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    • The End of the World Cult

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      The End of the World Cult follows a man who claims he is the Messiah. He alleges that God speaks to him. He professes the world will come to an end on October 31, 2007. But who is this mysterious man?

      Previously known as Wayne Bent, Michael Travesser is a cult leader in Strong City, a secluded area of New Mexico. He has spent almost 20 years preparing his followers for what he thinks is the end. Like most cults, his followers don’t ask questions and instead believe they are preparing for a better place.

      Ben Anthony, a filmmaker follows Michael in this Channel 4 program. He documents Michael’s power and influence over his followers. I found it disturbing to watch as he discovers teenage girls discussing their sexual desires toward their leader. The sexual desires that Ben uncovers even extend to Michael’s own daughter-in-law.

      Outside of Strong City, Ben interviews parents who have left the cult. Their desperate attempts to get their children away from this cult leader have failed. As a parent, I can’t imagine what they were going through.┬áThe End of the World Cult infuriates me. It is a great documentary, but it ignites a rage inside me as I struggle to understand how one man can have this much influence these 56 followers.

      It’s present day, the world did not come to an end on October 31, 2007 as Michael professed. But, did he persuade his followers to end theirs? Did their fate end like so many at Jonestown?

      please share:
      Published on September 4, 2008 · Filed under: Religion
    • Code7R

      That was really creepy…

      Thanks anyway. ;-)

    • koele

      Wow. America in 2008 and the blind are still leading the blind. It's like ignorance and insecurity seeking meaning within itself. Sad. My heart goes out to these people.

    • Tom

      They must be coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs. That's the only explanation I can come up with.

    • cell

      This guy isn't Christ for me.
      I don't have a problem with him being Christ for someone else though.
      I find the other comments here to be rather annoying.

    • Truth Seekr

      Perverts with a stupid excuse. What he needs is a psychiatrist and medication. And jail time.

    • Tom

      You don't have a problem with it because his delusions don't affect you. However, if one of those girls was a loved one of yours, I doubt you'd be so easy-going. Travessor made up his mind to delude himself, but he has no right to instill his delusions in children.

    • crisie

      there eyes look lost

    • liza

      he is not Christ! and what he is doing is sick! those poor people, and children no less……….this mad me sick to my stomach, having sex not married is a sin, aldutry is a sin…this is all in the bible, i dont have to convince you all, its in the book, thats that!

    • MR.T


    • ms

      sad. so sad.

    • Matt

      Just think about how those people feel. Spending all your life believing that this "man" is the son of god and will lead you to heaven. He tells you to prepare for the end of the world, and when that days comes…. nothing happens. Those people must be very disappointed, and yet they will never leave the cult. I know they won't. I mean, they put too much into it. They left their families, their jobs, their entire life for this man because they believed so strongly that he would bring them peace. And yet, no matter how had they try, no matter how hard they believe, they will never find what it is they are searching for.

    • Bradley

      Disturbing in so many way. It's amazing how religion is used as a method of not only mental conditioning but straight up brainwashing. The blank looks and pre-recited lines of BS spewing out of these people remind me that we are a flawed and ultimately doomed species.

    • sad

      This story has left me feeling sad, scared, and angry. "Michael" is a scary MAN. He is sick. I really felt for the children who believed in his false promises and wanted to stay with him. This man is a psycho, a pedo. and a fraud.
      Disturbing but interesting doc. I wonder what his cult followers are doing right now. I hope they open their eyes and come to realize that he is not what he says he is.

    • oh wow

      this is some jerry springer shit

    • EDGE

      ITS A sexual deviants paradise

    • Kyle

      He's is right about one thing: We are a generation focused on technology, and can't hear the YHWW's Spirit.

      …I would kill him… if I had the money (for airfare) and the equipment.

      John Chrysostom: “He who is not angry, whereas he has cause to be, sins. For unreasonable patience is the hotbed of many vices, it fosters negligence, and incites not only the wicked but the good to do wrong.”

    • Jack Kebek

      Whoever waves the Bright Torch of Truth in your face is making you blind to all the rest — including Reality.
      I must agree though, Reality sucks for many, but at least, it's REAL! –and I made "my choice" to live with (and according to) it.

      You say I'm missing a lot? Hummm… I feel I've gained a lot — a whole lot of responsibilities.

    • The seeker

      I dont see the difference between religon and cults they both indoctrinate followers, some worse than others. But the truth is religon/ cults control people making them stupid.This doco was a perfect example.

    • Want to survive at end of the world? Ask me.

    • Imperien

      The difference between a cult and a religion boils down to how many people buy into the bullshit.

      That… And tax exempt status, of course.

    • Incredible


      I want a shirt that says:

      "MD's put their fingers in women's sexual parts."

      Geez, Louise. America is something else. This is why I stay on the East Coast.

    • jack

      i'm stealing that quote

    • B.o.K

      im just keep wondering, what is going on in Michael Travesser mind? why, what, when and how does he hink about the situation, or is it just me, asking about what is roaming in his head to justify his actions

    • T-Dog

      Any recent updates on this monster and his hoodwinked followers?

    • Dale

      The first thing I noticed as well.

    • Dale

      At 42 minutes in a young girl comments that all she knows is that what ever happens it will not disappoint her. This is my fault with religion, and especially faith that rejects all forms of skepticism: that nothing could occur that would show her that what she was swallowing was a lie.

      Only when staring in the face of some god can something so readily apparent be so impossible to see; because religion never allows for exhaustive thought, in many cases only dwelling on man’s limits to understand.

      As a child I witnessed herds of people falling as the evangelical Benny Hinn waved his hand, claiming that sections A through whatever would be touched. Thankfully I was able to get out, after being told I was condemned to burn forever because I could not see a god in their hands-up “tongues” blabbering.

      The only comment Micheal makes that I agree with, is that we have created an empty world for ourselves. One that circles around the trinkets and baubles that even Adam Smith warned us of.

      This is the hub around every one of these stories – that life has become hollow, which suggest that humanity still has much work to do.

    • (just a) FROG on the LOG

      If it weren’t so pathetic, this would almost be hilarious. I’m glad I went back to the last pages of docos to check if there were any I had missed seeing – this one was WAY different than what I thought it was going to be. I gave it 5 stars – not to say its GOOD, ’cause the subject matter is actually pretty fucked up, but this is definitely a 5 star film.

    • Robbyou

      i watched this, and cant believe i had not come across it before. I dont quite know what to say, except, HOLY CRAP

    • Ronin

      When we see how people can be lure so easily by a simple paedophil u can then understand how religions started (jewish, christianity and islam) they both started by a retarded guy thirsty for power on other people.

    • slick

      i bet they know how to party. how can i join?

    • Dawn

      wow if this freak wants to fuck lots of young groupies and be the center of attention why doesn’t he just join a rock band. oh and he said that as a child he was kiddnapped and sexually raped by a homisexual. well studies show that those sexually abused children grow up to like sex with childen, and he is doing that, as well as sort of kiddnapping these cult members, and the ex cult member,the mother of the boy should try showing her son some science or plantets or astronomy on the computor, that would maybe make him see that he is missing out on education, as he was interested in the planets. poor children, they won’t even know how to feed themselves in the out side world after the freak dies. maybe they can grow food but they won’t be able to pay taxes and the’ll be on the streets. but then again he is teaching these girls to be sexually domanated so they will probably become hookers or drug addicts.

      • Ash

        Most sexually abused children do not grow up to be paedophiles.

    • Justin Echizen

      Just based on the fact that it is now 2010 i am not going to watch lol

    • Mike Laraman

      Actually what really needs to be done to him is against the law in 90% of the countries today. Nothing but a bottomfeeding piece of shit

    • Dia

      same here