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    • Robbyou

      Why, why, why does someone always bring religion into a discussion which has nothing to do with religion? Why not ask, “I noticed that you didnt mention your thoughts on GOATS andwhere they fit into it. Could you talk a little bit about GOATS? But instead of laughing the question off as irrelevent, time was wasted once again in clouding the issues with imaginary cloud people who act to interfere with our lives here on terra ferma. This is NASA people! Come on… personal opinions on faith should have NO PLACE in scientific discussion.

    • Jason

      The question itself was irrelevant. Your comment about “imaginary cloud people,” however, betrays a stunning lack of attention and an eagerness to mischaracterize ideas. This really has no place in advancing science as an enterprise.

    • Robbyou

      The question was completely irrelevant, that was the point of the comment. I do not go to Sunday mass and ask the priest his opinion on Gravity, because it is not the place for it. There is no lack of attention here, and the eagerness was to promote my point with a bit of sarcasm, not to mischaracterize ideas… I will leave that up to organized religion

    • Andrew

      I think it’s people like oyu that give science a bad name to people who are smart enough to understand it’s principles but still enjoy having spiritual beliefs.

      The question may not have been relevant to you, but it WAS relevant to the man who asked it. He saw a chance to get a very intelligent persons take on an issue that’s close to what he was talking about. He was simply asking if the information this scientist had learned over the years had either encouraged or discouraged a personal belief in a supreme being.

      Alot of intelligent people still have spiritual beliefs that do not fit into the “box” that many people fit their disbelief into, and they understand that in order to be more realistic they need to understand how the existing data effects their beliefs.

      The scientist answered in the best way he could and showed that he respected the person asking the question instead of being an asshole and just shrugging him off. Is that how you’d like to be treated? Arrogance in belief is what you fight against, yet you still perpetuate it in your own field of vision.

      take a step back and examine your own position.

    • Robbyou

      My position is clear. The question had no more bearing on the lecture than asking his thoughts on the flying spaghetti monster. I dont feel it would be being an asshole if he told the spaghetti monster questioner that it had no relevance. You can hold all the sriritual beliefs you want, I just request that you keep them to yourself. Especially in a forum which has no place for the question. If I have a question for a priest, I would ask in an appropriate forum, which did not force others to be subjected to it

    • (just a) FROG on the LOG

      In a way,Robbyou, I can understand what Andrew is saying. For many people there is a thin line between religion & science. If they are not allowed to question how their beliefs may, or may not, fit into that field of scientific fact, then how will they know if what they have believed on the basis of faith is correct or not? Maybe it depends on the underlying reason the question is asked in the first place. Is the person seeking a better understanding of their world, or are they just looking for an opporotunity to shove their religion down other peoples throats? Its the latter that I, and I think you, can’t stand. Am I right?
      (but I do understand the point YOU are making and would tend to agree with you on it)

      BTW – your very first comment totaly cracked me up! GOATS – thats hillarious!

    • robbyou

      Alright, I give on this one. It was one question and should not pour a bad shadow on an otherwise informative lecture. You bring the clarity of reason to a clouded reaction.
      So, yah…. Thanks about the goat thing…. I have a Bacon theory as well that makes its point equally well. It stems from the fact that bacon is delicious, and goes on to end in the theory of everything.