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    • Parrots, The Universe & Everything Else

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      Author of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and one of the best selling authors from Britain, Douglas Adams is featured in his video, which had been recorded at the University of California, Santa Barbara. This is apparenlty one of his last appearances, before his death in 2001.

      Douglas Adams talks about his observations of some of the world’s most extraordinary creatures and animatedly shares his hilarious accounts and encounters with it.

      The Aye-Aye: “I was a monkey looking at a lemur. And you suddenly think, there is a huge amount of history to this moment that we don’t think—we don’t realise—we carry around with us. Our roots in this planet go back an awfully awfully awfully long way, and we don’t tend to think about that very much. And it takes a confrontation like this to suddenly realise how sort of broad and deep your family goes. So I thought, well this is terribly interesting.”

      The Komodo Dragon: “They don’t actually eat you sort of straight out, they don’t sort of lunge at you and just gobble you up. They sort of sneak around and they come and give you a bit of a bite. Because their saliva is so virulent that your wound would not heal and after a while you will die.”

      He has had other encounters with several exotic animals, and you will find his stories really amusing in this video.

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      Published on September 29, 2009 · Filed under: Biology, Environment
    • eek

      Douglas Adams is in another dimension now, just over your left shoulder, only visible to ketchee lemurs and remains, I imagine, every bit as charming and entertaining as in life, if not quite as corporeal.

    • Calavera357

      Adams is a briliant man and the world is very sorry not to have him here to help us through the eco-mess we are still in. His words are very powerful in these highly political days of global climate change.

    • Thanks for this post

    • Flich

      This is a wonderful talk given by a truly fabulous author and person, and it saddens me to no end that there will not be another one. :(

    • dwyane shaw

      brilliant. anyone with a functioning and inquisitive brain cannot help but love Adams.

      A few years ago, it occurred to me that Adams, in addition to being a genius himself, is the comedian of academic experts. As one reads various books and watches assorted films, we find that Adams is often quoted by scholars; followed by a mischevious chuckle.

      His books are exceptional. But, I must admit, some of the humor can sneak up on me a few pharagraphs on – which often makes me wonder how much nuance I am missing

    • dwyane shaw

      Ever notice that, while it is often difficult to remember where you misplaced your keys, or your wallet (or your towel)- we never, despite claims to the contrary, loose the electric bill.

      We know that 'energy is conserved', and E=MC2 tells us that everything is energy. But I still loose socks in the dryer.

      However, in one of those cosmic book-keeping anomalies that attempts to rectify the bottom line, I found this book (Last Chance To See) two or three weeks before I found this video; while engaging in my hobby of ransacking thrift store bookshelves.

      I would say that, after watching the video, one doesn't nesaccarily need to read the book. But I still recommend reading it, there are a few unexposed gems to be found.