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    • Homo Futurus

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      Where will we be in the future? 20 years from now? 50 years from now? What does the futures hold for human species as a whole? This controversial film Homo Futurus examines our species future using the controversial theory mechanism. So what does this mean?

      Homo Futurus explores the mechanism theory that drove the evolution of humans from primates to modern man. The controversy arises from this theory as it challenges many previous perspective, inclusive of Darwin’s. The film also surmises about our species future evolutionary path. The film puts forth a premise that goes against the current theory that environmental pressures and genetic mutations are foremost influences surrounding natural selection.

      Let this interesting documentary take you on a controversial voyage into the past, present and future of our species. Anne Dambricourt Malasse, a French palaeoanthropologist that is featured in the film was connected with a group called UIP. The organization is dedicated to promoting Intelligent Design. The thought that evolution is heading toward a trajectory leading is not new concept to Intelligent Design. It is in fact suggest at in other diverse files such as SETI and Artificial Life.

      Enjoy Homo Futurus as it takes you on a road less travelled by exercising controversy toward age-old theories of evolution. So who is right?

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      Part 2:

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      Published on February 1, 2009 · Filed under: Anthropology
    • paul

      An intelligent and radically new expl
      anation for the engine of evolution. First class documentary.

    • bah

      Well, at least there's a whole lot of buffering. GUBA has to be the worst site ever when it comes to online videos.

    • spacebunny

      Yeah, Guba is horrible.

    • Nick

      Id rather have 'Guba' than 'Veoh' anyday. I cant install the player for Veoh.

    • cassius

      yeah was very bad trying to watch this lol
      took me about 4hours to buffer it all

    • remorses

      4 hours?! lol
      what internet u got? 58k?

    • matthew

      i like it, check out

    • Spider

      so slow. sadfacee.

    • dave

      Evolution is an inside job!!

    • malak

      awesome documentary…..

    • homie12

      funny how they leave out the fact we have 46 chromosome pairs and all other primates 48. plus we have frail bone structure compared to any other primate
      also we have more hair on abdomen primates r bare on absomen
      then theres the whole other foot dynamics we r the poorest walking of any other animal
      someone pays archeoligists to explain homo sapiens in terrestrial terms
      religion and science hold hands and walk down the path together

    • Pickas

      A really good doc’ with some interesting ideas. Could do with a little follow up on some of the points they make, i.e. do the periods of change within the sphenoid bone coincide with other mass evolutionary shifts or extinctions in other species? It kind of seems like Anne thinks of it as some sort of predestined ‘magical’ mutation.

      Ha ha, and what are you going on about homie12??? cant tell if your for the documentary or against it….. for evolution or against it?? In fact reading the last line, I have no idea what your trying to say. And seriously, have you actually seen another primate besides in cartoons. Because the last I checked (In fact there are some in this vid!), monkeys and apes have far far hairy bellies than any man. (Well most men that is)

    • stigma

      I watched this documentary on this site over a year ago and came back to watch it again but this site has turned to crap. Pop-ups everywhere and a bunch of videos (like this one) don’t even play anymore. It’s sad.