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    • Nina Jablonski breaks the illusion of skin color (lecture)

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      Nina Jablonski, who wrote the book called “Skin: A Natural History”, talks about how our skin color is our body’s way of adapting to the kind of climate we are explosed to. The climate varies in levels of UV exposure, for one thing, and her viewpoint is a unique take on the history of mankind.

      In this talk, she also says that Charles Darwin have disagreed with her theory, and Nina Jablonski defends, it’s because he doesn’t have any access to the facilities of NASA to clearly see what she meant.

      The author and the speaker currently teaches at Penn State’s Anthology Department tackling the subjects Primatology, Skin and Bio Cultural Evolution.

      Some of her work includes the following:

      • Primate evolution, ¬†or the study of Old World primate lineages, especially tarsiers, monkeys, apes, and humans.
      • Evolution of human skin and skin coloration, where she draws up data on human anatomy, physiological make-up, paleontological and epidemiological history.
      • Evolution of hominid bipedalism, where she studies the relation of human behavior with bipedal posture and locomotion.
      • Mammalian paleoecology, where she examines the history of mammalian herbivores and its evolution.

      This video is of her appearance on TED Talks.

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      Published on April 5, 2010 · Filed under: Biology, Environment, Health, Nature, Science, Technology
    • Albert

      I give her props for covering a somewhat controversial topic.

    • Abdullahi

      hehe…This would be a good one. also thought same.

    • Abdullahi

      Dont totally agree with her but it has some truth in it.

    • Al

      This lady is bonkers, vitamin D you can get in a tablet. There goes evolution theory out the window. Also humans species around the world have a heterogeneous population of minorities that thrive in climates that there skin tone is not fit for.

    • Heather

      thumbs up to you!

    • Aramawi

      ok so in your understanding because man has been able to replicate Vitamin D in the form of a pill, this invalidates the entire theory of evolution as rubbish to be thrown out the window?

    • Tula

      so this is it than? When say a white person from Canada goes to Africa and comes back with a tan, is that the skin creating more darker pigmentation as a form of natural sun screen? This makes a whole lot of sense to me. I like it!

      But what about the hair? It’s not so much the same?

    • nemo

      Hereditary’s still a factor but all you need to prove what she said is to start going out and be in the sun a little more. You will eventually get a semi permanent tan. Can you imagine when your ancestors spent their entire lives in a very sunny place? That affects the future generations. Some generations get lighters as the time passes away from the sun. Just notice the blacks in the US. They are getting slightly lighter. I saw meetings with american blacks and african blacks and the mayority were a lot lighter. If this continues for a very long time some may change eventually to become whiter. Another method is race mixing. Check the Australian plan to get rid of black people in the movie Rabbit-Proof Fences. They wanted to mix them with white people because after the 3rd generation all black color disappears. Just check it out. Remember this happens over a long time.

    • nostirele

      Generally the theory of evolution is so nearsighted that most of the claims are nothing more than notions to reality. If we came from the apes or monkeys, why didn’t the monkeys evolve? Why do we still have unicellular organisms that have been around almost since the begining of life on the planet, why didn’t they evolve? History of life is actually very short. Don’t start telling me that this happened over billions and billions of years ago. Remember that our sun is only 4.5 billion years old and life barely began recently and the earth will continue to be inhabited only for a fraction of the life of our sun. After that earth will be either swallowed by the sun or scorched. Evolution is hogwash and the only plausible part of evolution that makes real sense is adaptability and that’s all. The rest of the theory is probably as credible as the Little Mermaid to most educators. Maybe the theory has room for the literature department and that’s all.

    • Robbyou

      you have heard of the concept of branches along the evolutionary trail right? I mean if everything was perfect already we would all be sliming or crawling or walking along as the same creature. We evolved to not be fish, but some fish liked just being fish.

    • Spartacus

      that’s because of human migration. also, define “thrive”. vague comment

    • Spartacus

      dude, read a book, we dint come from apes and monkeys, and apes and monkeys DID evolve.

      …why bother. your right, we were made out of clay.

    • Spartacus


    • Spartacus

      more simple theories to complex questions from TED.
      what about the world’s axis being different when humans were evolving and first migrating? oh well, she got funded pretty good for a topic that always interests the sheep.
      what about mutations being a factor? so many holes in her theory.
      sure climate was a factor, but so was mutation, human migration , and genetics of human individual that procreated at eigher levels than others. what if Genghis Khan was darker? 10-20% of asians would be significantly darker today with their trait having little or no correlation to UV index of their area.
      why do i bother with TED?

    • Robbyou

      I am not sure what your point is?

    • don’t suffer fools

      @al vitamin D was not available when the evolution of skin colour was taking place!

    • don’t suffer fools

      p.s. In tablet form

    • trezz101

      What you wrote is hogwash. Your understanding of evolution is extremely nearsighted. Let me guess, creationism is a much better explanation in your opinion. And the bible was actually written by “god”, right?. You make me laugh. And then you go on to saying most educators disagree with evolution. If that’s the case, they are not real educators. They must be the idiots that taught you.

      Like the other guy said “Read a book”. And the bible dosn’t count because it’s as credible as the little mermaid.