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    • Penis Size Insecurity by Men

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      Men can never talk about the size of their penis with anyone. It’s been always a taboo topic, as men are not comfortable with his, as much as talking about body hair, muscles, beer guts and other body parts.

      There are also countless of products in the market, and online, that seem to suggest that a bigger penis is better.

      It’s been said that man’s obsession with his penis size dates back to ancient times. There have been ancient drawings that shows proof of this, and it’s not really difficult to see why it’s so important to the male population. The thing that this documentary explores is the lengths that men actually go to do something about their penis. What makes them try the latest drug or consult for enhancements? Do size really matter? And how attached is man when it comes to self-esteem, with the size of his penis?

      This documentary takes a closer look at the psychology of men in relation to their penis. It features a few men who willingly talked about their body and present some problems that they have to deal with.

      “This Documentary is Currently Not Available From the Director”

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      Published on August 22, 2008 · Filed under: Lifestyle, Society
    • Lisa

      I know this was filmed in a lighthearted way, but it does highlight men's shyness about their genitalia.

      Women come in all shapes and sizes, so do men, we should all appreciate our differences.

      Size makes no difference as far as I'm concerned, it's how you relate to the one your with.

      Congratulations to all that participated in this documentary, it was very courageous of you, I hope more men can be as candid and open-minded about their bodies.

    • Jackie

      I love this video. It is so refreshing. I agree with the previous comments 100%! We let the media dictate how our bodies should look to be sexy. But we need to learn to love our bodies. That's what makes a man or woman sexy!

    • PenileElation

      I just did something I hadn't done in years. I measured. I'm 3 inches flaccid and 5.5 inches erect. I never had a problem with my size growing up. Even after watching porn it was no big deal. Only after dating a couple of women who criticized my size did I develop a complex about it. This movie helped me. Thank you.

    • kas

      very nice docu.
      *snaps 4inch chap*

    • Tom

      Ha ha! Loved this one! There definitely needs to be more love for penises out there. I think porn has alot to do with screwing up our perception of sex. Down with porn, and up with love! 5 flacid inches!

    • Andrew

      I've been having a problem with this for who knows how long. This video really does let in some insight that I've been searching for online. Thank goodness for this video it really makes a difference and helps and maybe I can someday be o.k. with my body.

    • Nicholas

      As a 20 year old male, being gay, I have seen alot of different penises. I have never once dated a guy that I thought was the same size or smaller than me. Because of this, I have ALWAYS had a complex about myself. This video has helped me realized that no matter what size penis you have, the insecurities never really fade, which in turn helps my complex fade. Very interesting video. I want to see more!

    • d-madd

      being a 41 year old american male who also is gay i feel that while i may may a small penis it works and i believe i'm happy.. my partner and I penn have been together for 4 years and have had no problems with my size..

    • 24

      Great documentary, find this guy refreshing, in that he confronts his insecurity and deals with it. The fact he makes a documentary on it with the BBC is even more amazing. He is encouraging people, and in this case men, that it is okay to be who you are, and I think talking about it is the best way to deal with these issues that make us feel inadequate. It is nice to see that men have issues too and not just women. Men maybe can understand now how women suffer as well. Media focuses on that all the time and is in your face daily, creating insecurites that plague you for years. With this documentary, it encourages men, and I hope others, to accept yourself for who you are, it makes for less suffering!

    • average bloke

      this movie was so typical of life. The guy who created it really did a justice and had such a good penile attidude. Still i couldnt believe what that lady in california said how she could never marry a guy because he had a 4 or 5 inch penis! great job with the documentary, you put all us 45%ers in good spirits about our wangs

    • John

      Loved the documentary. Very interesting. You may be surprised to hear that if you approached me wearing a sandwich board and video camera, I would have talked about my penis. I just don't have any hang-ups about it. Perhaps because I was in the U.S. Navy and shit, showered and shaved around other guys, perhaps not.
      What had the most impact for me was my last girlfriend. We talked so openly about sex and we tried new things and played with toys, she just kind of brought me out of my shell, if I was in one.
      If the project is still ongoing, I will snap my chap and submit it.

    • Bill

      Wow I had the opposite reaction to this documentary compared to everyone else. Basically all I've learned is that women DO care about size. In fact that one woman said she'd cheat on a man who had a 4-5 inch penis. I always thought women didn't care about size. Now I know I was wrong.

      Watching this documentary has made me even more insecure, Hooray!!

    • wtf

      it's weird because to me this guy is obsessed with penises (seems like he always has been and it may have more to do with repressed feelings than sex. he states throughout the whole movie that size is no longer important but he seems to give an incredible amount of attention and effort to the very thing that has held him captive for most of his life. it was painful and awkward to watch.

    • andy

      Best quote in the movie is "do you think anyone likes your penis?"

      my experience is that the answer is mostly no unless your gf or date is in the mood to have sex, and then, once hormones are thrown into the equation, its not even a matter of penis size. passion takes over. great sexual experiences lie almost completely in the mind for both partners. thats something i think women definitely understand better than men. also, abstractly some women or gay men may prefer a larger penis, but in practice, because of passion, it is mostly a non issue.

      also, all throughout my life (from young adolescence until today), i have discussed penis size, abnormalities, et cetera openly with my friends. men do talk about it with other men quite candidly. but, it definitely isn't done when there is a threat to ones so called standing as man…that point the doc got absolutely correct.

      i think it was really well done. but, given the choice of larger penis and feeling more comfortable in my body (like say how an actor might feel), i would hands down take feeling more comfortable and confident in my body. my penis size seems to be bellow some averages. around 5.5 when erect. sometimes i wish it was larger, but honestly, i think i would be the only one who cared.

    • Jane

      Great show. However, a very important fact was over looked – a penis must be aroused in order to judge it's size. I have worked as a call girl, so I have seen hundreds of penises, flaccid and aroused. In my experience I have found that penises that are small when flaccid grow when aroused, sometimes up to three times in size, and penises that are big when flaccid hardly grow at all when aroused. If the penis is really big when flaccid it just gets hard when aroused, it does not grow or stand up. You have to use your hands to insert it. Once the penis is aroused measure from the top (from the pubic bone not from the balls) to the tip, because that's the part that goes into the vagina, this is a better way to judge penis size. It is pointless measure a penis when flaccid. Most aroused penises are around 5 to 6 inches long. I never came across a penis that was abnormally small. The most unusual thing I came across was a penis with a 45 degree angle. My advice to men, don't worry about size more likely than not you are normal.

    • Anon

      Honestly, this guy is so caught up with getting rid of insecurity in other men that he's in blatant denial of his own insecurity. He's using the facade of "tearing down unfair and unrealistic standards" as a method to get people to lie and admit that penis size doesn't matter, particularly his. The idea that "size doesn't matter, it's how you use it" is like saying "It doesn't matter how big your engine is, if you're a good enough driver, you should be able to win the Indy 500 with a Volkswagen."

      Yes, penis size does matter to women (and to gay men as well). Yes 4-5 inches is considered small by most people's standards, especially, and I've got bad news for people with small penises. You are, from a purely sexual point of view, less attractive to women. It's the same as a woman with mosquito breasts being less sexually attractive to men than a woman with a C or D cup. Is it unfair? Is it upsetting to those that don't measure up?

      Absolutely. Now, full my full erect size is about 6 inches even, which is as I understand, about average. Do I wish I had a 10 inch monstercock? Yes I do. There's probably not a guy on earth who doesn't wish his cock was bigger, hell I'm sure even Peter North wishes he was bigger.

      Also, as for the guy's comfort mechanism about saying "Well the Greeks always made statues with small penises," the Greeks also considered it a vital part of growing up for a boy to have an older male lover. Also, he needs to look up the Egyptian god Min, who was regularly depicted with a penis longer than his forearm, as a symbol of his powers of fertility. There are also numerous statues of Ramses the Great depicted this way. Depicting these statues as being ithyphallic (having monumentally proportioned erections) was a symbol of power and fertility.

      The long and short of it (no pun intended) is that some people are fat, some are thin, some are tall, some are short, some have donkey dongs, and some have needledicks. From a purely sexual perspective, people with greater sexual attributes are considered more sexually attractive. It's unfair, but it is nature, nothing more. The more fertile someone looks (the human standard for sexual virility), the more natural it is to be attracted to them. the Romans did the same thing with the god Priapus.

      Also, I have talked with other people (often in mixed company) about penises and penis size. It's not that people are so insecure about their penises that they are unwilling to even talk about them, it's that most people are creeped out by a fat man with a camera and a microphone saying "Can I talk to you about your penis?"

    • uhh…

      this dude is creepy. and a hypocrite.. he's definitely insecure and trying to reassure himself that size doesnt matter. but everyone he talks to, especially the chicks, they all say size matters so his world probably crumbles everytime that happens. sucks to be him…

    • RJ

      Never in a million years would this have been shown here in the USA!! Thanks for the internet.! Excellent documentary. Very well presented. My husband and I had a good laugh and were totally entertained.

    • dudeulartv

      Wow, what a great documentary! Hahahaa…

    • Peter Fleming

      How can I download any of the documentaries listed on this site. Iwould like to store them for later viewing when away from access to the Internet.

      Thanks — Peter

    • John

      HI! Well my penis have 15cm of longitude, and 13 of circumference. I now that what is really important is what we can do with it, but do i have a good size? What can a girl think when looking for something like this?

      I hope someone can answear :)

    • poo

      WTF jared's penis is normal!!! I've seen porn stars with dicks like that.

    • rolf

      great documentry………..great work……..k i have read some comments and i got idea by reading those that every one wants a big monster ….but hav u all guys thought that i u hav a garage for a normal size sedan car in ur home than how can u put a limousine car in it ….so same is the matter with girls ,,have they enough space to put a monster 10 or 12 inches in them i dont think so…so y r u going for a monster ….i got 6 inches in lenght and almost same in circumference,,,and in view thats average …and the other thing that some or i will say mostly chicks say they want a big one like 8 or 9 inches and some say more than that …and in my view if u r realistic its just a lie ….how a girl can be happy with a monster penis ..during sex just stuffing in and poking in wid pain so how one can b happy with pain….think abt i and b happy wid wat u got specially for guys who got more than 5 or 5.5 inches………

    • Carol

      Good and also funny documentary. And it’s a good thing to be more open about this matter. If you have a small penis, so what, don’t build your self image on that.
      But him saying that size doesn’t matter is a lie. Size DOES matter. At least to me and a lot of woman. I think so, all of my girlfriends and every heterosexual or bisexual female I ever spoke about this subject to.

      Of course you can be in love and have feelings for someone with a small penis. But a small penis just cant stimulate like a bigger one. That is a biological fact I guess. Just for sexual purpose you need a penis that starts around 15 centimeters and has to have a nice diameter (3,5 cm at least otherwise it hurts, feels like somebody is pokin’ in you with a stick)

      Someone here said that a small penis for a man is the same as a woman with very small breasts. But that's not true. A good ass can compensate for that. You have man who are more in to a nice ass then big breats. A man cannot compensate physicaly for a small penis.

      In my experience it is also not true that a bigger penis does not get significantly bigger when erect.

      In my own experience (around more then 50 partners) most guys have a "normal" (15 centimetres or bigger) penis. Only had like four that were very small (below 5 inch). And how much i liked them, it just was not as good as a bigger one.

      And yes black man on average have a bigger penis. But one of those with a very small one was a black man. But overall they have bigger penises.

      On the other hand, you can have a to big of a penis too. When its more then 25 centimeters, the man cant totally penetrate and/or trust hard. And oral sex is not fun anymore. But that’s very rare.

      I and I also now of other woman, broke of a starting romance of because of a small penis Because then I was afraid that in the long run it would become an issue for me.

      Of course the importance of the penis size to someone is also a function of how important sex (penetration) in a relationship is for you.

    • Alexandria

      My friends and I all agree that it's not the size that matters, it's how you use it. There are many different positions that satisfy a woman and hit different points making the climax better for her and for the guy. Most women i have noticed who say they want a bigger guy have had sex so much that their vaginas aren't tight like they once were and want a larger one to compensate for their loose vag. :]

    • tc

      Couldn't agree more, as unfair as it may be.
      and btw, lol.

    • tc

      Reply to Carol:
      Yes sizes DOES matter, like you very well put it, for women is penises for men is boobs.
      And btw, how is that do you think a woman can compensate for having small boobs with a bigger ass?
      I mean, I like a nice ass too, but I'd still rather have a woman with a nice ass AND big boobs.

      When we're talking about insecurity and size, the issue is the same for penises and boobs (wether it's male or female).

      Also in my opinion the guy that said it all in here was Anon.

    • Carol

      Repy to tc and Alexandria;

      What Alexandria says is just not true. Even when a woman had had children she can still be very tight and the other way around. I have talked to some male friends of mine and they say that some woman who have had kids are still very tight and woman who didnt have kids can be very loose. So to think that having sex with man who had below average penises just is a wrong thought. So there goes your theory.

      I dont care how good u can use a penis. If it is below 5 inches it just cant to what a bigger one can. I am not saying that you cannot be satisfied with a small penis. Sex has also a lot to do with what’s in your mind, but pure technical, small doesn’t cut it.

      And to tc. Believe it or not here are lots of man who are more into asses than humongous breasts.

      And again : If you have a small penis, so what!!! don’t build your self image on that. Thank god we are more then a body. But don’t lie and say size doesn’t matter.

    • Carol

      Woops; have to corretc myself>>

      So to think that having sex with man who have an ABOVE average penises makes your vagina larger, just is a wrong thought. So there goes your theory.

      I ment ABOVE lol!

    • Yes

      You had like 50 guys? I am sorry but that is just very nasty and that makes you look like a you know what :). Its just wrong. No wonder you talk about extremely large dicks because you had 50 partners I dont think you can feel anything down there anymore you should like stop having sex for like 5 months and go back to an average penis.

    • ertyjuo;io

      a sad man

    • tommy

      sorry guys, i´ve got a big penis…women keep telling me and they love it!

    • Chelsea

      Size doesn't matter that much to me, I would rather be with a nice guy who treats me with respect and has a not so large penis then soem aggressive sleazy asshole who talks about penis knowing he just wants sex and will cheat on me. Women like respect not just large penis's.

    • stopworrying

      Listen up 'smaller' guys and women with 'smaller' men:
      You have a smaller penis than larger men. Larger men are GENERALLY more preferred for physical pleasure if they have good technique too. Don't worry about your size, it is natural. You can't feel insecure over genetics. It was a random chance that you would be born from a male who has a small penis too/or grandfather has a small penis.
      However, there is something you can do to make up for your smaller penis. But it is up to you if you want to eliminate the false pride and be able to do something about it. I am about to tell you what they are:

      1. Vagina Tightening Creams. Go on the 'pure romance' sex shop website and take a look. Keep trying them, don't give up on them with your wife, apply it in different ways if it hasn't worked the first time. These creams do work if you apply it well, and it makes the vagina so tight so you seem very thick. There will be no need for a thick penis. They are 24 hour creams – get your wife to put it on in the morning before work, and when she comes back from work, get her to put it on again for that extremely virgin tight fit. Don't put too much on her or else her vagina will be too tight to open temporarily (for about a day). These creams are very cheap so you can use them for every sexual encounter you have, your 4.5 inch girth will feel like 6.5, maybe 7, you'd be shrinking that vagina so much.

      2. Penis sleeve extensions. Accept the fact that your penis size is not optimum for PHYSICAL pleasure for the woman. Whack a realistic feel, large penis extension on. i.e look on pure romance website again and type in "penis extension 8.5'' " Although you wont be able to feel anything physically, you will spiritually and emotionally feel great because you know that no man can have sex with your wife as good as you are now. How many men have a 8.5 inch penis with 6.5 inch girth, probably 1/200, and they will ejaculate and have less staying power anyway. Whereas this penis extension gives you staying power and gives your wife multiple vaginal orgasms. Then after you have pleasured her, it would be her turn to pleasure you, her vagina will feel so sensitive after all those orgasms, that your penis will feel such great vaginal sensations with your smaller penis, a male with a large penis may be painful with a woman with a highly sensitive vagina. She will also be all into love and emotions after receiving many orgasms, so sex will be more of an emotional thing, she may get another orgasm with your smaller penis too because she has gone so sensitive down there. During this time you can go for all sex positions, you wont have to be limited to just the small penis sex positions because she is already sexually fulfilled and it is her turn to please you so you can gain a lot of sexual variety, communicate with her about this part of sex and tell her to feel and make it an erotic, emotional, love, union experience, you will be the best at sex here for her because no man can love your wife as much as you. Just face the fact and don't be all depressed just because your actual penis size isn't big, hardly any male penises are so who cares? the fact is you have a wife and you want to please her like no other man can.
      Another alternative is to use the Julian Senso Sleeve, you will be able to feel sensation too and it is really enjoyable for women and also you can use other sleeves which has a vacuum effect on your penis which is extremely pleasurable – yes they all exist, shop around at a local store or online.

      3. Get her to use the kegelmaster2000 to use regularly. This strengthens the muscle tone in her vagina, which increases sexual sensation in the vagina during sex, thus increasing the chances or her getting vaginal orgasms, and also increasing the intensity of her orgasms.

      4. Increase your fitness! Get yourself a six pack, improve your self image, you'll look great, last longer in bed, go harder and faster in bed for longer, you'll probably gain some penis size that is in your fat pad. You will be more desirable by your wife.

      5. mattersofsize dot com, this is a penis enlargement site. After a year, people on average gain 1 inch in length and 0.25 inches in girth, and because they were consistent with it for a whole year, the gains were permanent. They will give you routines which will also make your penis more healthier and less prone to erectile dysfunction.

      6. Go on google, type in "Ejaculation Under Control" and click on the first link, notice that your mind is your most powerful sex organ, when people have sex, they put too much arousal onto their bodies and barely anything in their minds, it should be the other way round, so you can last longer and be more intelligent in sex.
      Stop watching porn, when people watch porn they have a tendency to show their 'appreciation' to the movies by trying to cum before the end of the 9 min movie or 17 min movie. They devalue their fellow males and females, and they pay the just consequences in this life, and will pay in the next life too, unless they sincerely repent.

      As a Muslim, I believe that sex is very important in marriage, if Muslims are educated about sex, they know that they are getting rewards for having sex with their marital partner, so sex is just so amazing because we are showing our love to God through a human being that He has given us to Love. Penis size makes the very, very, very slightest little bit of difference in the whole love making process. Size itself wouldn't arouse a female if they are having sex for a greater good in life..For God.

      So, in the 21st century, penis size doesn't matter if you take adantage of the innovations in the sex enhancement market. There is no need for women to go crazy for a large penis anymore. They will get just as wet and aroused if they have been through a good experience with the tightening cream and the kegelmaster2000 and the penis extensions because they know it is going to give them one heck of a time.

      Women in the video said the penises they casted was probably more than they wanted, and they only casted out a size of around 7 inches. That is positive because they aren't casting out 9 inchers with 6.5 inch girths!

      It is up to you if you want to do anything about your penis size. You can just sit there and be like "she has to accept me for who I am, thus accept a lower physical pleasure than optimum", or you can say "she has to accept me for who I am, I'm willing to take her on a ride like no man anatomically can". But that is up to you. I won't live with the fact that the wife can feel more sexual PHYSICAL pleasure with someone else. However, don't get hung up on it, physical pleasure plays a very little role in the whole sexual experience unless you both pay critical attention to it.

      And women, if your man does not want to go for these solutions I gave, after you have EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATED WITH HIM, just bury it quickly by reassuring him that you love him for who he is and love the exact shape and look of his penis, and in the meantime, try to enjoy sex with him in a different way than your larger ex husband. They are two different people, physicially and mentally, love sex in a different way with your current 'smaller' husband.

      contact me at brianman1980 at yahoo dot com for any advice.

      Peace and Love. x

    • your mother

      Chelsea??? you said:" I would rather be with a nice guy who treats me with respect and has a not so large penis then soem aggressive sleazy asshole who talks about penis knowing he just wants sex and will cheat on me."
      Okay, but not everyone with a large penis is an aggresive sleazy asshole. And Man with normal or smaller size also wants just sex and maybe cheating on you.Am i right?

    • DO

      this man was trying to convince himself that 3.5" is normal when he knows it's not. And he didn't seem at all secure with the idea that size doesn't matter. if he really did, he wouldn't have made the film. Over all I liked the film it was delightful. Personally i'm 6"x5" epitome of average I would say. and was 6.5" before I got a little pudge so gaining weight does hide more…Hmmm I guess I better start playing basketball again.

    • DO

      Your Mother. You are twisting her words I see exactly what you are saying and totally agree if the arguement weren't padantic. She's stating a fork in the road dilemma hmmm big penis big asshole or small penis gentlemen. She likes the big penis and the gentlemen, but the gentlemen is more rewarding to a woman than a big penis emotions far surpass physical. That's in a holistic view, scientific, sexual etc…..

    • DO

      Of course the ideal would be a gentlemen with a nice penis, but if you had to choose…

    • Chelsea

      Yes your mother your are right I'm just saying that women like respect and if a guy has a small penis its not the end of the world.

    • stopworrying

      This man on the documentary is a douche. He agreed to let his wife have sex with well endowed males. It was an outtake which is on his website. Go have a look. It is pathetic. He is saying penis size doesn't matter, well it does to a small extent unless you do something about your smaller penis – i gave you the solutions, LOOK FURTHER DOWN THE PAGE.

      Oh and let me add: You may be worried that someone with the Julian senso sleeve on, who has a bigger penis girth may be better than you, but this is not true! Because the Julian Senso sleeve REQUIRES A LOT OF LUBE! You can just put on less lube than larger males normally do, so there is more tightness. The sleeve feels great for you, it even adds extra girth, and has a different sexual sensation for the vagina, and this sensation promotes more g-spot orgams.

      Just take my advice, it will cover up all of your penis size insecurities easily. Look on the post a few threads below this one.

    • David Eggers

      haha, one thing I don't have to worry about

    • Prudence

      wow he has a 7 inch dick with a 6 inch grith. that not bad at all

    • David Eggers

      …. because I have a big penis……

      please like me…..

    • Keenan Watts

      Its sad though, cause men are placed in these ugly cycles. So a guy who is good-looking, has muscles, very sexy, and overall great guy but still doesnt have a chance with women cause of his dick is just sad.But i guess its life, huh? -_- get over it!

    • Leo

      hey man, congratulation for the documentary! that's really interesting to talk about dick's size. it should be too normal, but unfurtunnely it's not.
      i'd like if you make this movie with portuguese caption to people from my country (Brazil)

    • Bex

      I don't mind size that much, but if I was in a relationship with a man who had that small of a penis I would probably be a little disapointed. However, a relationship isn't based on size so I could get over it.

    • T

      This movie made me realize at 7.8 inches, the casual American woman still thinks I'm small. But Sadly, As long as the deed is done i'm happy.

    • Mark

      I absolutely agree with you. The guy doing the documentary states it doesn't matter but interviews women in the art class who peg ideal around 7" and the woman in California who couldn't marry a 4-5" guy because she might cheat. There was no interview with any woman in that piece where they didn't say something to the effect that leads me to believe it matters. Ok so the ancient Greeks thought the big guys had all the sex and weren't civilized. All I get out of that is that it could be a jealous guy making pottery about the big guys who are getting laid while he's not.

    • Goodspeed

      When he talks to the police man at about 06:28 a classic Green Jaguar E-type drives by, that’s a real "extender".

      Butt jocks aside, grate fun and informative documentary.

    • Dima

      I respect this man who faced his "problem", created this film and fought his complex. It is is called courage. Manhood is not messed upon penis`s size but on man`s deeds.
      My size is about 7 or 7.5 and when I was 17
      I thought my penis was not thick enough…
      I suppose that every man and woman go through some inferiority problems of their sexuality.
      And I want to mention that the creator is a good example of a true and brave man!!!

    • Alex

      I got born with a female body and have only recently been able to do something about it. I'm on testosterone and well, my raging hardon is about an inch. I'd love to have a cock the size of the filmmaker's! If I'm lucky I might gain another inch over the next year.

      But here's the secret. Learn how a woman's sexual setup works, and they won't care what you have or don't have. You NEED to get the book on it available at any good sex shop but …. learn the Way Of The Fist heh heh. Learn how women need to be brought up slowly, with orgasms along the way to the BIG bang, and learn what they want emotionally, and dick size just won't matter in the real world.

    • Logic

      Us men…big dicks, fast cars and girls…. ride on!

    • Peter South

      I've been with quite a few women since my early 20's (I am now 34 and below average) either as full on relationships or as one night stands, and I have to say that with all the time and energy I've spent worrying about "it", and the missed opportunities because of the feeling of a lack of "it", I can't say that in any of those situations with any of those women has it ever presented itself as a real issue. I, as well as the women who have been nice enough to let me indulge in their bodies, have only had good times… a few awkward times as well… but regardless of any underlying body image issues all has gone rather well and each has stuck in my memory as a positive experience.

      It's a terrible waste to be blinded to reality because of the shit the advertising and pornography industries and Hollywood feed us on a constant basis.

      I think the woman from California in this doc is a minority, if not a minority then just someone you probably don't want to be around anyway, and has allowed herself to be taken by Western cultures constant need for more and more and more… as has her boyfriend.

      This obsession with our bodies is a real problem.

    • Carol

      To Yes.

      Why be so hatefull? Just read my piec again and react to the content. There is absolutly no correlation beteen the number of man you sleep with and the wideness of the vagina. FYI after 50 partners i am still tight.
      You can all that nasty, but it's more nasty to be so judgemental and react in such s shallow narrow minded way to somebody who just want to give her reaction in a civil way on this topic.

      Maybe you wouldnt be so uptight if you had more good sex lol!

    • sexaholic

      to yes….. sleeping with 50 men doesnt make you a "you know what" would you say the same if a man has slept with 50 women…!!

      also it doesnt matter how many men youve had sex with, it doesnt make you tighter if youve slept with less..!! its whatever works.
      Ive had sex with well over 50 men, well over.. and i love it with all no matter "big" or "small" depending on the sexual tension… if you like the guy, you like his penis!

      I have to say that there is no relation to how big a guy is to how good he is in bed. all women need to be stimulated before sex anyway so if a guy isnt doing that then maybe you wont have good sex.
      It is a fact that it is easier to be stimulated by a larger penis but this doesnt make sex more exciting or more fulfilling.

      I love any guy who can go down on me well and can turn me on, the size of penis is irrelevant and i am experienced in this field. ;-) maybe some would call me a "you know what" but I really dont care.

      So boys dont worry about the size, just get down to business.. and work out your fingers and tongues!!!

      oh and if you check out the perfect vagina doc you can see that women have issues too down there…

      The more sex the better!!!!

    • Peter South

      You're ok in my books Carol… even though my body doesn't match your ideal. At least you're honest.

      You can kind of tell who's into what just by talking to them. Some women exude 'want of big dicks', others are just looking for some company for the night… these are the ladies I look for.

      Carry on carrying on Carol!

    • Peter South

      Are you for real pal? You're making a sales pitch for ridiculous products on an online messaging board for a documentary about a man with genital insecurities?

      … and why do I NOT believe you're a Muslim?


    • hghghghg

      Not every man wants to be a stud- woman like penises of say 6inches, only a cm over average, and don't want a penis over 7inches.

    • chickenbuttlips

      You know what's sad? Just like men obsess about their penis, so do women about their breasts and vagina (the vagina more so). And as varied as a penis can be, so are breasts and vagina.

      It breaks my heart when I hear guys obsess over their cocks. Truth is, good oral sex trumps a large cock. Knowning how to rub a woman's g-spot (which can vary in each woman) trumps oral sex. The only thing a big penis is good for is the deep spot. That's it. The rest comes from oral and hand stimulation.

    • dwyane shaw

      I enjoyed the film but I don't know why we always have to over anylize the obvious. The simple fact is that size does matter.

      Other things may be as important (sexually), other things may even be more important to some. But size is significant.

      I am, I suspect, almost exactly average. And it has been my experience that women don't consider size to be their primary concern but, all other things being equal, they would prefer their mate to be at least average.

      I've also had several occasions to be around women discussing the issue, And it seems that most women like a large penis to play with (fondle etc.) but prefer just a little above average for intercourse. It also seems that girth is much more important than length

      Anyway, I realize that the object is to get men to quit feeling inadequate – and I think they should try to learn to live with their natural physiology (I'm not a porn star, I'm only 5'8", and I am experiencing a bit of hair loss) But we shouldnt be disingenuous about facts for the sake of feelings. At least not in a documentary on a subject.

    • lovemygirl

      Flat chest, large lips or small penis -whatever the roll of the genes dealt women and men, it really is about empathy and tuning into the orgasmic and spiritual needs of one's partner.

      I'm pretty small and paid a very large price for it early on, lots of embarrassment and impotence. Fortunately, I was also considered handsome which tended to attract a fair number of women. Lacking confidence, based on my early experience, I was shy and self conscious and more than once was suspected of being gay. Since I wasn't, I was left feeling mortified, lonely and really sad.

      Very fortunately I met a pretty young woman who was much younger than I but much older in terms of experience. Her beautiful soul and yearning to be deeply loved coupled with her patience and kindness overcame my shyness and very quickly impotence was no longer a problem.

      It was my idea to augment my own member with dildos, collars and vibrators. It was my mouth, my tongue and my fingers – exploring every sexual nook and crevice that sent her into ecstasies that often lasted for hours on end.

      As my confidence grew I found that I derived passion independent of the stirrings between my legs. She became my goddess and the country between her thighs my temple of frequent worship. With patient probing I found all of her excitable buttons and her responses gave me sustained pleasure and happiness.

      She often tells me that no one has ever come close to me as a lover and I now have the confidence to know that she is right. The size of one's penis is only one tool in the vast assortment of possibilities that a passionate nature brings to sexual intimacy.

      Having been together for almost 2 years this pretty young women has become impossibly beautiful to me. We love each other very deeply. Neither of us can imagine life without the other.

      So, men and women, take heart. The sizes and shapes of breasts, penises and vaginas are entirely secondary to the cultivation of a generous, patient spirit and a deeply passionate nature.

    • Brandy P

      I find this film to be much like the film I just watched about women getting surgery on there vulva's and recreating there hymens. I think that as long as humans are different then we all are going to compare are self with one another. People need to realize that no one is perfect and its stupid we hold are self to that standard. All in all I really liked this film.

    • JD

      I see the circumsized edition now…

      "The Final Cut"…

    • Hezzie

      The biggest sex organ is the mind!

    • LKG

      This was an excellent documentary I never thought someone one would actually have the guts and spirit to do something like this at least not in these days.
      Makes you feel more at ease with yourself if your a guy and also makes women realize than men have some complexes just like them. As they say guys and girls are not that different from each other (in a certain way at least).

      Loved the documentary I’m always trying to open people to talj abouit this type of stuff but their always saying I’m weird call me gay (sometimes as a joke but that doesn’t mean they want to listen) or think it’s a joke but that doesn’t matter ayway I’m sure they will open up when their ready.

      Hope guys all over the world will be more open talking about penises now this documentary got my spirits up again and ready try ounce more getting my friends to talk about this type of subject.

    • Amanda

      Been with different sized penises. Big and small. The largest one didn’t know how to use it – had sex with him only once and that was more than too much (it dragged on for an hour and I had to tell him I’m bored to stop). The smallest (3″) was also a horrible experience, when he went in, I actually said “are you in yet?” lol.

      Anyway, fast forward to my current partner, he is absolutely amazing! One of the reasons why we got together was the great sex! How big is he compared to the others? Big but not the biggest. What makes him so satisfying? How he uses it, the attention he pays me, the things he likes to try, how he makes me feel before, during and after sex, the foreplay, the flirtation, the romance all combined absolutely makes him a keeper! It’s been two years and it’s still like the beginning of the relationship.

      Men need to realize that there are more to sex and women than just having a big penis. Size will not matter if you find the right woman! Why would you want to go out with someone who makes you feel bad for the way you are? Accept that there is NOTHING wrong with you and it’s the other person who has to go. Just as women with small breasts should find a man who loves them for their size, not go with someone who will ask them to have breast implants.

      Size is not the problem, choice of partner is.

    • jamaican

      i am 24 and i have a 5-6 inch dick is that small

    • Adolf

      My penis is very small, only 3 inches when fully erect, this program has not made me feel any better about my penis :(

      • Kaed

        I didn’t know where to find this info then kbaoom it was here.

    • allen

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah Adolf has a baby dick.

    • stan

      Typical. Males with supremacy complex are often lacking in the size department. It only further proves that racism was bred fron jealousy. Enjoy wanking your pinky sized johnson, mister master race. ;D

    • Imagine me telling someone that virility is a work smarter not harder kind of deal, using the worst Sean Connery voice possible. Enjoy!

    • Netdoc

      I’m in love with a man with a small penis. I think every inch of him is beautiful and he satisfies me sexually in many ways, with and without his penis. I find he’s able to his spots that are completely bypassed by a larger penis. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what I think. He’s so insecure about it that he avoids physical intimacy, which makes me very unsatisfied with the relationship.

    • Robert

      I’m glad this video showed some women being honest, and that the size of the penis really does matter. Hopefully this will help me to accept that size does matter, and that I am not enough of a man to please women enough.

      If I can fully accept that, and decide to get only with prostitutes, then I can go on with my life happily. Its a bitter pill to swallow to see myself as such an inferior male, but hopefully if I can accept it, I can find some peace.

      • Ksrock109

        Dude what the hell ! thats not what this is about! u can satisfy women by getting more skillfull in bed thats it

    • Aboodaub

      You find love. Your penis not matter your love do. Woman love you see you not see penis much later. Your heart good that all that matter. I have big penis if penis grow small my woman not want me she no good woman. Find good woman like you. Love eat life.

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      Constructive answers please.

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    • Bob

      Been a problem for me since my step dad shamed me when I was 9 years: I am 50 and still gives me problems.