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    • Human Cloning

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      Cloning is a very controversial topic and for good reason. If you could essentially bring back a loved one from the dead by cloning them, would you? Perhaps you believe that when we pass on it because it our time and therefore you are against cloning as it goes against this theory. Regardless of your standpoint this documentary is rather interesting, as it showcases unnerving developments in this controversial procedure.

      In this documentary, Human Cloning the debatable topic surrounding cloning is showcased. In most countries the act of cloning embryos is considered a criminal offense, it is because of this that Dr. Panayiotis Zavos has apparently worked out of a secret laboratory in the Middle East where there is currently no ban on cloning. Throughout this film the practice of cloning will be examined.

      Human Cloning will reveal how Dr. Zavos has created cloned embryos from three dead people, inclusive of a 10-year old child who died in a car crash. He says grieving relatives have come to him requesting he make clones of their deceased loved ones. Dr. Zavos has apparently worked in secret to clone babies from four women.

      The film sheds light on a controversial topic, in which many feel are unethical. What do you think, would you go to these extreme lengths to clone your loved one?

      “There is Currently Only a Trailer Available For This Documentary”

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      Published on November 7, 2009 · Filed under: Biology, Environment
    • Jason

      ehh, not sure where i stand on this tbh, so ill take a back seat and watch either outcome

    • blah

      somebody clone megavideo and remove the annoying time limit

    • baaaaahahah

      loved the comment… finally some sense of humor in the comment section

    • thelastlaughisevil

      if i have a choice between playing god or playing devil i rather play devil >:p

    • b

      That really cool. I plan on becoming a doctor and would love to do stuff like that!

    • EDGE

      LOl i lol when the guy said he is a reverend and everyone else lol too in the film

    • Gaspar

      If god didnt want competition…he should have created some copyright laws related to his work content.These stuff happen when you leave your creating codes unlocked, lol. Its our monetary system , that rises ethic issues like creating superior races or all having equivalent opportunities (moneyyy) to resurrect our dead relative or clone our self. About Ethic rightness, I think opinions depend on the establishment and the education of the person.I guess, its a man made conceot that gives you the illusion of a excisting law, that bans others from doing something that you're afraid, mainly due to ignorance or known weaknesses of our society. On my behalf,I get really satisfied when I see the arrogant human being, replacing roles with the poor rats in the test labs. Its call equality between earthlings.

    • Nick

      My wife is ill now. I want to save her life, but it's impossible. So, I would be very happy to get the minimal chance to replicate her. I am understanding, that her clone will be my daughytdjpvj;yjter, not wife.

    • mace

      awsome stuff if they will beable to clone a human then cloning our own boby parts that got damaged or sick ,,,organs and limbs may not be to far off.

    • raidz

      That reverent from the Christian Defense thing is just a joke. He have no basic understanding of biology before attacking professionals in the field. If human cloning would result in 70% miscarriage or stillbirth (compared to 65% in a healthy reproductive women), then should a normal women who had an unsuccessful pregnancy be called a "disgrace" or "toying with human life"? under those similar rates, there are no difference in health/disability concerns between a normal pregnancy and a cloned pregnancy. He should address that the only thing different is the resulting identity of the baby.
      His arguments are not direct enough; they cross the lines of normal pregnancies and cloning…. people laugh at him but he thought those are kind expressions. How delusional a person can be. He is just a disgrace to human intelligence.