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    • Return to Africa’s Witch Children

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      This documentary follows what has happened to Africa’s “Witch Children”. This refers to the Niger Delta’s treatment of African children that pastors of the Christian faith have denounced as witches and wizards. They were ordered killed or tortured and abandoned.

      The original story, which was released in 2008 by Gary Foxcroft from the Stepping Stones organization, caused an international outrage that had UN intervening and the Nigerian government also taking action. Many private organizations came to the aid of these children, with the hope of rehabilitating them.

      Now, Dispatches returns to see and catch up on some of the children, as well as the church leaders, who were originally featured in the story. What this documentary has discovered is still as heartbreaking as the first time the Witch Children’s plight became known to the world.

      Still branded and stigmatised, the children remain as social outcasts. The crew also that one of the rescue centers became the target of attack. And that there is a rise in the number of children that have come to seek refuge.

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      Published on January 12, 2010 · Filed under: Religion
    • Jason

      Wow, I really didn't expect such things to be this prevalent anymore. I'm absolutely disgusted, but it can't really be blamed on the parents. Those who perpetuate this sort of garbage need to be prosecuted.

      Hopefully more education, science education in particular, will make things like this unthinkable in the future.

    • Alex

      I don't wanna bust your nuts there Jason but I think your 100% wrong, how can you believe your child is a wizard or sorcerer?, this is not harry potter IT'S REAL LIFE, It takes a special kind of douche to do that to their own child, This is 2010 even in Africa they have TV's and newspapers yet still some of them chose to believe that kind of garbage, instead of making up excuses for them maybe you should feel more bad for the real victims here which are NOT the parents.

    • youssef moroccan

      this Garry is a man ! he remind me prophet Mohamed who fought again Christians and pagans to protects poor babies and women.
      Only Islam is the truth. May God bless Garry he for exposing those christians and helping those kids. brave man

    • DK McGreeb

      'This video contains content from Channel 4, who has decided to block it in your country.'
      I'm in England, Channel 4 is English, what the fuck are they even playing at.

    • (just a) F R O G on the LOG

      DK – I'm not sure if this will help or not, but on another film I saw DocLog suggested entering a site through Vtunnel:
      It blocks your IP address (?). I've also seen free browser add-ons that will make your location anonymous, although I don't have a specific one to recommend.
      Any other ideas for him DL? I think DK would find this doc interesting.

    • Documentary Log

      Well, you can try Tor from Or better, try the megavideo I just posted above. Why are the British doing this :S

    • espetalhapetala

      Religion = Ignorance

    • Documentary Log

      Yes vtunnel should work as well, although the site looks messed up :)

    • DK McGreeb

      thank you frog, and i intend to watch the doc now :)

    • Jason

      Alex, so much that we take for granted as given facts about the world comes from having a decent education and not simply relying on intuition. If even if they all knew how to read, that alone doesn't tell them anything about how the world works, and in particular, how it doesn't.

      If you had lived your whole life in a small village with little to no education and everyone else is on your back for having these 'witches', who are you to say otherwise? That poor mother in the film sold what she had to pay for 3 exorcisms; she obviously still cared for her girls. I feel sympathy primarily for the children of course, but if the parents aren't educated otherwise, then they're partly victims as well.

    • Jason.H

      This makes me so angry that stuff like this is still happening, i just want to go there myself and help fix the problem. Absolutely disgusting and i think one of the big western nations need to step in there and wake them the fuck up. I just cant believe how different things are there.. thank-god i was born and raised in Australia, and if only they could get immediate help.

    • there is a charity that helps these children. please, please consider donating to it.

      words like appalled, disgusted, don't even come close to how i feel about this. My friends, we are still very much in the Dark Ages.

    • I think its amazing how much they are doing for these kids and hoew much of a difference they are making. The got a law passed with damn big consequences if anyones found guilty.

      Those police officers and that preacher women that tried to destroy the place need to be prosecuted asap

    • malak

      how can y hurt your own child?….those things dont have the right to consider themselves human…….they are the poses one not the children..if i could i would shut them all….

    • allisson

      im sad. this was a eye opener. as a mother i cannot understand how this could happen. its truly heartbreaking

    • Katherine

      I think that we should give that pastoress freak a taste of what those kids have to live through…makes me sick…religion really does poison everything!

    • Maire

      Yay for demonizing religion! 10+ bonus points accrued for demonizing Christianity. In other news today, award winning docudrama proves that all Muslims are secret terrorists . . . .

    • Kim la Cour

      Wish the pastoress some day will visit Scandinavia – would like to show her how we treat childabusers here.

      The Nigirian government also has a big problem. How can they allow the contrys children to be treated this way?

    • DK McGreeb

      Maire wake up, how is this not religions fault? I really cant believe in this day and age people are still willing to accept religion, especially christianity, as fact despite the masses and masses of evidence that it's all wrong and not one scrap of evidence in its favour. your comment is rediculous.

    • SeanP


      Try watching Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide and tell us how that isn't the fault of Christianity or religion either.
      Wherever missionaries go hate, intolerance and cruelty follow. Religion is about submission not conversion.

    • dwyane shaw

      Witch hunts always go after the defenseless.

      During the dark and middle ages (The Great Interruption), there were some men convicted of witchcraft. But, almost without exception, every witch hunt began with accusing a woman; and, in nearly every instance, the woman was a poor old widow.

      All Persecutions of 'witches' require, by their very nature, a religious element. And Christianity has accumulated the most guilt for perpetuating these persecutions (MAIRE)

      I will demonize religion for its atrocities and, if you had a brain that wasn't washed of all sense by dogmatic beliefs, you would too.

      And it is science and knowledge, angrily denounced by religion, that has ended these witch hunts. In all instances secular disregard for superstitious religious belief has been the ONLY thing to stop the various pogroms of Christianity.

      Which is why religion has been so adamantly against science from the beginning -it costs them the [power] of superiority over others.

      Don't question, do as your told, believe unequivically; and if you oppose our attempts to root out and punish evil, it must be because your guilty as well. This is the over-riding doctrine of Christians, not the 'love' they preach.

    • Cole

      Maire, I think that was a bit much. I am an avid believer in Christianity, in fact I'm training to go into ministry and going on a mission trip to Venezuela this summer. But in the video itself it is explained that when two religions meet they can't just mend together (in this case indigenous beliefs and Christianity)

      But this documentary definitely jerked tears out of me.

    • Darren Willis

      They can't just meld together because both are false, absolutist nonsense. Any time you have two groups clinging to two beliefs, both of which are absurd and harmful to everyone exposed to them, there is going to be an exponential damage to both sides when they meet. Mankind's only hope for a better future is to cast off superstition and educate the masses, instead of drilling bronze age racist fallacies into their heads

    • Kellie

      Well said. I was raised christian and always suspected there was something a little off there. Now my life is nothing that I would have ever wanted because of the path my ingrained beliefs set me on. The love of my life is permanently damaged also from the religion under which he was raised. I have been fuming for years over the sheer stupidity I see "in the name of the lord" and this documentary showed me clearly just how far this insanity can go. My life has been irreversibly ruined by religion, but I will never have the scars that these children do. And sadly, this is only one story. There is not a society on the face of this earth that isn't destroying at least some of its members in a most cruel manner "in god's name".

    • Joe

      I hate religion.

    • Dan Bartz

      why is it that when a new religeon comes to town, they are unwanted because it is an invasion of our beliefs and we are always the ones who right and we don't want their religeon here, yet when Christianity goes to a foriegn land we are "missionairies" on a mission to save the world!? I hate to be the one to open your eyes, but Christianity in a foreign land is just as much bull shit as the other religeons here. The sooner mankind realises god and religeon is bullshit, and that we only have one kick at the can, maybe humanity will have more respect for life.

    • AJR

      When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.

      Thank you Mr.Lincoln

    • Sandi

      These are no different to the Salem Witch Hunts…..or those in Europe for that matter. The issue here isn’t so much lack of education or knowing better – consider that Christianity is for the most part a faith of conversion for many Africans.

      What this boils down to is organized religions and money. When you bring the Christian all-powerful ‘God’ into a land of millions and expect their hard earned (and scarce) money to be handed over to you, people expect results. If there are none, well you can’t very well say ‘He’ failed can you??? Of course not! Blame the ones who can’t fight back – kids! THEY are the ones blocking the work of this omnipotent ‘God’…..this in and of itself is such a conflicting concept it’s laughable. How could a lowly mortal ‘witch’ – child no less – block the great works of ‘God’.

      During the witch hunts women made up the majority of the ones accused because they were the ‘runts’ of the litter in society. It’s no different now.

      Humankind lost its way when it created religion….let’s hope we find our way again one day. :(

    • Revenge Of The Pith

      I Cried Tears of Pain as well as Tears of Joy. Thank you for the awareness that this film has brought to yet another group of beautiful children in need of help and something they so willingly give. LOVE. We Love You “Stepping Stone” A Great Thanks To All Involved A Solution.


        Well said!

    • JanusJustIs

      Belief in a god was understandable before Science gave us the facts. We are approaching The Age of Aquarius which is supposed to mean the age of Wisdom. To do that we must give up our belief in god – in good times & bad. But, how can we do that when people still can be swayed by conmen like this devious, money-hungry ”prophetess” and the previous pope? (The jury’s still out on the new one.)