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    • Imagining the Tenth Dimension

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      Have you ever been curious what is between the third and eleventh dimension? Until today this was not something I had ever really put much thought into. This is a brief eleven minute video that attempts to explain these several dimensions. I must admit it does go fast so I had to watch it a couple of times. After viewing Imagining the Tenth Dimension a few times, I am far from a professional on dimensions. In fact I worry I have a long way to go and at least twenty more watches of this video.

      That being said, this brief documentary Imagining the Tenth Dimension is an interesting look at dimensions. This extraordinary video combines the use of line drawings and simple diagrams to attempt at giving viewers a better understanding of what it would be like to exist in some of the higher dimensions. As more and more lines are added and the dimensions get greater, it becomes more difficult to understand, or at least for me.

      Imagining the Tenth Dimension is a short but fun presentation that explains the philosophical and mathematical concepts of higher dimensions. This documentary is recommended for anyone looking for a challenging video and concept to understand.

      Part 1:

      Part 2:

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      Published on November 11, 2008 · Filed under: Cosmology, Physics
    • magasen23

      try watching the elegant universe first before watching this. this is awesome! great explanation, simple and concise! i also heard that stephen hawkin is building a new theory on black holes with this alternative universes in mind. i hope he succeeds. imagine a theoretical basis for time travel weeeee.(note: some practical concepts are from theories, like E=mc2 created the atomic bomb). i wanna see diosaurs in the future!

    • newgengamers

      The video is missing.

    • nelly

      my brain hurts :S

    • it realy tastes our intelligence ; regardless to we understand it or not.
      I wont recommend watching it . the only world i picked was dimension ,dimension, dimension……

    • scientific

      Richard Feynman: "If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you dont understand quantum mechanics".

    • Henrik

      This really helped me image a concept on the hyopthesis of string theory. As with quantum mechanics, I can't understand it, but now I can better imagine it. Thanks.

    • Tiago C.

      (5)movement(spacetime) and the rest becomes blurry, lol, but it seemed to me to be
      (6)One different possible outcome (or all possible outcomes for one single situation?) for something moving through the dimension where that outcome is one of the possible results,
      (7)all possible outcomes for all possible situations in our universe.

      So now this really becomes blurry….

      (8)One possible outcome (or all possible outcomes for one single situation?) for a universe moving in the 9th dimension (like us aging/moving through spacetime),
      (9)all possible outcomes for all possible situations for all possible universes.

      (10) and so, if I understood it correctly (wich I probably didnt) the 10th dimension shouldn't exist at all, because all possible things and all possible outcomes already exist in the 9th dimension. And then they treat the 10th dimension as dimension 0 ("a dot"), and
      like all other dimensions if it has nothing to relate to, then its "nothing" (wich in turn could make sense since "everything" is already contained in the 9th dimension).

      So the 10th dimension would be "The nothing" where "everything" can exist???? ???? (lol, yea you can laugh a little at this rant and no I'm not high…)

      But if thats the case…. HOW ABOUT the 11th dimension sugested in string theory????? Where the hell do we put that one?????? And if we can calculate that it does exist, then what, next to the 10th dimension?????Different "nothings"???????

    • Me

      I need to watch this an infinite number of times to understand it.

    • T-Dog

      My “flatland” brain just flat lined. I love this stuff! Thanks!