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    • Jihad TV

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      Video footage of smiling suicide bombers, missile attacks and beheadings has become as important a weapon as plastic explosives and guns both in the war in Iraq and in al-Qaeda’s global jihad against the West. The jihadis have seized on the power of broadband Internet and their message cannot be silenced.

      Paul Eedle, an Arabic-speaking journalist who has reported Islamic movements since the 1980s and monitored al-Qaeda’s internet sites since 9/11, investigates the jihadi propaganda machine and its impact on young Arabs – and young Muslims in the UK.

      Part 1:

      Part 2:

      Part 3:


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      Published on September 27, 2008 · Filed under: Religion
    • Joe

      This is a great documentary. It really exemplifies the real reason for war…..RELIGION. Take all your "religions" and shove it!! This is reason we will NEVER have world peace.

    • Aaron

      Islam is a dangerous religion. They use our values against us. They kill innocent people and call it a defense against armies. They have always attacked us and call for our deaths even before Iraq, Afghanistan.

    • mace

      9-11 was fabricated so the rich and powerful could profit from weapon sales and oil and the CiA could resume their control of opium in afghanistan. The more i watch about the USA and Isreals war the more i realize they might as well just use the old WW2 bombs to kill inocent people. I am a white Canadian born and raised .. and actually agree that people have a right to defend their country against powerful profiteers..Bush was a puppet of the corpirations like any US president.

    • Ken

      I have visited to most extreme dangerous radicalized group of christian seperatists on the planet. GREAT FOLKS! I had to drive an up-armored humvee cause the Amish are known for IED's. Does europe have Amish or where the hunted like the jews were.

    • dwyane shaw

      You're a complete idiot. I grew up on a farm, and we regularly did work for the Amish (like chopping thier silage or baleing their hay).

      The only thing "extreme" about the Amish is their belief in living simply without the trappings of modern society, and their firm belief in forgiveness.

      To call these people "dangerous radicals" merely demonstrates that you, like most Christians, make up your facts as you go – and conveniently ignore facts that don't fit your dogma's

      The "most extreme dangerous radicalized group of Christians are the KKK (and other white supremesists) You may not agree that they are Christian but they claim to be, just as radical arabs claim to be Muslim

      There are too many "dangerous radicalized Christian groups" to list..But the Catholic Church, that says its better for people to die of aids than give them condoms(while molesting children), certainly qualifies.

      Another contender would be the Evangelical Christians that continually supported Bush and his bloody wars. That actually argue about when and whether torture is acceptable. That 'seriously' debate how much pain and discomfort can be inflicted on a human being before it becomes criminal (CHRISTIANS ARE DEBATING THIS!!!!!)

      If you want to go around spouting nonsense that displays your idiocy to the world, I can't stop you. But, I suggest you attempt to make valid points if you don't want me to expose how ridiculous you and your statements are

    • Larry

      Blowin your self up is against the Islamic religion yet these people do it in the name of Allah aint that crazy?

    • Majid

      Terrorists are not the representatives of Islam. They could be anyone. In today’s world, they are a booming business like any mafia. Buying weapons from the US itself. Al Qaeda kill in the name of Allah, while the US kills in the name of Democracy, while China kills in the name of Communism, Israel kills in the name of the Old Testament. Anyone can kill innocent people, but which group can be labeled a terrorist, in these days, its Muslims because most of them are living in poor countries, so we think “whats the worst they can do?we kill them legally while they do it illegally, we have the upper hand” THIS IS WHATS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD TODAY.

    • Preso

      Defending your land or your country, doesn’t qualify a person as terrorist.the real point is,the definition of terrorist,who is terrorist? ..the media after 911,always tabloyed Islam as a terrorist religion, am not sure! is not the religion,but epople within the religion..this is just a propaganda of western capitalst,profiteers.Am not a Musilm,but defending the human rights!everyone have the right to be free and enjoy the peace and liberty.killing in the name of so called democracy is criminal,like a musilm killing innocent people,or soldiers killing people. is not matter of religion,but individual’s one.Inquisition, do you remember..? Catholic church killed in the name of the religion..Hitler killed in the name of pure race,or white racist supremacy,idiocy..non-sense!!peace is the result of love and respect of each other! think!killing in the name of democracy,what a ….?!the global capitalism,clash of culture,class division that is all about, the mother of all problems.

    • Awesome blog by the way. To increase your views, I would change up your H1 tags though, but thats just an opinion. If you get the chance check out my blog and see how I done my H1 tags.

    • Naven

      Muslims are crazy bastards..the world needs a strong leader to clear this crap off!!

    • Tiago C.

      You miss Hitler then ?

    • joe g.

      After reading some of the other viewers’ comments, I can’t help but think that the angry rhetoric against Islam is just as detrimental as the jihadists’ propaganda. Look, it is quite apparent that these young people are driven to these extremist groups out of feelings of isolation and a rebellious desire to buck a system that they feel discriminates against them. Whether these feelings of discrimination are justified or not, they are very real to the people that feel them (hence the beheadings and explosions). Before we speak brazenly about the entirety of Islam, we should acknowledge the following facts: Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, and there are nearly as many Muslims in the world as there are Christians. Statistically, therefore, these radical bastards represent a negligible part of the entire religion. Do we really want to justify the insane claims of these psychos by chastising all of Islam?? Lumping every Muslim in with these fringe lunatics does nothing to resolve this growing problem, and in fact actually aids the jihadists’ cause. something to think about.