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    • The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence

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      We have been brought up to believe that the mind is located inside the head. But there are good reasons for thinking that this view is too limited. Recent experimental results show that people can influence others at a distance just by looking at them, even if they look from behind and if all sensory clues are eliminated. And people’s intentions can be detected by animals from miles away. The commonest kind of non-local interaction mental influence occurs in connection with telephone calls, where most people have had the experience of thinking of someone shortly before they ring. Controlled, randomized tests on telephone telepathy have given highly significant positive results. Research techniques have now been automated and experiments on telepathy are now being conducted through the internet and cell phones, enabling widespread participation.

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      Published on November 24, 2010 · Filed under: Biology, Environment, Psychology, Science, Technology
    • Zana

      Human mind, brain, soul and their interconnectedness (almost like “holy trinity”) are very intriguing… It would be interesting to explore further this subject. It is true that these are ordinary experiences and his evolution based explanation as to why we are able to have them is also an interesting point. I also liked what he said about bigoted, certain and paralyzing scepticism as opposed to the sceptics welcoming genuine discussion and offering more than generic arguments…

    • topaz

      the speaker is brilliant. this clip might be helpful to understand instincts as relevant.

    • Max

      You cannot be serious …

      The mind is in the BRAIN. That’s where the processes of synaptic functions define the stimulus we receive from visual, audio, sensory and emotions.. etc. To believe that our mind exists outside of the brain would be the equivalent to believing that the Mayans were space faring humanoids who are returning in 2012 to reset the calendar and rid the world of all the profit mongering politicians who ruined Eden.


      • Korn

        Listen to the man. Don’t be like a stupid religios people. mind is not only in the brain. And to give you an example that even a monkey would understand, imagine that we extend our minds every day just because i project a sound wave trough the atmosfere. Now think about the fact that sound waves are not the only waves in the universe, there are olso electromagneti waves like light and there might be even other waves that we don’t know about it. We didn’t even find a graviton and they are everyware.

    • malak

      well its time to get out from the dark age in science and to be more opened to theorys that explain things that untill recently were a credit of popular believes or superstitions.

    • Adrian

      You’re incorrect about the Mayans.
      That isn’t even close to what 2012 is about.
      It’s a shift in consciousness.
      Assuming you’re correct; explain telepathy.

    • Oshuddup

      First of all – Max – the first cognitive hurdle you are stumbling over is where this so called “brain” is located/limited to. Certainly the mind is in the brain, but are you SURE you know where this “brain” begins and ends? Many would argue that parts of the central nervous system, or indeed all of it, is included in the definition of “brain”. This is obvious – it is how your “mind” communicates with your fingertips.

      Did you know there are receptors for neurotransmitters in your gut and lungs and many other types of tissue?

      Neither did science until not that long ago.

      But ADRIAN – it is for you I have the greatest interest. LOL 2012? You know the Mayans didn’t care about it – don’t you? In fact they barely touched on it.

      The 2012 prophecy/shift in consciousness/schizophrenia movement has no basis in fact anywhere. I have researched it thoroughly – back when my motto was also “I want to believe”.

      • Korn

        Dear oshuddup,
        i would like to belive to, but where there is no reason it is most possibly no truth. I agree with you and i hope that more reasonable people will join us

    • killthebuddha


      Pleeez…Why are so many Brits finding new ways to slaughter English? Is this just more academic/scientific pretense? UGH.

      My question is: if there is a physical analog(ue), such as gravity or other physical forces, why is distance not a factor here? Where’s the inverse law?

      Thanks for your work; I hope more open-minded efforts gain traction.

    • YourBrainOnReligion


      Our nervous system feeds us information like our keyboard or our mouse feeds our computer information. That doesn’t mean that it’s either essential or even relevant when discussing where consciousness is located.

      Human consciousness is VERY much analogous to computers except on a much higher level due to added dimensions we’re currently incapable of digitally reproducing. Our brains our the CPU, our senses are the digital peripherals (keyboard = ears, camera = eyes, mic = ears) We cannot fully produce a sense of smell or touch digitally yet and this, in my opinion, is what separates us from fully artificial intelligence.

      We know this after studying many people who have suffered severe brain injuries etc by studying their brains, etc. Neurology and neuropsychology are two fields which, while still in their relative infancy, are in no debate about where the ultimate sensation of consciousness is entirely located. And that is, undeniably and unassailably in the brain. To assert otherwise is akin to asserting the world is flat, period.

      • Korn

        yourbrainonreligion, you are very wrong. The main diference betwen a human and a computer is that we do not have the program that makes us human. The quality of the informations is not that relevant when you think that a blind man has the ability to learn and act like a human. The main diference betwen human and computers is that a human takes the world and put it trough logic and reason. We have the so called wow moments when we realize that there is a logic for a particular pattern. I’m trying to make that program, and a lot of people are. Please don’t just say your opinion because you are going to mislead people and we need as much people as we can in order to succed.

    • Anka

      I noticed this phenomenon too.I have been doing my these kind of experiments myself for years.But my conclusion was different.The more you know someone (which described by tangling of extended mind in the video) the more you can predict their actions.For example lets take burglars.We know they take action when there is no one around.So when we walking in a forsaken alley at late hour we start to feel uneasy and not safe so we eventually look back.Its something we do everyday, reading the signs around us to predict about whats gonna happen next.The more you practice it the more you get better at it.At some point we start to do it unconscious.So when it happens, we cant explain it and we think that either it was a lucky guess(which really might be just a mere lucky guess ) or we have some sort of powers like 6th sense, extended mind(sounds more scientific explanation yet still sounds little fiction maybe this is the reason why not too many people show up and some of people that were there left. ) etc.Most of these results depends on variable factors involving some coincidence too.I felt sorry for the man because eliminating those factors, which some of them may be unknown analyzed in depths of unconscious mind, and also standing against the mere coincidence factor is very hard thing to do.Even he is right, most people will think he is mad.But he knows how to approach to these opposite ideas rationally as he should otherwise one small failure and he will be officially labeled crazy.
      Also these weak forces between us do exist which can be explained by physics.We do have masses so there is a gravitational force between us also our body generates electromagnetic field.Different arrangement of neuron connections(It is believed that memory storage works this way which makes us, us.) in our brain could generate a unique electromagnetic field.If we just could sense that unique difference we could make a connection way for data transfer between minds.But these forces are too weak.Also there is no sensory mechanism can detect presence of other people that have been discovered yet.But that doesn’t meant there isn’t.Its worthy of researching :)

    • Jay Payne

      Can you please remove the above image as I do not recall any request for permission to use the above image or any request being granted. I own the above image in all formats and request that it is removed immediately from this website.


      The Copyright owner

      Jay Payne

      • Gwenelda

        I was looking everywhere and this ppoepd up like nothing!

    • B

      Wooow. Unbelievably smug, narrow-minded, presumptuous little tits. Wouldn’t want your paradigm to shift, would we?

    • B

      Um, that’s actually just the way Britons speak.

    • Githa

      Life is short, and this article saved vaulalbe time on this Earth.

    • iwc portuguese

      ENtYJK mmm burgers