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    • Short and Male

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      Who knew a short guy had it so hard? Being a short woman I thought I had it rough,  that is until I watched this documentary and got a look at it from the male’s perspective. I’ve always been one of the shortest in my class, I have very few pants that haven’t required a hemming. I grew up with nicknames like Smurfette, 1/2 pint and have always at the brunt of short jokes. Now in my 30’s (I’ve now aged myself) I am still subjected to it.

      As you will see in this film, being a short male is obviously more difficult. Short and Male reveals the importance of height varies for women depending on which point they are at in their cycle, interesting. If she is at the maximal point of her fertility it will alter whether she is attracted to a tall male or not. This interesting documentary takes viewers into the world of a short men. It explores the problems in which they are faced with regularly.

      Short and Male was featured in 2008 at the Hot Docs Festival. It is a Canadian documentary that explores the hurdles in which short men encounter. Tim Burton, being one of them. He’s “short, horny and pissed”, not a good combination.

      S&M: Short and Male – a documentary by Howard Goldberg from MMT Admin on Vimeo.

      please share:
      Published on September 17, 2009 · Filed under: Lifestyle, Society
    • Bendik 6'2"

      That was amusing. Lots of good laughs.

      Trying to change people's attitudes towards short people will be like changing the attitude towards fat people. It's only a natural thing for us to feel that short people are less competent. Nature has favored the tall, and the small ones are the ones that couldn't reproduce.

    • Steit

      The difference is that fat people have earned their weight and discrimination through over eating and a lethargic life style. Short men were born that way and can't change, thus making it unfair to judge them on their height.

    • dream and linger, do and prosper

      i agree that the negativity surrounding short stature is more biologically related than anything else . in a purely biological point of view, short stature in men is unfavourable because they would be less likely to protect their mate and offspring, therefore increasing the likelihood of losing their genetic line by a more dominant male. so its likely that we are hard-wired to perceive short stature as inferior. this aspect alone makes it difficult to lump short stature into the same category as racism or women's rights because those problems originate from social constructs rather than evolution.

    • StrassenPrediger

      I'm not tall either and never had problems, neither with women or in my jobs. These guys should stop whining, then they'll get the respect they long for.

    • Cry Me a River

      You ARE NOT comparable to blacks, women, and gays in what you've had to overcome in society, you ignorant assholes. You're insecure. Not oppressed. And that is why people look down on you. No one notices "heighism" because it doesn't fucking exist! Short people that have self confidence, get just as much respect, and money as anyone else. And people probably don't like the rest of you because you're too pissed off about being short, that you're an asshole about it. Like anyone, if you be yourself, and carry yourself with confidence, and are not snappy and insecure, you'll be fine. I should know, I'm 5'6''.

    • Bendik 6'2

      Still it's a physical disadvantage that is deeply burnt into our "do not want" genes. Even seen how all fat people whine about they having a condition? If they are all diagnosed with a condition, then they are no different from the short people, because they couldn't help it. I know it's a load of bull and that they are fat because they are gluttons, but they still got the law on their side, don't they?

      People usually dislike fat and short people because of their personalities more than their looks. They all whine and blame and want to have special laws to prevent discrimination (paradoxical much?). They do not have the same competence as slimmer/taller people, hence people don't want them. Shouldn't people be allowed to hire the best for the job (i.e. tallest, fittest).

      I know I'd have more respect for a tall/fit person, and I'd be more inclined to purchase his services.

      If you were going to hire someone and you could choose between two applicants who were equal in all areas except that the one had only 1 leg, wouldn't you rather hire the one with 2 (even tho' the job didn't require the leg for any particular task other than normal walking)? Same concept different story when it comes to height.

      "Heighism" funny…

    • StrassenPrediger

      You are so right. Cry me a river. Finally someone with a brain here.

    • StrassenPrediger

      Bendik, when two people are equal in all areas, I'd choose the one I personally like more, and this is neither based on weight, height, one or two legs… it's about the character.

      I never had any problems regarding jobs or women. I get equally paid, my girlfriend is a bit taller than me and I enjoy a happy life like everybody else.

      Nobody bumps into me on the streets and I always walk straight. I never face any of the "problems" described there, because I'm not a whining, insecure idiot who blames the world for a few inches less.

      It's the fittest who survives… and there is no need to be tall to be the fittest ;-)

    • whiners finish last

      biologically we may be hard-wired to prefer taller. but humans are intelligent enough to be able to defy natural selection unlike other animals. that's why i dont buy the test they do where the women always choose the taller guy no matter how unattractive he looks or socioeconomically unstable he is. that's totally manipulated and complete bull. i wouldve chosen the guy that was on the far right (architect) because his profession was more stable than the taller guy, and he was more attractive looking than that lamp pole with the greasy long hair..

    • gatchi

      lol the 4'11'' guy got that surgery to become 5'1''.. shorter than the short people who bitch in this film… i dont think it was worth it.

    • jesus

      dont worry my children, in my days on earth i was also very short but look at me now

    • gatchi

      lol.. oh jesus.

    • Tay

      i dont think the competance of short people is in question. i am 5'7 and served in the army for most of my adult life. i had to outrun, out lift and out fight the taller guys through much of it. without a doubt life is harder when you have to take 2 steps to every one of a taller guy, but i found it just made me stronger. not just physically, but emotionally. its a matter of short people living up to the challenge, as opposed to 'whining' as you so artfully put it, bendik 6'2.

    • Bendik 6'2

      Good for you. At least you understood that being short IS a something that makes you have to work harder for things, because at scratch, they ARE less competent. These guys in this film don't want to work harder than everyone else, and hence they will also be less competent. They can't face that they actually ARE less attractive both as partners and as employees. If they'd work harder to compensate for their lack of height (just like people who are born ugly and fat have to work harder), they'd be equal, maybe even better. Instead of doing that, tho', they want laws passed to prevent them from being "discriminated" (i.e. not chosen in favor of a better candidate).

    • Documentary Log

      I don't understand why the video doesn't start in 16:9 aspect ratio. You can switch yourself if you like by clicking on the little tv icon twice.

    • Tigerass

      well bendik, I reckon the army is a slightly different situation than a desk job, and definately not comparable.

      I'm 5'6 and haven't had any problem in any areas of my life that I can see. But maybe I'm just ignorant.

    • 5 feet 6.5 inch tall

      Being short sucks ass… There is nothing good about it. It is a disadvantage BUT there are of course much more important disadvantages possible. And whining about it, joining groups about it… is even bigger disadvantage than height itself – it's childish. There is no height-ism as there is no big-nose-ism, one-eye-ism, no-dick-ism, low-IQ-ism, know-nothing-about-computers-ism – they are just disadvantages. Racism, Nazism, chauvinism are called this way because they represent dividing people by not-being-a-disadvantage characteristics.

    • Cornishfro

      I'm 5'4" and I've had comments made to me on and off for all my life. As far as getting bumped on the street, the big have the right of way, whether it's rude or not. Little dogs don't block the big dog's path. That's life. Having height requirements for jobs is bullshit, but that's the least of China's problems when it comes to violating human rights. Too many of the men in this film are whiny pansies crying about how life isn't fair. Being short sucks but these assholes could have been born with a legitimate disability. Women prefer tall men? Of course they do. Just like men prefer skinny women. You can get caught up in "well it's the fault of fat people that they're obese but it's not short people's fault that they're short" if you want, but you're asking the general public to judge people on their character/abilities instead of their looks; and that's something human beings aren't very good at. If you quit bitching about life's unfairness and learn to work with what you've got, you'll be just fine.

      And I find it really insulting these little bastards have the balls to act like they speak for all short people and make it out like it's impossible for short guys to get women. It's not.

    • claza

      well i'm a 5ft female and have produced beautiful children. lol "couldn't reproduce". The smaller of the species live longer than the larger so rock on shorties.

    • ssimon

      Maybe they should just move to China or Nepal and stop wining… history is full of great short people who didn't pitty themselves;
      Being short/ small is mostly state of mind also of "normal" majority.

    • Well, whilst it is easy for people to dismiss the neurosis that short people suffer, the truth is that it is a real problem that has a profoundly negative impact on their lives.

      I should know, I used to be short and I run a support group for those who are so keen to address their issue that they are prepared to undergo painful surgery to become taller…

      Don't dismiss someone else's pain just because you don't understand it!


    • You can see the evidence here on our forum if you don't believe me:

    • John

      Bendik you are the best argument against your own infantile argument. You are tall and stupid. Like, really stupid. Competence is not a function of height, unless you're a basketball player. 99% of the jobs in the world are suitable for and performed by both males and females so as one can see (although evidently not you with your two lonely brain cells rattling around their cage) height isn't a factor.

    • ASW

      Bendik, if you’re so competent due to your height why is it you have the reasoning of a third grader? You probably work at a fast food restaurant. But I guess your right being taller is probably the reason you have ended up in such an illustrious career.

    • Bendik

      I never said height had anything to do with intelligence. Intelligence is not, however, what most jobs require.

      John: have you ever been anywhere outside of an office? Do you know what makes the world go around? Manual labor. And do you know what's an advantage when it comes to manual labor? Usually strength (and if a tall and a short person are (seemingly) equally fit, the tall person will be stronger by default because his muscles are longer). The average man is also stronger than the average woman.

      When it comes to other kind of work (which definitely doesn't make up 99%) short and tall people are equally competent, because there is no link between height and intelligence (as far as I know). Tall people are better fit to be leaders tho', as they have more natural authority. Imagine the people in this movie trying to make business deals… They don't have the confidence (which you can probably blame on society) nor authority (which is due to their height) to get anything through.

      As for partners; It's quite obvious that most women will prefer a tall man. It comes natural to them. Why do you think we got taller than apes in the first place? Therefore, short people have to work harder to attract females (and whining about discrimination and having poor confidence isn't the way to go).

      ASW: As long as you relate on ad hominem attacks you really can't talk about other people's lack of reasoning skills.

    • ASW

      You are not being serious anymore are you? "Most jobs don't require intelligence", are you joking me. Why is it that evey good job in the world requires you to have a college degree, they want intelligent people. Manual labor may make the world go round, but people doing it are doing so at slightly above minimum wage. were as lets say a lawyer or doctor, two profession that require intelligence, make generous amounts of money.
      So yes you might be the cheif ditch digger, but i'm not sure that something to brag about.

    • Particle String Theory

      Believe it or not I wouldn't give up being short, Bendik. I have encountered as many benefits as I have obstacles from it. I cant speak for office work, but i can honestly say that I have led taller men with force of personality, so taller people aren't neccesarily automatically better leaders. It comes to force of personality, physical appearance is secondary to confidence, and results. Some short men, Sylvester Stallone, Charlie Sheen, and other celebrities (because people seem to measure success by celebrities) are good examples of short men who can dominate a room, just by being in it, even though they are well under 6 feet. also I see no problems with overcoming the natural tenancies of women to gravitate to taller men. The reason they make the assumption that taller is better is due to social conditioning, not evolutionary. They have simply been told by men like you, Bendik that you are better. And they believe you because many of us shorter men believe you. Thats a confidence issue, not a height issue. You just have to subtly challenge that conditioning. All these things you are speaking of are social, and have been for centuries. Its people telling us we have to get in a corner because we aren't good enough. Fact is that we are. In fights, a shorter man can out grapple and quickly outmatch a longer limbed man, woman-wize, we are less sexually intimidating, and more approachable. manual labor-wise, as previously stated I am ex army, and although I did have to work hard to keep up to the long legged pace of my buddies, I also had the ability to carry more (shorter spine = more load potential without injury) and could walk further (shorter legs = less chance of knee injuries) these things are Physics. There is a place in the world for both tall and short. We excel in different areas, and must learn to cooperate and notice that fact. I wont even touch the intellectual competency thing. That is self evident. People have done many stupid things assuming the big tall leader is right, just because he is taller.

    • Tay

      That Particle String Theory thing was me by the way. No idea why it labeled me as such. Probably my roommate snaking my computer on me again and me not paying attention again. lets just blame it on beer. :P

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    • Chloee

      I've dated both tall and short men. Height makes no difference, it's how they treat you, their character, how much you have in common and the chemistry. My last ex was over 6 ft and had the charisma of a pebble. His IQ was low, he didn't know what to do with his life, he was constantly whinging and he was boring as batsh*t. Now I'm with a shorter man and we click like a house on fire. He is charming, intelligent (a lawyer), funny, friendly, loving, considerate and talkative. So it's all BS if shorter men say they can't get a girl. It's all about the individual! You won't get a girl if you lack confidence, whether you're tall or short!

    • Ren

      What about short african american men? What about asian men? Where are the other short men?

    • Ren

      O never mind.. internet shut off

    • gottspieler

      The "collision" experiment merely proves that more confident, assertive or intimidating men will get other people to move out of their way..I'm 5'5 yet weigh 220 and am muscular so people tend to get out of my way when I pass by. The problem, rather, is a combination of lack of confidence on the man's side and a lack of understanding on the women's part. Also, short men have to try harder to find women. Simply ask for a few phone numbers a week for a few months and you'll find that it's not too difficult to find dates. I know because I've been there..and still am.

    • gottspieler

      I can't believe the Chinese would go so far as to steal our Capitalistic ways and even further pervert them. And it angers me to no end that height is percieved as being associated with power and physical strength. I can bench press people twice my size at 5'5..

    • BubbaChops

      I think that the gripes that short men (and short women, too) have are legitimate. We do have to endure more shit. At least it's time to reflect on, and acknowledge that.

      The fact that comments are so strong in this thread means that the docu hit a nerve. Must be some truth in it then.

      One can't help thinking that the women as study participants are pretty damn shallow though :( Sad

    • BubbaChops

      One can't help but feel a little vindication though toward the tall parents of the short kid – they were probably just as selective and discrinatory when they were younger – now they get a bit of what it feels like.

    • H4xM0nk3y

      hehe, damn it's hard not to laugh at these threads. I particularly like the benedict guy on here claiming short ppl are less compotent. Is he trying to say his IQ is higher than mine? because i'm 5'4 and he's 6'2? I really don't see how anyone could come to these conclusions; and he's doing his tall brethren a major disservice by spouting off dumb stuff like that. So my stats, I'm 22/m/125lbs/d-size 6.5inch (<–anyone notice that when you loose your abs you loose 2/10ths an inch on your rocket size? wierd, i'm doing situps again cuz i been lazy for about 2-3mo's and I measured myself again after watching Penis Size Insecurity; and i'm down to 6.4-6.5inch…that sucks)….Oh yea, about my stats, hell i measure up as far as what a woman's really wanting. I'm fun, gotta bright personality, smart as a whip, always got my head in the clouds. (gonna continue in another post)

    • Mickey 5'4 125lb

      So I only have 1 tip to keep in mind if your short and trying to meet girls in a high population area. Remember–Instantly an "average" guy get's labeled as just that. Plain ole' average. Do I think I could out-game benedict? Your damn right. I've never leaned on any false assumption that "this inherently makes me better". I walk into a bar and grab the first girl I see with "hi, lets go make some friends" and pull her into another group to start chatting. A freaking 6'2 guy's gonna have a hard time with this if he isn't a real charmer with instant body language. She's gonna turn around, notice the guy interlocking his arm (at the elbow, don't ever grab a girl) with hers, and freak out cuz all she instantly recognizes is something big and shadowy; it'll be an instinct reaction to pull away. She's scared man. Oh just a very simple "to make a point" poll. Ladies, who's mindset do you find more attractive? Mine or Benedict's? Na, that's too egocentric…Which Mindset is more attractive.."I'm sexier because I'm taller and short ppl are inferior, and and zzz" or "I'm sexier…Damn, I don't have a good re…"Hi guy's, this is my friend..err psst, whats your name? I didn't get it on the way over here" ;) h4x
      p.s. Rawr means I love you in dinosaur!!!

    • James

      Is there any other Black people here, (or women though I am not one.) who feel a little insulted about a man comparing his small stature to the civil right or suffrage movements in America? Now I'm not one to bring up or pull the race card, as an eloquent African American living in a predominantly White and Asian community (Irvine, California. theres literally less than a percentage point of us.) I have never been treated like less of a person. However, that being said and all things being equal, I feel like the work of some great men and women is being undermined by the juxtaposition of these two movements versus a guy whose afraid he can't get laid because he's to short.

    • hghghghg

      And if you're tall and bulky people run from you and act suspicious. People take sharp turns if I walk behind them, yada yada.

    • BLADE

      I'm a shorty and love it. Always get the hottest girls. Usually the girlfriends of tall men always have that twinkle in the eye for me and I admit I have stolen a few. I never worry about getting the job because I'm always the boss. As far as protecting my mate I don't care if there 5ft or 6'5 I'm either going to break their leg, ribcage or jaw. The only thing I haven't been able to do because of my height is dunk a basketball, with that said Ill shoot three pointers all day. 5'4

    • Average

      lol, man tall guys can be pretty shallow sometimes. when will they realize an average guy is 5'2 to somewhere around 5'9? it's the outliers that throw the average mean numbers off, you have to exclude them. That is to say that yes, over the whole world, there are more guys at 5'6 than there is at 6'2. And point of fact? 5'2-5'9? we're generally put together better have more attractive features. Now you may be tall, and lanky, and your forehead maybe a little to too tall too, a common problem with tall ppl. Bad hair, (receding, or balding, or thin, dead hair) big ears, funny noses, skinny delicate necks. Or obesity, pot-bellies, dangly arms…Woah forgot where i was going with this. the point? these are problems that plague above average tall men. Your short? cool, you don't have as much a chance at developing such characteristics. hang on i thought of more…Bacne, Hair in places it ought not be, Saggy man-boobs, muffin tops, funny looking hip structures, flat ass. This "idea" in western culture that tall= more attractive in totally smacked in the face by the factual numbers that average men are producing more children. Another analogy that points out that what women want, and men's idea of what women want, are wrong: Keano Reeves in "The Replacements" > Peyton Manning (forgive the spelling, i care nothing about watching men hug eachother to the ground) And that could be proven by asking women who they would rather lay, keano or peyton, both in their jersey's… So there's a few things to consider– 1. Do you want a woman who is passive enough to become convinced by a minority group (in this case, tall humans) that they are more attractive and better suited for mating, despite the clear breeding history. 2. Will you yourself, if your average, become convinced by taller men that they are somehow inherently better than you? #2 kind of sounds like a desperate attempt at self preservation. The thing that I find absurd is parents giving their children growth hormones. Seriously? If it's not broke, don't make it suffer through bone protrusions (typically the forehead or the jaw) shrinking of the testicles, hightening the pitch of the voice, developing man-boobs, in hopes that the kid will be 4 or 5" taller. These people that give their kids growth hormones are stupid beyond compare; to the point that on the word of a taller man with less breeding potential tells them they should inject their children with steroids so they can be tall, and these ppl follow this advice! Man ppl are messed up, i know that. You know the thing that surprises me, is not the attitude that tall men have about this situation, because yes i see it as a very valid point that if tall men don't want to be seen as uncommon, mishaped, abnormal outliers; they should paint themselves in a better light. So yes, on that basis i see nothing wrong with a tall man believing that he is more attractive to women. The thing I find unsettling is the sheer number of regular men and women who take the advice of a product mother nature has been trying to weed out by means of natural selection, which has been subverted by social selection. It is a fact that dwarfs and above average height humans exist because we are not animals. Honestly, would you believe a person with a hereditary condition of obesity if they told you they are more likely to reproduce than you are because your average, trim and fit? No. There are a lot of obese ppl in the world. There are a lot of tall ppl in the world too. The fact that they find a place in the world and are able to pass on these traits, is testiment only to our humanity, and not their productivity. The very fact that *a lot of* tall men postulate their protective, attraction, and leadership qualities share a direct scaling link to their stature lends great insight into the character defining attributes, wisdom and depth they are able to offer a woman–and such is the reason why sexually and reproductively, they remain low on the totem pole<—pun intended. My advice if your bothered by your own stature? Look at the wealth of tall humans, men and women alike, and compare them to ppl of your own heighth. Sexually, body wise, who is physically more attractive on average? So the next time you see a tall guy with a hot girlfriend; imagine the guy standing next to the girl, then imagine to her other side, all the guys she's banged that didn't have to bend over to kiss her. Also think of what kind of awkwardness a 5'2 girl goes through sexually (and mentally) when mating with a man twice her size. You know, putting myself in that position. I think it'd be uncomfortable to me, to try to get down with a girl who weighed 200lbs laying on top of me. All that being said, i see no reason why man and woman should not stand side by side.
      Besides, i don't want the girl to hurt me if we're rolling around in the sheets, and why should she want that? Let giants f' giants, and dwarves shag dwarves, but when i see a giant f-ing a dwarf, it's still gonna look like one or the other, if not both has a rape fantasy to me.

    • Darren Willis

      Hey Average,
      Do you realize how unsophisticated you just made yourself sound? 5'2" is nowhere inside the worldwide average range. World wide average is 5'9". Yes, outliers exist. In both directions, tiger. Tall people have a higher risk for bacne, receding hairlines, and funny noses? What? Where in the world are you getting your stats? That doesn't even make sense. As for women preferring tall men, take a course in evolutionary psychology. Any time that overwhelming majorities of a population express a preferrence for the same thing, there is a very real and definable biological reason for it. Tall people being mutants that natural selection is trying to weed out? Do you know what natural is? How it works? If tall men are perceived as being stronger, smarter, or having better leadership qualities, and this leads women to be more attracted to them, then this is a prime example of natural selection selecting in FAVOR of something. Tall men are more attractive, therefore find it easier to acquire a mate, therefore pass on more genes. Take a biology class before you post any more nonsense.

    • 5'5" claiming to be 5'6"

      I once dated a girl that said she would never date someone shorter than her and she pointed out the fact often. I know that there are a lot of negative aspects to being short: greater chance of obesity-and related diseases, greater risk of accidental injury (due to reaching or ladder related injuries), but if if wasn't for my diminuitive size I probably wouldn't work as hard to be in good shape and wouldn't be who I am today. The truth is, I live a good life and am satisfied with who have grown into partly as a result of my stature. And if women can wear bras, high heels, and use make-up, I can always go to China and get my legs stretched (or buy some elevator shoes). And why shouldn't height, weight or any other measure matter if everything remained in homeostasis there would be no evolution. Now I'm off to Africa to pick me up a pigmy chick.

    • BlogShag

      I really don't understand all this nonsense about tall dark and handsome being all that.

      I'm a gay male, 6'1" and if I dated guys that were taller than me, I'd feel like I was standing next to Jack and the Beanstalk, I find men taller than me undesirable. All of my boyfriends have been between the heights of 5'6 to 5'11", cause those heights are sexy to me. Also, guys between the heights that I mentioned usually have better body symmetry.

      I see a lot of men in the 5'7" to 5'10" inch range with girlfriends/bpyfriends and they have decent jobs, etc..If they are not overweight they also have no problem getting laid

    • jere

      So what you are claiming is that short men are basically inferior, so to compare
      heighism to racism is ridiculous.

      It is a fact that blacks have lower intelligent quotients on average but you claim
      racism is wrong.

      What you say makes no sense.

    • jon 5’10”

      honestly whoever comments here seems to feel they need to brag about other physical features that they have.

      big whoop that they can lift so much, big whoop if u claim u can get all the girls which i highly doubt.

      none seem to drive a porsche, own a huge house, whatever the case may be. look the fact of the matter is, it doesnt matter how much u can lift…we ALL can achieve that if we want. you’re short, no need to be cocky. just fitting the description of “short angry men”

      u dont need to talk about other physical statures because you’re short. social status and STABILITY determine success financially and emotionally.

    • jon 5’10”

      alright boss, if you’re always the “boss”, get all the girls, claim ur gonna break any1’s leg, ribcage or jaw, shoot 3’s all day, u know all these qualities u try to impress people who actually read this garbage….if you’re so good, why are you watching this video? why do you feel u need to comment if you’re so “proven” why are you even on the computer googling up this video. a person like what u claim u are should have a pretty good social life and not need to brag about what they have or can do (not like any of the shit u wrote was impressive.)

      anyways, you’re just a common introvert who feels they need to prove themself by lying and being loud (emotionally unstable.)

      and if you comment back…well then that’ll prove my point of you being an introvert cause u basically read ur email and went out of your way to go on this site AND comment.

    • Carl Hendershot

      Lmao that is sad that one would feel height matters much less penis or vagina size in a world that really isnt much to start with. Grow up and get over it. No pun intended.

    • Ryan

      Honestly. Women don’t give a fuck how tall you are; what’s attractive or unattractive to them is how self-conscious you are about it. Realize there’s nothing you can do about it and man the fuck up, you’ll be amazed how little women care. PS: What a woman logically thinks she’s attracted to and how she emotionally responds are two very different things.

      • Roy

        How can u say that, wasn’t the proof in the documentary enough for you? If you two are not short and you are saying this, that just disgusts me since you still do not understand after watching the documentary. Sub consciously women are primed to look for tallness in men, its just in genetics because height is a great genetic indicator. Also when your girl has to stoop down to kiss you, and she can’t even wear high heels around you, society laughs at such men and labels short boyfriends as looking like “little brothers”. The insecurities of a short man is more than one can imagine without actually experiencing it

    • Dee

      Hi there I just saw your doco a few weeks ago and as a woman I was shocked that short men have all these problems, it was a real eye opener to me. So I thought I’d send you a message of support. 

      You see I love short men! I do try not to have a type so that I don’t miss out on any great guy therefore height is not in theory important to me –  however all things being equal I much PREFER a short man. All my serious boyfriends have been tall and whilst I found them attractive and really loved them I always secretly wished they were shorter, I remember one guy finding him really attractive and then he stood up and I thought oh what a pity he’s so tall! I still found him very attractive because he had a great personality and was quite good looking but he just would have suited me better if he hadn’t been as tall because I am 5foot4 and I was always getting neck strain trying to kiss tall guys or dance with them etc. So I always wanted a boyfriend my height. For whatever reason though I kept ending up with tall guys so I am used to them now and do now find them attractive however short men still really turn me on.  Eventually I kissed a guy my own height and it was bliss – no neck strain! Also I don’t mean to sound crude but I also feel that a man my own height… well our bodies seem to fit together better, eg I don’t get crushed to death in the bedroom!  Unfortunately this relationship with the short man didn’t work out (due to incompatible personality) so am yet to find the man of my dreams, whoever he is if he has the right personality I won’t care if he’s short or tall, however it will be a bonus if he is the same height as me.