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    • The Known Universe

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      This feature is short but poignant. Compared to other documentaries that take a series to tell a story and explain an idea, this film is only six minutes short and takes the viewers to the top of the Himalayas, looking into the vast atmosphere of space.

      Learn about the Universe in this film, which also makes use of a four dimensional map as part of its illustration.

      Created for the American Museum of Natural History, this film is also being exhibited at the museum for its guests.

      This is part of the series Visions of the Cosmos: From the Milky Ocean to an Evolving Universe, which was also shown at the Rubin Museum of Art in Manhattan through May 2010.

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      Published on February 21, 2010 · Filed under: Cosmology, Physics
    • mowrow


    • akhmadh

      wow… one of the best clips of universe..

    • pedrothefisherman

      wow that was biblical !!! loved it
      i thought i saw my house too !?

    • Adrian

      omg how tiny we are…

    • Tyler

      Beautiful. We're living in worlds within worlds within worlds. This was truly stunning, although it could be a bit longer, and with more detail. There are a lot of videos just like this, so its hard to be really original with it. This is cool though becuase it's relatively accurate.

    • WOW

      Everyone needs to see this… it is so humbling, and exciting. Next step: build technology to travel in light years :)

    • Frank

      Truly amazing, although as Tylor said, it's kind of hard to be original on this subject.

      Everytime I see such a stunning simulation of the Universe, whether accurate or estimate, it emphasis our insignificance and makes me wonder how anyone on this Earth could be genuinely convinced that there is a God.

      This here people… is far beyond God!

    • Aleks

      This is fantastic, puts thing really into perspective.

      To Frank:

      Funny one could quite easily ask the opposite when seeing this:
      How can there not be a God?

      Amazing how in all this vastness we humans can create a totally diffeent reality of things through our little perception.

      Thanks again to the poster of those brilliant documentaries. Keep up the good work.

    • Frank

      To Aleks,

      Given the bible states something like "God seperated Heaven & Earth", this statement clearly lacks any form of knowledge on anything other than the Earth and its Heaven (read: sky).

      Nevertheless, let us assume there is a God, and he did create all of this (instead of only seperating Heaven & Earth as it states in the bible). Then, surely other alien lifeforms (which I'm convinced of that they exist whether intelligent or not) have the same God as we do. I'm pretty sure that (maybe even the majority of) the religious people here on earth would not agree with that. And if so, why isn't it mentioned in the bible? Why should other lifeforms remain a secret to us, when God created more than just us? Also, are these lifeforms created in the image of God as well? Seems probable that they will not look the same, so they must think the same right? That is, their concience is what makes them like God, I guess, as is the same with us.

      Needless to say, these questions will remain unanswered, at least for a little while longer. It's just that God (as perceived by many) soley focusses on the Earth, and how can that be when the Earth's place in the Universe is less than equal to a grain of sand on Earth?

    • zigfr33

      Frank you pretty much nailed it on the head, there is no god there is vastness. I've seen a doco that says an atom is to our visible universe as our visible universe is to the actual universe. 14 billion years is our visible horizon its as far as telescopes have seen(hubble). 14 billions times alot of billions even trillions is alot of billions and trillions of light years. i have no doubt there is life elsewhere, even intelligent. but distances are so vast we will never know of eachother. Peace

    • Rune

      Speaking of god.. this is god! What else can one see in this video (not minding how limited a simulation it is) but the true divinity of all that exists?
      Pantheos: Ancient greek; ‘pan’ meaning everything, ‘theos’ meaning god. ‘Everything is god’, or ‘all is divine’.
      And still, wether all this is made by some external, almighty force, if it made itself, or if the universe has been around allways: Does it matter? How could it matter when, with the known universe as a reference point, only our power of thought can imagine the wholeness of the total universe(s)?
      I mean, neither atheism, religion or science can explain why everything that is, is as it is, and how it came to be like this, so.. why bother trying to make smart guesses?
      I don’t mean to moralize, but here’s a hot tip: Experience something you haven’t already. That’s where our existance gets divine.

      By the way, thanks for the lovely link, wouldn’t have found this by chance in the YT haystack.

    • Simon

      I am getting sick of this site. I end up pressing ad after ad and for what. Its only 6 minutes long. I am not stupid and can type universe in the search box in youtube. Infact I am going to write my own site. I had enough of this pop up after pop up. I value Education, and not tack adverts invading my cookies, and privacy. There are plenty of sites using this technique, but you need to have some balance if you are using it.

    • Simon

      Jeez even if I type in this box an advert pops up. Like I say it is a clip from youtube. 6 minutes long. You should explain that before as it takes 6 minutes just to open it, after closing all the pop ups.