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    • Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity

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      The Wall Street Journal has called Ray Kurzweil as a “restless genius”, while Forbes Magazine thinks he is the successor to Thomas Edison, one of the world’s greatest inventor who helped innovate our times.

      Just like Edison, Ray Kurzweil is a genius of an inventor, and has worked with different branches of science that deals with advancement, including virtual reality, speech recognition and cybernetic art. He was one of the developers of the first print-to-speech reading machine for the blind, as well as the first speech recognition technology that many agencies are making use today.

      This documentay is a profile on the man and it also talks about his theories on “Singularity”, where he says that by the year 2045, we may have already perfected articial intelligence technology and we may have found ways to infuse this with biology.

      His assumptions have been met both with support and criticisms. But looking into how technology is advancing today, his ideas may not be farfetched after all. Ten years ago, cellphone technology was crude and still not widely available, but look where we are now, with all the countless of devices we have at our disposal, that even kids make use of it.

      Watch as he explains “Singularity”.

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      Published on November 2, 2009 · Filed under: Science, Technology
    • StevieC

      Eh alright Sci-Fi really, The human brain is nowhere near mapped enough to do waht he is saying, nor is our understanding of physics exact enough to controll electrical impulses.
      Then our ohysics isnt yet advanced enough for quantum computers which we will need to advance them to 2050(2020 is when Moores Law breaks down and they run out of space and delve into quantum computing)

    • Paisley

      StevieC no offence but you have no idea of how far we realy are- we have already sucesfully implanted bio-chips into people to give them controll over computers and mechanical artificial limbs. If you listen you will here him talk about exponetial growth- that means the more we know the faster we learn. I think 2050 is a very conservative estamte. consider how long stelth tech was hidden from general and most of the scientific communities. any there are labs that have sucessfully grown synaptic tissue on computer chips- that work and process information.

    • Deryl Holliday

      Ray, where can I find your comments on spirituality. Humans have always believed in an afterlife.
      What are your thoughts on the miraculous biology of the human body? If the carbon atom in the human body, just to name one, was altered to the slightest degree, it would change our biology. The fact that there are hundreds of chemicals in the body that must work together makes me think that we are more than human.
      If you say God does not exist, what would God have to do to prove His existence? Are you brave enough to answer the question?

    • Imaginary Fiend

      Ray isn't likely to put in an appearance at this site. He has though, often documented that he seems to have little use for any of the popular deist or spirit invoking hypothesis. I do not pretend to speak for Ray, whom i respect greatly and have very much enjoyed reading over the years, but i think it fair to say he considers such hypothesised, mystical, magical, imagined and wonderously creative explanitory paradigms to be — bogus.
      My answer to your tail end question: It would have to get real. It would have to correspond to reality and a definition of it's existent being that could be possible.
      – merry xmas d

    • Deryl

      Thank you for the information that you gave about Ray. You may be right.

      I would like for you, if you don't mind, give a fuller explanation of what it would take for you to believe in God. What would God have to do or reveal about Himself in order for you to believe? Would a physical appearance be necessary? Would God have to speak to you directly? How about some miraculous thing happening to you that would be unexplainable? I am not trying to be argumentive, just curious about how you would deal with a possibility that God just might exist. Do you think there is a possibility, however small, that God exist?


    • (just a) F R O G on the LOG

      This guy is just too far out for me. I expect I'll be dead by 2050 anyway.
      I associate the term "the Singularity" with Stephen Hawking. He should have obtained the copyright, and Mr. Kurzweil could refer to his visionary objects of the future as "Compeople".

    • (just a) F R O G on the LOG

      I'm just reading through the other comments here, (and someone please correct me if I am wrong on this), but Deryl, I believe ALL living things have "hundreds of chemicals within their body that must work together" From monkeys to mushrooms, and yes, even we that are merely human, and nothing more.

      Maybe I'm just missing your point. (I'm known to do that) Or maybe you're just preaching – and if thats the case – nevermind

    • Imperien

      "curious about how you would deal with a possibility that God just might exist"

      In precisely the same way one deals with the possible existence of pixies and trolls.

      Folks that found this interesting will also get a kick out of:

      It's funny that you should mention Hawking, Frog — Listen closely at the 9:24 mark of the recommended video. ;-)