ago, that showed a relation between mass fishing and ocean floor destruction, with earthquakes and rain in the desert.
      Sorry, I won't specify exactly how, because it takes too much writting space, but basically it happened because there were no more fish to recycle ocean produced natural waste, wich triggered a series of consequences that ended up produncing those effects (and those effects, in turn, will continue to generate consequences of thir own).
      This comes to show how interconnected two apparently distinct factors can be in nature, and how it all resumes to cause and effect.

      About human beings, I really can't believe that we produce low CO2 emissions.
      Even if I consider that the studies shown to us can be bias, when I look outside my door I see, for example, everyone driving a car.
      I mean, looking at my family alone, I have like 10 people owning a car (some more than one), also I have a couple more relatives that will soon take their driving licences and add up a couple more to that number.
      Now I apply that principle to all the families living only on my street (and it already amounts to a big number), then if I keep applying that principle to an each time larger scale and add to that: worldwide industry emissions, waste emisions, natural CO2 emissions, and the fact that on the other end of the "chain" we're reducing by many means some of the natural processes the earth has to recycle those emission, then I don't need a study to show me we're producing too much CO2.

      But even so, even if at the moment we were not producing enough CO2 to cause a significant impact on the ecosystem, the increase in that number is something we need to take in very serious consideration, because every day more and more people are consuming more and more resources and therefore generating each day more waste.

      We're already poluting in a scale much larger than the ecosystem can recycle alone in our life span.
      So if you keep adding to that number, the system (ecosystem), like all other systems will collapse. (I dont mean the ecosystem dying) but causing a massive change in it's structure.
      In that case the earth (nature) might survive, but we might not be able to be part of it anymore.

      But not to undermine your point of view, and to show you I actually understand in part what you mean to say:
      Of course CO2 emissions are not the only thing to blame. Aside from the fact that the earth itself is constantly changing, the sun is also getting hotter and hotter as in 2012 we're having another solar maximum and it's already building up.

      There is also a talk about how the magnetic poles will shift (not sure exactly when but it's a fact that they will), and how that might cause that for a time the earth's magnetic shield will be down, breaking down the most important defense we have against solar radiation next to the ozone layer, causing a massive increase in radiation exposure.

      Yes, earth is a harsh place to live in, it has always been survival of the fittest, adapt or perish. And it'll always be.
      But I say let's not make it worse for us and our children than it already is.

    • Jack Kebeck

      Absolutely stunning photography!

      * Remember : reducing meat consumption helps a lot

    • jeff-skunk

      The point we seem be to be missing is that regardless of your perpective, whether you are creationist, evolutionist, left, right, liberal, conservative…etc, etc… Is that we need to act with and treat others with greater respect. Be humble. Treat the world around us, the community we live in, the enviroment, its inhabitants, our friends and family with the utmost respect. Understand our own failings, which we have far greater control over than the failings of others. Take responsibility for our own actions instead of blaming others.. Maybe we should shit in our own backyard! process, deal with and recycle it somehow instead of flushing it somewhere else. Then we would consider how much waste we produce. Emphasise reduction over recycling………. good forum… at least it is been discussed!

    • terry beaton

      I’m about to watch “Home” but befor I do I’d like to say THANKS for all these great documentaries. I’ve easily seen thirty or more so far!

    • Underwood

      As have I Terry, but sadly I believe there are not going to be any more uploads to this site. I stumbles upon this site much to my surprise and started going through some of the comments a few days ago, I found that a user by the name, Frog In The Log happened to be the most avid user and closest to not only the original creator “Tim” but also the new owner of the site “Documentary-Log”, whoever that may be. Frog’s last post was much earlier this month I believe and the last upload from the admin was months ago. Quite sad for me because I’d been searching for a site like this for a while. It seemed to have stemmed into more than a host of embeds, but a community of viewers with like interests in knowledge and debate. I believe Frog may have created another portal much like this through YouTube but have yet to check it out.

      What are some of your favorite docs that you’ve seen on this site? The Mars docs in particular have dominated much of my viewing time and I highly recommend “MARS: Dead or Alive” and “Welcome to MARS”. If you check them out make sure you watch “MARS: Dead or Alive” first as it is first in the set of the two. Also “To Mars by A-BOMB” was extremely interesting to me. It is the video I first commented on and my first post in the Recent Comments on the right.

    • terry beaton

      Everyone’s a critique. Y’all sound like you’re in somekind of pissing contest.
      keep stoking those fires boys, you’re all heat, no light. But yor so smert all of yue guyses!

    • terry beaton

      I think I have good news for you on the number of documenteries issue. I just went through them today and there are a bunch more (really alot) than just a couple days ago. I’m going to have a veiw of the “Mars” doc next so I’ll let you know what I think. If you like things a little more on the sociology side now and then view “Hofmanns Potion”. I live in Saskatchewan where alot of it took place. This is a great one to balance the outer with the inner space. I like all genres but I’ll usually go for history if it’s close. Actually, the University of Saskatchewan (in Saskatoon, my city) was where Aldous Huxley coined the term “Psychadelic.” But you’ll have to watch the doc. It’s not about that specifically, but it covers the history of L.S.D. It’ll surprise you!

      • Underwood

        I watched Hoffman’s Potion a few nights ago and was quite amazed by the information I gained from it. I have used LSD a number of times and quite frankly loved the effects. I used it in the very way Alfred Hubbard had wanted to have others experience it, in a closed environment, calm and protective, with a set path of understanding and moral goals to achieve. I am not one for partying nor for destroying my cerebral cortex as I had been warned it would have done to me, but I was at a very deciding point in my life when I first used it and became neighbors with a man that used it for that very purpose. With his help and guidance I had revelations that changed my life forever. I have to say I came out of the experiences changed for the better and I wouldn’t take them back for anything in the world. It has been a while since I experimented with LSD and I don’t seem to have any moral dilemas in need of unprecidented understanding so I don’t see myself dabbling with it for quite some time to say the least.

        I wish Timothy Leary hadn’t taken that great substance away from science and medicine but I can see it moving in the direction of misused popularity with or without his assistance, it was just a matter of time.

        I am definitely a fan of History and I have been glued to both the “Secret Societies” and the “Egypt Unwrapped” Docs.

        I’m very jealous of your residence as I am stuck here in the United Stated for the time being. I have been visiting Canada all over for the past few years and have been trying to establish a permanent residence there. I came very close twice, first in Regina and second in Calgary but was denied both Residence visa in Rigina and then Student Visa in Calgary. Also after the economic breakdown of The States, my industry (That of Entertainment) slowly began to fall apart, forcing me to ground myself in one of the three major markets, Los Angeles, New York, or Miami. Now finding myself split between NY and Miami at the moment proves to be excruciatingly stressful. Though hopefully when the industry is a bit more stable I will be able to ground myself where I please, which will very likely be Canada, but France and the UK hold a strong tie for second.

        Look at me blabbing about myself, do you have any other good recommendations of Docs or even other sites that provide good food for the brain?

        • terry beaton

          Hey Underwood,
          I watched the “Mars” doc last night. About 10 min. into it I realized I saw it a few years ago but I watched again anyway. Great graphics and descriptions of the reality and magnitude,( and unique challenges of the project), alot of which would not be real issues if they had adequate funding. There are hundreds of americans who have personal bank accounts that could themselves fund a proper mission to mars. It seems a bit sad that they struggle with these tiny budgets. What they are doing is the future of mankind. Stephen Hawkings says if mankind can survive the next few hundred years, (and that’s a big if) and manage to start colonizing space we’ll be out of the danger of annialating ourselves with our nukes. I’ll let you know what I think of the Mars – by A-bomb doc. I’ve heard of the idea to use nuclear explosions to get to high travelling speeds in space but it sounds like it must be still mostly theory.
          As for the subject of L.S.D. I too am “Experianced” as Hendrix put it. Unfortunatley for me I took alot of it during a very bad time in my adolescence and had a few proverbial bad trips. Still to this day some of the most beautiful experiances and some of the worst were the result of it all. I’ve heard recently that there has been alot of theraputic use of “Ecstasy” for people with emotional problems like P.T.S.D. and from what ‘ve seen of it I’m definately all for it. Awhile ago I saw a doc on this sight called the “ascent of money.” It just saw the first instalment of a multi-part series but it was an education in itself. It’s the history of all things money from Medieval Italy (the concept of credit and banking) to modern day Wall Street and the new concepts of making profits. It might sound dry but it’s very easy to watch. It was an eye-opener for me anyway.

          • terry beaton

            I just finished watching the “Mars – A-bomd” doc. It was pretty good alright but I think I liked the other one better. It was interesting to hear all the talk of guilt being a motivating factor in the efforts to put nukes to a redeeming cause. I think I’d feel the same were I to have helped develope them and watch them kill hundreds of thousands emmediately in Japan. You mentioned that you felt a bit jealous of where I live. I have to tell you sir, it’s a pretty boring place, even for other Canadians. We’ve got some beautiful lakes but it’s a couple hundred miles befor you begin to get there. Saskatoon is completely locked in endless, flat prarie and if you ever saw how totally fanatical the whole province is over our usually losing CFL team you might begin to understand the lack of stimuli. The only claim to fame we have is that we had the first Socialist governement in Saskatchewan under a man named Rev.Tommy Douglas. Under Douglas we established the worlds first Universal Health Care system. Now the world is using it. Something that even most Canadians don’t know is that he is Kieffer Sutherlands Grandfather. Donald Sutherland married his daughter. Other than that nugget of pride it’s a rather desolate place. I actually am jealous of you living in such a busy and bussling place in the US. And I’ve seen most of my province touring in the two different bands I’ve been in. Our high point was playing a well known pub in Banff. But that was some years ago. I’m going on 51 this month so I play for myself now mostly. I’ve played guitar for 35 years and I play good but I was never blessed with a singing voice. With a friend we recorded two songs in studio and one got about a week of radio play. You mentioned you’re in the entertainment business so I assumed you were a musician. If you like music there is to be found on youtube a bunch of videos by “smalin” ; Stephen Malinkowski. That he created. they are graphic representations of classical music scores that play and light up in time to the music. You’de have to see them to undersand. Search: “Beethoven smalin”. That should get you there. You might like them.

          • Underwood

            Terry, I quite agree with you on the comment of our limited funding within the Space Exploration and Development field. It is my profession to chum up with individuals with heavy bank accounts and it’s quite saddening to see them pool such large sums into the creation of fiction and mass media propaganda instead of the expansion of the human existence. Don’t get me wrong, it puts food on my table but I’d still like to see such individuals more active within the science community. I cannot think of a single investor who is not immensely interested in educating themselves on the knowledge we have already gained without their help. They are just too often appalled by the thought of handing over their precious dollars without immediate return and as we see there isn’t much financial gain from space exploration beyond documentaries and the return in our great great grandchildren’s children’s generation. We need more people who are less interested in making a profit and more interested in bettering mankind, although one who is not interested in profit will have a hard time obtaining enough funds to contribute to such a feat.

            On the psychedelic subject, I must admit I still have some lingering after-effects of L.S.D. I am all too often annoyed with the breathing effect and constant visual mind tricks my brains seems to enjoy fooling me with.

            I think I would greatly enjoy docs on the subject of currency and its introduction into civilization, the credit system especially. I find financial credit to be the bane of human existence. Bringing forth stronger urges for the unneeded material possessions with the ability to spend beyond one’s means.

            In regards to your comment below, your description of your surroundings are just the qualities I envy. Your losing football team team is not quite of of the benefits but the prospect of vast emptiness calms me. I have lived among the hustle and bustle for too long, this young and overly energetic culture that depicts my lifestyle and consumes my mind is becoming a hassle. I cannot wait to retire to a place that is far from any human presence.

            Your legacy in music is quite inspiring. I have spoken at many seminars on all the aspects of obtaining success in this industry and my strongest belief and what I stress the most is always the appreciation of your personal success and need for commitment to pursue what you enjoy. I often give the example to those possibly searching solely for fame, “who is to say the work of an incalculable amount of performers, whom are not household names, did not inspire a magnitude of individuals to pursue their ambitions of personal success.” I appreciate your personal success, as I am sure your music inspired many, through your performances and especially the all to difficult feat of radio broadcasting. Would you happen to have any of your music online? I would love to hear some of your work.

            As for “Smalin”, I have not had a chance to listen to anything but I am excited at the prospect of enjoying something new.

            If your interested in ancient history, I just finished watching “Lost Pyramids of Caral”. Great Doc and very informative on the question of what drove humans to form civilizations.

            • Underwood

              By “Your Comment Below” I meant your last entry. I was writing within a box that was above your last comment.

    • terry beaton

      I read the intro to “lost pyramids of Caral” and realized I have indeed seen it. As I recall the film-maker/ anthropologists previously held notion was that the forces that contribute to civilization and Empire were simply a military reaction to confict and war. After close examination of Caral they couldn’t find any signs of this. Rather, they found alot of evidence that trade and peaceful co-operation were the forces that created Caral and it’s rise to prominance. Surplus labour and surplus gov. wealth as a result of a sustained period of peace and prosperity. A nice moral to the story. I don’t usually remember docs I’ve seen 6 months or more ago that good! I guess that means it was good. I saw “Dark Ages” last night. I Recommend it. Great History doc. As for my music I have it on C.D. and a freind of mine has the knowledge I don’t to get it uploaded. I’ll let you know if it happens.


      Beautiful shots.