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    • Iran – Execution Of A Teenage Girl

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      Iran is estimated to be second to China regarding the amount of people that were executed in 2004. Should there be an age put in to place in which a person is too young to be executed? According to a signed agreement of the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights, Iran has vowed not to execute any person under the age of 18. However, there appears to be a loophole, as the clerical courts do not answer to parliament. They inside obey Ayatollah Khamenei, their religious supreme leader. This makes it almost impossible for human rights activists to call them to account.

      During the year of Atefah’s death, there were approximately 159 people executed following the Islamic law of the country based on the Sharia code. Sharia law has been Iran’s highest legal authority since the revolution. Sex outside of marriage is a capital crime in Iran, alongside murder and drug smuggling.

      When Atefah was executed in Neja, Asieh Amini, a journalist had heard rumours this young girl was merely 16 years of age. These rumours led to further investigations and when Asieh met with her family, both her birth and death certificate revealed she was born in 1988. This documentary, Iran: Execution of a Teenage Girl explores this case of execution, in which a 16 year old girl was executed. What crime had she committed that deserved such punishment?

      Part 1:

      Part 2:

      Part 3:

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      Published on November 27, 2008 · Filed under: Politics
    • malak

      it is simple horibile.i dont understand how could they killed a 16 old child.

    • kobe

      the idiot judge must be executed too.but anyway he'll be burn in hell forever someday he owed so many lives by hes brainless judgement.

    • muslims are dumb

      and muslims yes even ones that are not ignorant ignore the descrepancies in thier religion and holy book and they all are a bunch of animals

    • mu

      "muslims are dumb", the same would apply to Christians, Jews, Hindus, … simply by replacing "muslim" with "Christian" or "Jew" or "Hindu" or "Scientologist" … BTW, we're all animals, I don't see how a simple fact can be an insult.

      And if we let the Christian Fundamentalists run things we'd have the sort of barbaric nonsense going on over here.

    • 24

      Not all Muslims are “dumb” or any other group of people for that matter. It is a very dangerous thing to classify everybody into one group. There is no doubt throughout history religion has caused many wars and conflicts and will continue to do so. Calling people a bunch of animals is unfair, and what does that mean? We are all animals. The only difference between us and all other species is the size of our brain, which in turn can be a wonderful thing as well as a terrible thing. Man is capable of some terrible acts. One needs to understand the whole picture before classifying people into groups.

    • E.

      All people are the same, and all people are animals, and this is not an insult, but in my opinion a fact. All of us are capable of "good" and "bad" "smart" and "dumb". It doesn't matter what colour or religion, but humans can be a really scary animal indeed, and/or capable of understanding and compassion.

    • hajee killer

      Im fed up of the so called 'tolerant' muslims telling us not to classify them into a 'group' as there not all the same. OK, the reason why we classify you as the same is that the so called 'tolerant' ones never come out and condem the actions of the 'bad' ones. For Gods sake, the age of sexual consent in Iran for a women is 9 years old! The sooner we destroy your faith the better off humanity will be!


      This is clearly yet another piece of the usual propaganda crap that is being pushed down the throat of gullible people and racists. If anybody wanted to write about this case, if it really happened, then we should be allowed to read the Court Case proceedings and not the usual demonisation of a religion and a people.

      Why should that case be used to promote so-called western values? It is clear that whoever reported about it is not at all interested in the merits of the case. Where is the evidence of all the allegations made in the “documentary”?
      If in the West it is acceptable for a 13 year old girl to sleep with whoever or whatever she pleases, or for a teenager to mix freely with boys and go to bed with them, behave like a “gypsy girl”, “go out, drink, smoke, dance, party…”, why should this way of life be more acceptable than any other way of life or religion?

      It is perfectly acceptable for Christians, Jews, Communists, Atheists, Socialists, Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives, Humanists, Satanists to join the army and torture, murder and mass rape babies, infants, girls, mothers, grandmothers (Bosnia, Kosovo, Algeria, Germany (after WW II), Palestine, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and so on. If these heinous crimes are all acceptable in the eyes of most people in the West, why should they be accepted by the rest of the world?
      On a daily basis, Western armies are bombing Muslim countries, murdering young and old. Chinese, Russians and Indians have murdered and raped hundreds of thousands of Muslims. Now, if we really care for truth, freedom and justice, first let us get the facts right and not get emotional on reading propaganda! Who has a monopoly on good behaviour (apart from Jews and Zionists, of course!)?

      Every time the West plans to bomb a Muslim country, their media come up with all sorts of “human rights” abuses in order to prepare the mind of the people into accepting the horrendous crimes they are going to commit. They always demonise the Islamic Shar’ia, but Jews, Christians and Atheists lived under the Shar’ia for hundreds of years, and they were treated one million times better than under Western Communism, Socialism, Liberalism, Democracy, where even the wearing of a head scarf (France) or keeping a beard (India) becomes a crime punishable by law!

      In brief, if we want to know more about the fate of that poor 22 or 16 year-old “gypsy/fornicating/recidivist” girl, let us find out THE TRUTH about the case before we open our BIG MOUTH. We cannot have it both ways. Either she was abandoned by all including her own drug-addict father, in which case there is nobody grieving for her, or those who now pretend to be scandalised or concerned are only hypocrites and maybe even liars. After all, what evidence has been provided that the translations of the interviews are faithful?

      This reminds me of the myth espoused by the media and the masses for the past 8 years of 19 Arabs who took America off guard and successfully attacked her on 11 September 2001 murdering about 3,000 Americans and foreigners, a plan masterminded and executed by a fanatical Muslim who loves pork, prostitutes, lap dancing, vodka, and carries his Qur’an with him (vodka in one hand and Qur’an in the other!), pays with ‘his’ credit card, sows off in front of everybody, and forgets his Holy Book at the bar, and so on! Obviously it was a MOSSAD operative (usually perverts) and not a Muslim at all!

      It is a cowardly act to use this “documentary” to demonise a religion and a people.

      Ghyslaine ROC
      Thursday 28th of May 2009

    • me

      This is NOT a muslim vs. western perspective. This is, simply stated, a human rights/women's rights issue. This child was MURDERED for being raped – an inexcusable miscarriage of justice in any religion.

    • Yes, it's clearly primarily (but not only) a human rights issue. But it's also a power issue.

      That is, unless you're one of those like Ghyslaine ROC who insist on pushing an agenda with misdirection, misinformation, and hysteria. There appears to be very little but "straw man" and "red herring" fallacies of reasoning in Ghys' tirade. Thank goodness most countries have open public education systems and the press and speech freedoms that enable their people to learn critical thinking skills sufficient to spot such unreason and avoid being deceived by it. (And yes, it's too bad that more people don't apply those CT skills – to themselves as well as to others – regardless of where they're from.)

      Everyone has a bias and a perspective, and clearly this documentary-slash-reenactment has a point of view and an agenda. But based on its primary focus and the time it spends on various subjects, it's clearly meant primarily to be about fundamental human rights, the rule of law, and the unfortunate plight of one girl killed for the "crime" of being raped repeatedly and having her plight institutionally ignored (until her case became too troublesome, whereupon she was disposed of).

      If the documentary's point appears to be anti-hardline Iranian or anti-Islamic, if people miss its primary human-rights and human-interest focus and think that the video is mainly about promoting anti-Muslim sentiment, then maybe all of us viewers should should ask ourselves what factors permeate the subject society and government so fully that such an interpretation is so difficult for everyone to avoid. Could it have anything to do more broadly with power and its abuses?

      A statistical analysis (see website link) of Iran's recent (2009) elections reveals the improbability of a fair election, with more than 100% of the people in certain districts voting for the incumbent. The irregularities are reminiscent of gerrymandering that has happened in other regimes, such as Mugabe's Zimbabwe, when the ruling party will do practically anything to hold on to power. (And if the people can't be controlled… well, then maybe they'll be killed, such as in Tiananmen Square 20 years ago.) If there is so little accountability in the elections, in the judicial system, in the police forces … what then?


      There are larger questions here that should concern _all_ people: questions of power and its abuses; questions of accountability and the unbiased rule of law; questions of fundamental human dignity and integrity. We have to have the courage to ask the tough questions of _all_ of our political institutions, not just those that we feel we disagree with. I invite Ghys and others to participate in this critical endeavor.

      If we can get past the tirades and fallacies, and work toward having more open dialogue, perhaps all sides will understand each other better, and we can hope to find some common ground some day soon.

      (In case the link to the statistical analysis news story doesn't post accessibly, see:

    • Godwin

      It is unfortunate that such a thing would happen to a young bright girl with a future of her own. May her soul rest in peace. There is only one thing I can say about the situation in sharia states and that is Anarchy. God is no longer a spirit but a man. The worst of it being the manipulation when an innocent life is at stake. Religious intolerance, Dictatorship and terrorism are all the same, I guess the war on terror has not yet began and will not be won by guns and bombs but by the awakening of the mind and the strong desire for freedom of life and expression.

    • J.

      I am horrified.

    • Jake Hennesy

      We need Iranian Chastity Laws in USA!!!

      In the USA we have thousands of young teenage girls knocked up by horny niggers every day. If we executed the pervert black men who commit these crimes….then teenage pregnancy and STDs would be dramatically reduced.

      Instead we let the black brothers rape, sodomize, kill, murder, steal, and spread drugs at will…..causing millions of dollars of loss – not to mention the human cost.

    • eli

      yeah, that's pretty narrow minded.

    • allisson

      Why arent we at war these pukes? or why cant we just adopt the country and put some of our over crowded peoples over there and train themin law. REAL LAW AND JUSTICE. i prey for this girls soul and family

    • OP

      we dont have the money for that where already fuckin around with 3!!! + yemen now countries were fighting 3 countries at once your the type of fail american that gets us in this shit

    • jimmy

      im 53 man and would never wont to live my life again wen you can see whote others do to each other god help us all

    • robertm

      The sleep of reason shall bring forth monsters.

    • Robbyou

      In response to the ignorant ramblings of Ghyslaine ROC:
      I wish I could say I am sad for your miseducation and obvious closemindedness; however, I am not. I am Glad that your culture stays dusty and third world far away from reason and civility. Your views are stereotypical of the delusion that your religion angrily supports. I am glad the majority of the world looks at the Muslim religeon as the currupt and hypocritical ramblings and dictates that they are. You are a young religeon though. Someday you will grow up into a real religeon or fail like scientology.

    • Brandon

      I would like to first clarify that Iran and the middle east was once a hub for all the science and math of the ancient world. They created algebra, understood the earth was round and that the stars were balls of gas. Humanity is the real monster, humanity created religion to oppress and control. All religion is hateful, loving, and a whole host of other contradictions. You guys remember the crusades? Yeah, this doc demonstrates the love and tolerance of god.

    • Dave

      I totally agree with you. This documentary totally horrified me. A young girl was put to death because a taxi driver raped her. The Muslims are a brutal religion who hate women, gay people and non believers. Their religion is sadistic hateful and its totally alien to our traditions in the west. My heart is heavy about the murder of this young girl. I feel sickened.


      Anyone that has animosity towards Muslims on this discussion board should take a couple steps back. I’d like to ask those certain individuals a question, what makes your religion superior over another individuals? Whether it be Jewish, Hindi, Buddhism, Catholicism? The answer is, it’s not, no one’s is. You can never judge religion, in fact, you should never judge period. When you try and judge another culture through the eyes of your own media that’s saying something in it’s self. It’s saying, “hmm, i can’t think for myself so I should let my perfect government tell me what to believe, or what’s right vs what’s wrong”. Well guess what, all government is corrupt. If this is surprising news to you then that’s unfortunate. If you choose to be ignorant and believe only what you hear and not what you see then that is your sad choice, but don’t go rambling on message boards like you know how the world works when you don’t know jack shit. PEACE