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    • The Mystery of Empty Space

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      Kim Griest, a physicist working at the University of California in San Diego talks about the empty space and three-dimensional existence in this short documentary. The professor is actively into the study of dark matter or vacuum energy and believes that 95% of the universe is made up of this. He also is into gravitational lensing, which is the process by which one searches for invisible objects like dark matter, black holes and other planets.

      Griest is well-versed with astrophysics and particle-astrophysics and has thoroughly written on topics pertaining to this.

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      Published on March 5, 2010 · Filed under: Cosmology, Physics
    • Victor

      very interesting presentation, definatly worth it! we're in for some incredible stuff in the next decade

    • Victor

      great presentation, worth a watch for sure

    • (just a) F R O G on the LOG

      I recall this lecture series was broadcast weekly on San Diegos public access cable channel some years ago. With the resources made available to the public from UCSD, the San Diego Astronomy Assoc., not to mention Palomar Mtn Observatory, SD is a haven for anyone with a recreational interest in astronomy and related sciences. One of the many reasons it rightfully earns the title 'Americas Finest City'. If you ever have the chance to visit there, and cosmology/astronomy gets you giddy, I have a suggestion not found in any tourist guide: check out the weekly lecture/presentation series hosted by S.D.Astronomy Assoc. at the planetarium in Balboa Park, late Wed. evenings – tickets are like 7 bucks! Renowned experts, fascinating topics, really cool.

    • Sikkan


    • Ciph3ro

      Very cool!
      Good presentation.

      Hopefully humans will evolve soon and automate all labour and do academic research instead so we can actually "advance" as a race, rather than everyone being out there to make money and open businesses.

      Hope to see some of this stuff figured out in my lifetime.

    • Darkangelmoon

      Very clear explanation and not too much difficult english words
      in fact I am watching documentaries here to improve my english and even though you'll need some knowledge on protons and all this stuff, it isn't all that hard to watch if it interests you

    • Solnce

      This knowledge is of course based on assumptions,
      there are no facts, no solid visible evidence, no practical experiments that actually carry any weight, only theory, but they say that theory is fact until proven otherwise, i say that theory is garbage, present evidence that can be verified, seen, held, or photographed.

      anyone seen Jesus lately?

    • Vinnie

      An excellent lecture. Really good explanations of some pretty difficult physics. Defo worth a watch.

    • automata

      wonderfully concise, easy to understand explanation of what we are trying to accomplish in particle physics.
      Would love to hear this man give more presentations.
      Also, I think adding a lecture here and there would be good for this site…

    • Micky

      Knowledge isnt the way to advance a race wisdom is

    • Jack Kebek

      Learning where I and the Universe comes (or might come) from,
      knowing that we are essential made of star dust
      and knowing this great website
      does bring some quarks of wisdom to me

    • Paco

      at 3:40
      wtf, i thought water was H2O not HO2
      im not a chemistrist so dont believe me too much anyway…

      this documentary is worth a watch ****

    • searching

      I loved it.
      Easy to understand – the man did a great job.

    • daniel alabi

      very intresting presentation. thank

    • homie12

      u got to be kidding he is so mixed up wheres the relation of electricity and magnetic fields in space? gravity is a 300 year old paradigm. we can dfo better than that

    • (just a) F R O G on the LOG

      There are -Jack Kebek posted a couple – I really liked ‘the black hole war’ (his other is ‘cosmic landscape’).
      Another one that I thought was great was “the brain that changes itself’ – and I’m not even a big fan of the lecture format.
      ‘Parrots’ something-soething (?) I think is lecture, too.

    • Pickas

      How can one have wisdom, without prior knowledge??

    • chuckula

      I wish I had this gentleman as a lecturer when I was attempting college in the 80’s. I would have decided much earlier in my life that I had a huge interest in the various sciences. I hope 40-something is not too late, however.
      I think this was very well presented and interesting. The lecture gave some explanation to several things I had heard about but did not fully understand. heh…kind of makes me want to move to San Diego and go to the college!
      Very good job. Never mind the trolls.

    • Mastertje

      Yeah I noticed that too, it IS H2O, it was wrong on the zoomed in slide, but if you look closely it’s correct on the slide shown in the actual presentation, even though the H atoms are ofcourse far smaller then the O atoms.

      Looks like the zoomed slides were of an older version. Did make me laugh though!

    • dave

      one day this will happen and humans life will not be spent working on non scientific or cultural things