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    • Kymatica

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      Evolution is a term to define only one organism and that’s the self. The self is the universe, the self is the alpha and omega, god, and infinity, and that’s the only thing that evolves because we are all part of the self. Nothing goes through an evolutionary process alone or without direct benefit to the whole. So when you begin to think that there’s this controlling elite, this controlling hand behind the curtains leading the planet to destruction.

      When you think the end is near, the apocalypse, Armageddon, and when you think we as a species are doomed, it is not they, it is you that brought this about, and for a very good reason. You are evolving. Stop blaming everybody and everything else. Quit panicking about global tyranny and natural disaster and pay attention, because the world is telling you something; it’s tell you exactly what is wrong with you and how to fix it.

      As with all mystery / conspiracy docs, don’t forget to take it with a grain of salt. Consider the documentary food for thought, and discuss what you think…

      please share:
      Published on January 28, 2010 · Filed under: Mystery, Conspiracy
    • Robbyou

      I am sure this is all fine and good information, however the music and droning narrator is a cure for insomnia

    • Drake


    • Nick

      Not scientific, just cosmic garbage…

    • SonyAD

      Utter poppycock.

    • Charles

      I lol'd.

    • harq

      Annoyingly stupid.

    • d hill


    • Aaron

      Some very small slivers of interesting facts burried under a pile of garbage and an enoying voice. You could talk about anything with this music and voice and make it sound deep and significant.

    • Tiago C.

      Actually this doc passes on a very interesting concept wich I, for one, had already given some thought too. Only problem is that it is trying to "sell" it too literally in my opinion.

      We can see some similar things in smaller situations, like group conscience, as for example in bird flocks or fish schools, but maybe it can hit another note when you see it happen to human beings aswell, for example in mobs or anywhere a large group of people seem to behave in a pattern that's not being generated by any of the individuals alone, and for all I know, that process is so unaware of itself as the people that make part of it are. Nevertheless that process seems to be able to affect the individuals as much or more than the individuals can affect it. And we can see it (and feel it if we're part of it) in for example, individual emotions getting heightened by this group process even though the individual would not act or feel in such a way if he was alone.
      These situations often end up creating a "mob" or group, that acts like a conscience even though none of the individuals is actually responsible for alone and therefore none of them can control it alone.

      If you could get yourself far out enough and look back at mankind, you could actually see consciousness even if you don't see individuals. In this sense you can see people are very similar to cells in fact.

      What this doc is trying to "sell" is to see even from a further distance, to a point where you completly loose sight of the individual role and only see the big result.

      About the result being conscious of itself or not I'm not so sure but on the other hand how conscious are we about the cells that make our bodies, and how conscious are them about us?

    • this is no film..! this is an essay. and though it started of promising, it grew very, very tiresome…

    • casey

      Two and half minutes into this film they claim "Oxygen accumulated in the early atmosphere making way for organic compounds. This spawned single cell organisms."


      Get a biology book dumb ass!

    • Daggle Willis

      WOW! I had no idea how little interest I could have in something! This vid really spits out a prodigous amount of ridiculous verbal diarrhea.

    • Gravius

      "The organism called earth" rofl.. This is for retards

    • Ana S.

      Wow, this guy obviously never took even a basic biology class. "you are evolving… we all are evolving" What a dumb F**k. Individuals do not evolve, even if they change along with a bunch of other organisms at the same time. They ADAPT!!! What an idiot.

      Seriously, this video presents faulty statements with dramatic background music with the hopes that someone who knows very little to nothing about biology might be convinced.

    • Phatz

      Is this guy serious? Schmuck!

    • Phatz

      Gee, and I thought LIFE made our O2. I cant watch anymore of this tripe.

    • Andreas

      This is a biased opinion because I did not manage to watch this stuff for more than 20 minutes. This smattering of natural sciences, religion and philosophy makes it hard to watch longer. It is not a documentary unless you are on drugs

    • mowrow

      I really am quite happy at how this documentary has been received on this site. intelligent ppl really do exist!

    • joe

      I feel that if you approach this film with the conventional objective knowledge of the natural sciences you fail to appreciate its
      profound implications.

    • jennifer

      he needs to look up and understand the proper definitions for "evolve" and "adapt". then he needs to visit a biology 101 class…

    • Bahez

      Man, w t f is this?
      Seriously? What The F is this?

      I think the writer of this doc. was a hippie that had to much acid

      Science 4 Life!

    • Saint Narcissus

      I'm disappointed that you've posted something this frivolous. I interviewed the filmmaker regarding his band and I was curious where his concepts come from. I was encouraged that he mentioned real philosophers like Kierkegard and others…then watched some Michael Tsarion and realized this is a kid who has spent days watching Michael Tsarion "teaching" among a few other internet phenomenon quacks, and has simply – and I'll admit artfully – turned it into a manifesto-sounding film which is just a soup of postmodern internet-subculture esoteric ideas.

    • Austin

      ok a lot of people need to take there own advice and look up evolve a word I might add in existence before the theory of evolution. develop with gradual changes. Second off there is legal advice in this documentary that is true and I feel important to all but to each there own. FYI no one is right about everything but to just bash something and not even watch it all pan out is bias. Always consider the counter point.

    • Avatar

      to understand the real meaning of this doc u need to see (as I do) all other docs regarding Quantum Physic all these new ideas of what we believe , ALL THE IMPLICATIONS of these new discoveries that r currently emerging.

      So u need to dump all those old texbooks of old science and old laws and rewrite em again into something thats not yet written.

      Science as we speak is touching all these mumbo jumbo theories, these esotheric laws and noticing it could be real. If you can understand that then ur prepared to understand this foc otherwise ur another OLD SCIENCE TEXTBOOK.

    • pete

      I'm usually a skeptic on stuff like this, but i thought it was very well done. From a philosophical level its pretty damn interesting and has a lot of valid points, new and unique concepts as well. I suggest people watch this with an open mind, some of the vibration stuff, "being at one with the universe" and all that shouldn't be taken to seriously i think its more of a metaphor than fact.

      FOR THE RECORD: I hate "what the bleep do we know" but Love Kymatica…… go figure…

    • gesi ma

      A beautiful artistic documentary from a philosophical perspective of a young man! Let's not worry about the exactness of scientific and religious data (though many data are accurately presented); and let's enjoy the courageous and passionate effort of one of us. In spiritu et veritate.

    • Darren Willis

      People actually posted positive comments? You know what that means… The internet is officially over, pack it up and go home gentlemen.

    • Darren Willis

      Does anyone here know who Leonard Horowitz is? He's a delusional dentist who believes that the U.S. government created AIDS to cleanse the earth of black people, H1N1 vaccines are intended to render muslims sterile, and a host of other ridiculous nonsense. A citation of his works is well placed in this film.

    • paulo

      First of all i apologize for my english. Darren,wake up…Its not about leonard horowitz, its about believing in something that can bring about new paradigms to help the human race finding new ways in life. This stories about AIDS might not be true, but it is true for sure that the US government is creating bigger diseases than AIDS, such as war for power everywere, killing much more than AIDS ever did or ever will,with no sense of justice, just greed. And its fair to speculate about their ethnic orientation(vietnam, japan, middle east, incredible history of racism…),but it might be a coincidence… Its up to us to face the facts and to give a chance to new possibilities. And, in such a powerfull appeal wich is made to MAN in Kimatyca,choosing to focus in such a small part of it, when you have there important and true information(true to the common sense), is to show a very narrow view of the whole documentarie. "The greatest discovery in life its not to find new landscapes, but to find new eyes" .

    • Tiago C.

      Paulo you might have to explain that quote.
      I think many people here won't understand it.

    • R peters

      g8 doc this infomation is helping me o see my own power and truth thank for your help

    • Yagisanatode

      May need to take more than a grain of salt for this Doco. Nice articulate Doco but sadly the correlations alluded to here are a little absurd.

    • atilla

      A nice experiance…. things we don´t want to believe or regect in the name of "science" is often our own ego stating what is true and not true.. What we are willing to give a chance… I keep my mind open and try not to judge,, because what do I know..

    • 0m

      i have a LOT of beef with this documentary. first of all, what he's describing is a philosophical belief known as "solipsism". and while it could be considered plausible, there's no real proof to cause anyone to consider that this is a true fact. he also says something quite misguided towards the end about animal cruelty, and about the people who feel angered by images and clips of people harming animals, how he thinks they're "dangerous". i won't get into it, but although there are a lot of good points here and i know he means well, he comes across as quite a hypocrite, and i've been reading up on a lot of the "science" he talks about, and much of it is simply articulate speculation. exactly like he says towards the end of this video, you can choose whether or not to "believe" the things he's saying. while much of it is indeed true, at least about how people have lost touch with their true selves and how modern society has served to sever our tie to nature, do your research and read the opinions of real scientists before jumping to conclusions.

    • Third Thumb

      Having had pets, various fishes and dogs, since I was 4 years old. Being their stewart, assumming godship over them; feeding, bathing, etc…just like a well established government.
      Now, after being educated by this film, I now understand that these creatures need to be set free, to serve themselves and the earth.

      Only problem is in a simple term:
      They're domesticated!!!

    • Dan Rivers

      I found this to be a beautifully made documentary,
      Its very easy to ridicule what we don’t understand, or what we cant explain.
      You don’t need to try and change the world, you just need to take responsibility for your own life.

      peace & love

    • infinite8

      To the people bashing this video your the reason it was made in the first place, the world is not what it seems and we need more people like this guy and scientist trying to figure it out, no more money, lies, deception. i do not believe in god, but i do believe in energy and experience it all the time, the teachings of the bible are a good way to live but it’s really inside the person that makes it possible. open your eyes and mind and see the bigger picture, and don’t let fear be your guide, we came in on different ships but we are all on the same bout now.

    • nolan

      as this trail of comments clearly shows, some of us will make this transition far more soundly than others. some folks and their opinions. tragic, really, that so many people jump to the chance to defend a paradigm obsolete, so many just can’t see the world as it is. we really like to think our ideas and opinions matter, i’m using ‘we’ liberally here, i mean you, the jackasses who had to write some mindless comment deeming the film ‘unscientific’ ‘poppycock’ and the like. so many comments about the music or the narrators voice, are we really that daft? if you fail to see truth and meaning here, well, you fail to see. it’s disheartening to watch such a well done doc and then see the trail of moronic comments. if you lend some thought to this, it is exactly those people who have such little and such unintelligent things to say, who allow such to perpetuate. the most remain blind to what they are afraid to see. you, (jackasses again): you validate these ideas by your own words, it is clear. take a look at the spread, the thoughtfulness of some, the self-important idiocy of others. we can see here a bifurcation line, those able and those unable to adapt…evolve…change, whatever word you use to illustrate what is happening. there are older concepts, from a people far less conditioned into propagandized, a single character of which describes the whole of the situation perfectly, we don’t use those languages or writing styles anymore.
      really tho folks, i guess it’s no help to call people names and fuel an argument, but you people aren’t really stupid, we all should know that by now, you are afraid. afraid of change, afraid of the reality we are waking up to. afraid of losing the ground beneath you feet. it’s alright, it’s natural, just start paying attention, maybe, and you can catch up to and be part of the change we are experiencing. it’s ignorance and fear that hold us back, the sleeping masses are, to be sure, the greatest asset of those who hold the illusory modes of power, wealth, control. it’s like walking in a leper colony sometimes, trying to convince folks they are sick. they’ve just gotten used to their skulls decaying and losing body parts, it’s just ‘the way it is’.
      wake up folks. you are defending the very construct that binds you to those unfulfilling cycles of trivial existence, i think you know what i mean…

    • Revenge Of The Pith

      OMG…I’m exhausted reading all of your fascinating and erudite commentary. To the contrary among us. As required in academia please “Show Your Work”. Procure a camera, a computer with editing software as well as a nut sack and produce some product. This fine gentleman has done just that. And for that contribution I for one among a few here applaud him most vociferously. I would like to echo and second my little known and very esteemed colleague “gesi ma”…”Lets enjoy the courageous and passionate effort of one of us.” “In Spiritu Et Veritate” In conclusion i must CRY OUT ! “Semper Fidelis Ut Causa Cinis” “Carpe Diem” AND Lest ye forget. Uuh…”Caveat Emptor”

      Good Night And Good News.