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    • Teenage Tourettes Camp

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      Teenage Tourette’s Camp follows five British teenagers with Tourette’s Syndrome as they spend a week in a unique summer camp where they are allowed to swear, behave obsessively, act compulsively and enjoy every minute of it.

      The group are the first British children to take part in the week-long program for those with the medical condition. Characteristics of this condition include chronic muscular and vocal tics, which can be socially stigmatising for sufferers. But these aren’t simply youngsters who swear a lot (though some of them do) and they are certainly not mentally ill – all they want is to do the things other teenagers do.

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      Published on February 1, 2009 · Filed under: Lifestyle, Society
    • 24

      Absolutely fascinating…Between the the teenage condition, the tourettes and human nature it is interesting to see such complusive behaviour. That time in your life is difficult enough, but having such a disorder of uncontrollabe behaviour. I certainly feel for these young people.

    • Jay

      I liked this documentary though I found some of the video-poster's comments within it inappropriate. It took away from my viewing experience.
      It hurt to see Jenny and Jessica not get along in the end but I'm glad for the boys, especially now with their little collection of American girls. What girl doesn't like a bloke with a nice British accent~ I don't mind at all~
      It seems like an awesome camp~~

    • Kai

      I find this documentary fascinating. It is great to see some peoples' kindness given to people that are suffering from this condition- it is so misunderstood. That being said, I found the cartoon bubbles of inane and hurtful comments detrimental to the presentation of this story. The comments were not even slightly funny and revealed a complete lack of insight on behalf of the poster of said comments. It is really too bad that this could not be presented without the unintelligent comments.

    • la

      Is it just me or did it seem like at times some of the teens in this doc. just used their Tourettes as an excuse to say bad things? Certain instances of outbursts didn't seem genuine.

    • la

      Oh, and If they showed a black person with Tourettes, would his/her tick words include "cracker?"

    • Leah

      They totally stole their music from the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind soundtrack.

    • courtney

      I saw this documentary when it premiered and wanted to show it to my daughter, who attends school with a boy with Tourettes. While I am glad that she got to see it, I wholly regret not previewing it first. I completely agree with Kai's comments about the dialogue bubbles embedded in the video. How about posting this doc objectively, the way it was meant to be seen? Or could you at least provide a disclaimer informing potential viewers of this site that they will be bombarded with infantile commentary during viewing? I think the whole point of this doc (the making and the viewing) is to promote knowledge and acceptance (or at least tolerance) of Tourettes. What you have done here is a complete negation of that. I'd thank you for posting this doc, but that would be insincere. Reading the transcript would have been less annoying.

    • courtney

      Well said. I agree completely.

    • colin johnson

      i was there that year 2006 i was dissapointed that i did not see myself. i hope to go agin next year!!!

    • what

      are you serious you watch a documentary about tourettes and you expect a disclaimer… what do u expect them to bleep everything… get real

    • Amanda Gibbons

      the actual documentary was interesting. The accompanying comments were HORRIBLE! It was rude and insensitive.

    • Jae

      I know I’m seeing this later than everyone else but you’re right absolutely fascinating…so much so I watched it twice and may watch again…They sould do another one and a follow up…I’d really like to know how the kids are doing? Did Sam and Ben become camp counselors? Did Michele become an airline stewardess? Did Jen get to go back? How has see been since she was attacked on the show? I hope all of them are doing well and thriving. This show has actually made me decide to start donating time and money to this disorder…I know this sounds bad but after watching this I really hope that Jessica gets paid back for all her evilness she spreads. After watching this it appears that she does have tourettes but uses it as an excuse to bully others. Everytime she said something in anger to one of the camp counselors i.e. “I’m going to get Ginia and shoot her in the F*****ng brains” she would say that was my tourettes. I believe she bullied Jen because Jen saw through her. Tourettes is not a coherent out burst of vocal tics and it appears that over 80%(maybe more) of Jess’ vocal tics were directed and coherent she knew exactly what she was saying and who she was saying it too…It’s very funny that when they show Jess around “It” girls that she does not have any ugly tics towards them? And what is this voice she uses? Some of her tics take on this weird squeaky voice while others are in her normal voice…None of the other kids have that issue…I think it is an excuse to act however she wants and not get into trouble. I’ve known girls like her all my life and I hope that if she is still a bully and using racial slurs that she stops before she gets hurt by someone who doesn’t understand or worse. I hope all the kids are doing well and thriving and I hope they are able to outgrow them when they become adults as much as they do. It’s an awful thing to live with not just for the kids but friends and family as well.