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    • The Genius of Charles Darwin – Part 3

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      It cannot be denied that Charles Darwin’s contribution in the world of science and to humanity in general, has created a huge impact. The man behind the “Origins of Species”, a publication which was released over a century and a half ago and contained all of his ideas, which shaped the way many of us understand the beginnings of man and the Universe.

      Controversial or not, and whether one agrees to his ideas or not, Charles Darwin was a very important person to the world.

      In this documentary, Richard Dawkins creates the ultimate guide to learning about Charles Darwin and his theories. Presented in a three part series, this film is one of the most comprehensive presentations ever made of the subject.

      God Strikes Back. In the third and final episode, Dawkins explains why Darwin’s theory is one of history’s most controversial ideas. Dawkins uses this episode to discuss the opposition that evolution has experienced since it was first discovered. He starts by approaching various anti-evolutionists, ranging from John Mackay from Creation Research, Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America, to English school teacher Nick Cowen. In order to address concerns they bring up, he shows the evidence for evolution, including fossil and DNA evidence.

      NOTE: If the video gives an error message because it is temporarily unavailable, do the following: Refresh this page, but now instead of clicking on the play button in the middle, click anywhere else on the video and watch the video on the site of megavideo.

      A documentary presented in three parts, The Genius of Charles Darwin is from Richard Dawkins who is an evolutionary biologist.

      Part Three is about the controversies surrounding the Darwin Theory and discusses the points of those who oppose it. He also goes deep into the personal struggles of Charles Darwin, particularly with his faith.

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      Published on August 20, 2008 · Filed under: Biography
    • koele

      Finally, someone who comes close to my own views here. Views that move beyond the dualistic argument between atheism vs. religion and evolution vs. creationism. Though, I'm not religion and don't put much "faith" in the stories of the bible… I do think the archbishop of canterbury, interviewed herein, is a pretty sharp guy. The correct route is the middle path. God is just a word to describe 'that' which gives rise to 'this'. Thereby, God is within the 'ALL of this'. Neither good nor evil, God is the director and the creator of energy… energy that becomes matter …and matter that evolves into life. To deny "god" is to deny self… as we are part of 'that'.

    • Terry

      If “God is just a word”, less loaded words that do not carry the myriad of meanings (or perhaps no meaning at all) could be chosen. Maybe the word “cause” fits your description as well. Thus, we could summarize your discourse by saying that everything has cause. OK. That does not mean that we can always know what is the cause preceding some particular matter or energy that can be observed. By recognizing that there must be a cause for each of us, we thereby do not deny self, or anything known for that matter. Evidence allows us to discover existence, not necessarily cause. Ultimately, it seems to me, cause becomes both irrelevant and even meaningless. Yet, existence flourishes – it can be observed, known and enjoyed!