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    • The Lobotomist

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      Dr. Walter Freeman was an expert in lobotomy, which is a form of neurosurgery that needed cutting part of the brain’s frontal lobes. He performed these procedures among children who were treated for pychosis and other behavioral problems, hoping to find a cure for their mental illness.

      He was trying to perfect the procedure, which was developed by a Swiss psychiatrist in the late 1800s and later asylums during the 40’s and the 50’s also made used of his methods. The doctor was once tagged as a proponent and a hero of modern medicine. Over the course of three decades, about 40,000 are believed to have undergone lobotomy in America.

      However, this was met heavy criticisms and protests. There were great concerns about how humane this process is. In the 70’s, lobotomy was banned in most countries and Nobel was pressured to rescind the award they first bestowed on Dr. Freeman.

      The documentary put the arguments side by side to carefully profile the lobotomist. Was he a medical hero or a moral monster?

      “The Director Has No Longer Released This Video”

      please share:
      Published on March 5, 2010 · Filed under: Psychology
    • Strobeflux

      Very interesting. Thanks for this :)

    • Jmk

      zshare is awful. i have to keep refreshing and reloading the doco because it stops loading.

    • ih82bl84f1

      hmmm … this is a tricky devil to get to play. i give up! lol

    • Le

      doesn't seem to play….firefox 3.6 on mac

    • Documentary Log

      Ok guys, I made some fixes. Try again to see if it plays correctly :)

    • Allyson

      Wow, I can't believe that so recently such careless procedures like this were being performed! I can't imagine doctors nowadays being able to do whatever they wanted to their patients like that. Craaaazy stuff

    • Le

      thanks a lot! works in safari for me

    • (just a) F R O G on the LOG

      Dang it – I was worried zshare might be problematic, but it was the only embeddable source I found for this video.
      I will mention:

      * once you start, then pause this player (as you would to buffer any other video) although the ad window drops back down, the buffer is still building in the background, just slow. Give it a good 4 min (grab a beer, feed the cat…)
      Of course; close other tabs/windows, clear cache, clean ram, blah… blah…
      Also, this player does not provide the ability to fast forward, or rewind – play & pause are your only options.

      I hope that will work. I think this is quite an interesting documentary, and I really wanted to share it with you all!

      (how ironic – the subject matter is lobotomy, and already it is causing headaches to watch it)
      additional irony – my security code is NWTF?!

    • Orius

      Too much power made the doc go crazy

    • Avatar

      whats the difference between a lobotomy and a "chemical lobotomy"? none, the 2 of them are made to make you think the way our all mighty psychologist and Psiquiatrist want. If we follow this even Jesus of Nazareth, Budah and many other grand masters would end up on an asylum, sedated , lobootmized or electroshocked.

    • Espetalapetala

      Many thanks Frog on the Log, but still doesnt play.

    • This was such a thought provoking documentry. What I knew about lobotomies was limited to jokes made in The Simpsons.

      To think just how many people had this done and how long it took them to realize just how damaging to the brain it actually is

    • melvin

      Very interesting and well made. I really enjoyed this (although it saddened me). Thanks.

    • Sara

      can u please put another link to this documentary???
      Z share never work for me

    • (just a) F R O G on the LOG

      The only other place you can watch it is directly frome – it is part of ‘The American Experience’ series. For a limited time it is available for online viewing there. Be sure to click “watch full video”, otherwise you’ll just get the trailer. There is no embedable code provided by PBS for this video, so there is no direct link from Documentary-Log. After you watch it be sure to come back here to tell everyone what you thought about it and give it your rating, too!