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    • Prehistoric Astronomers

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      Chantal Jègues-Wolkiewiez is an ethnologist and an astronomer who has been trying to study and find the origins of Astronomy for more than two decades.

      Experts say that more than 35,000 years ago, the prehistoric man actually relied on Astronomy for various things, such as choosing where to live in a cave, based on the sun’s orientation, or creating tools like the lunar calendar to measure time. The walls discovered that depicted the earlier paintings of men also had illustrations of celestial bodies, like the sun and the stars in it.

      The discovery of the Lascaux, this fabulous painting that is said to be around 18,000 years old, and was found in the Périgueux region in Europe, seems to have sparked intestests among those studying Astronomy.

      The historians have its own interpretation of what these paintings represente, but Chantal Jègues-Wolkiewiez is now presenting a different view. She claims that the painting represented the sky, as seen by an astronomer who lived in that period.

      Go deeper, explore and watch how she is able to substiate her claims.

      “This Documentary is Currently Not Available From the Director”

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      Published on October 15, 2009 · Filed under: Anthropology
    • Jack Kebek

      Loved it :)
      It's the first time I hear of a sensible (to me) and quite plausible hypothesis about the meanings of these intriguing cave drawings.

      Although she "might" be wrong, the observation and interpretation of the (night) sky is the one thing definitively common to all cultures.

      Thx Anthony for this very interesting find.

    • SmallSoo

      Jack, thanks to your great tips posted on "The Sun" video I can now watch MegaVideo uninterrupted. :)

    • Jack Kebek

      Glad I helped out :) You're very much welcomed.
      I admit their pop's up are annoying and nearly misleading.
      Nevertheless, they host many good docs, so, it's worth all the trouble.

      Happy viewings

    • Tyler

      I don't find it at all surprising or preposterous that ancient people were meticulous astronomers. It's well known that many archaeological sites have astronomical significance, including the pyramids of Egypt and Mesopotamia, Angkor Wat, and the moai of Easter Island. In fact the ancients' precise knowledge of astronomical events such as the precessional cycle MUST be rooted in many thousands of years worth of study and observation.
      Interesting stuff. To anyone who liked this I would also highly recommend Quest for the Lost Civilization.

    • laurie

      I don't see why Chantal's findings are so controversial, except to those who believe evolution is fact – it is not, it is an hypothesis readily disproven. It's easy to see that early man was even more intelligent than we are today, certainly not dumb apes. Certainly, their thinking was uninhibited by today's arrogant belief that they were as dumb as monkeys. Thank you Chantal – thank you for challenging the narrow minded prejudice with facts which point to the truth. Astronomy & archeology won't "marry" because astronomy can blow away a cobweb covered hypothesis such as evolution. I hope you get to finish your work.

    • Imperien

      This documentary is about a possible link between cave paintings and an early form of astronomy.

      It is interesting and does raise some potentially intriguing issues… None of which have anything whatsoever to do with Darwinian evolution.

      All of which begs the question: What the bloody hell are you talking about? *scratches head*

    • Winwood

      Interesting statements, I am a little curious as to where you obtained some of the information you are basing your statements on however.

      This was an intelligent woman who had a clever theory and used the scientific method to gather empirical evidence to overcome institutional dogma and likely some sexism to prove her theory that relates to the interpretation of how advanced the culture of modern humans was. I do not see how this plays into evolution as it was already universally acknowledged that cro-magnon man was modern mentally and physically.

      Please disprove the theory of evolution readily. If you can do so with actual evidence to back it, you will become an overnight rock star in the scientific community.

      Also curious how you believe the paleolithic people featured were more intelligent than today. Really wondering what cognitive test you are using to assess them as smarter than the society that put a man on the moon.

      Please cite any modern texts you have read that say that anatomically and mentally modern man (the people that made the cave paintings) were as “dumb” as monkeys. Now, go back 8 million years when our evolutionary tree limb branched from monkeys and you may have a point, but of course this documentary isn’t covering our ancestors that far back.

      Please explain how archaeology and astronomy do not marry? Different interpretations of ancient art do not really indicate a lack of compatibility, especially considering that most paleo-archaeologists do not have an astronomy background.