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    • The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

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      Man is basically pleased or thrilled whenever he discovers something. It’s the same for every person, be it a child who has just discovered candies in a jar, or a husband who learns his wife is carrying their first child. There is an element of joy and delight with every discoverey.

      And this is the very idea characteristics exhibited by Richard Feynman in this documentary that was filmed in 1981. Here, the noted physicist talks about his own joys and animatedly shares facets about his childhood, his life in Los Alamos and his winning his first Nobel Prize.

      Feynman has pleasant insights for many of the significant things that has happened in his life and career and anyone who watches this will be inspired by his grace and spirit.

      The man of Science talked about anything and everything in this interview and even attempts to explain some scientific discoveries in the simplest way.

      Pofessor Sir Harry Kroto, Nobel Prize for Chemistry said “The 1981 Feynman Horizon is the best science program I have ever seen. This is not just my opinion – it is also the opinion of many of the best scientists that I know who have seen the program… It should be mandatory viewing for all students whether they be science or arts students.”

      please share:
    • Robbyou

      Love this, this copy seems a bit rough though. Anyone have a better copy they can suggest?

    • spacebunny

      Ahh, VHS. Good times. I used to have a collection of Star Trek episodes on VHS. Used to spend hours cataloging and indexing them. Wow, I had no life back then. But I was happy.

    • ramin

      The content is very interesting but the quality of the video is awful, pity!

    • DocDanny


    • Emil

      It’s a shame the quality is as bad, and that the sound syncs so bad with the video, because the content was really good and interesting.

    • (just a) FROG on the LOG

      Death 4 DOC-LOG ?! Here’s something that may be of interest to any Americans who like to watch movies (/documentaries) online. Its a bill just introduced in congress that would allow the gov to block americans from accessing any sites where the primary focus of its venue may include infringements of copyrighted material. And, to my understanding that could go beyond the sites where the videos originate from, but also to to those that dedicate links (or embedding, as Doc-Log does) to those sources as well = bye-bye Doc Log for us in the U.S. There’s an online petition asking for signatures to stop the bill. I usually don’t sign those things unless I think I understand both sides of an issue (and I haven’t looked much further into this one yet) But the bill was co-written by Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and I can’t stand that holly-than-thou twit, so that was enough reason for me to sign. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

      Here’s an article from The Huffington Post: www (dot) huffingtonpost (dot) com (bk slsh) david-segal (bk slsh) stop-the-internet-blackli_b_739836 (dot) html

      And here’s the petition: http: (bk slsh bk slsh) demandprogress (dot) org (bk slsh) blacklist (bk slsh) coica

      Sssso… on the same subject, I’m adding more documentary playlists to my YouTube channel/user Barredeux. I change the titles up from the originals just in case they would fall into that infringement catagory. I’ll keep adding whatever I think you guys might find interesting, at least until DL comes back here & updates the site.

      *The Lines End – A 2009 feature documentary film revealing the impact of overfishing on our oceans. Winner of 2 awards at last years Sundance Film Festival (not finished uploading yet)

      *Invisible Worlds Owt Of Sight – The human eye takes about fifty milliseconds to blink. But it takes our brain around a hundred and fifty milliseconds to process what we see. In those few milliseconds, extraordinary things are happening that pass us by. With the use of the latest high-speed cameras, go on a journey beyond our eye’s speed limits, to see secret worlds hidden out (owt) of sight.

      *Hot Science from Cool Galaxies
      Cambridge University astronomer R. Kennicutt gives a lecture at Univ. CA, Santa Barbara on the latest images from Herschel, the newest space telescope (April 2010)

      *Stress & Cellular Aging (a UCSF Lecture)

      *Gods End?: Horizon Guide To Science (Sept. 2010)
      Is there still room for God in the modern world? The relationship between science and religion has been long and troubled: from the condemnation of Galileo, clashes between creationism and evolution in 20th century America, to recent claims that the universe does not need God. British historians delve into the BBCs rich archive of science programmes to discover what lies behind this difficult relationship.

      *Consciousness – The Secret Inside You
      Another new one from Horizon Science

      *Exploring Earths Magnetic Field Extremes (a UCSD Lecture)

      • Robbyou

        you are the “man” frog thanks for stepping up. are there any updates to the other DL site that you have noticed?

        • (just a) FROG on the LOG

          Speaking of stepping – it seems DL has stepped off the side of the earth! Maybe we just bore him now. Who knows.

      • (just a) FROG on the LOG

        OK, uploading sucks. So if I have just a short video clip in a playlist, look directly above the viewing window for a clickable link where you can watch the film in its entirety.

        I’ve done that with The Lines End (overfishing docu) So if you tried to watch it before, come back – its there now.

        *Before She Was America
        New scientific evidence is telling a very different story from the pre-Columbus Americas that is traditionally depicted in history books. When Columbus stepped ashore in 1492, America wasn’t exactly a “New World,” but a very old one with millions of inhabitants that had built a vast infrastructure of cities, orchards, canals and causeways.

        *BODIES – Beneath the Flesh
        Famous forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht gives a detailed narrative tour of the amazing “Human Bodies” exhibit. Simply incredible.

        *Language Acquisition
        To speak is human. But how is it that we are the only animal with the capacity for spoken language?

        *Together Forever
        Two people, one body, forever. Step inside the lives of ultra rare functioning conjoined twins, 16 year olds Brittney and Abby.

        • (just a) FROG on the LOG

          forgot to mention – these documentaries are on the YouTube user channel ” Barredeux ”

          Also added playlists for Birth of The Earth, Birth of The Oceans, a clip with link to Monsters Inside Me (strange stories of disgusting parasites that can use the human body as their home)

    • Jim

      The pleasure of finding things out. Like the pleasure of coming to this site every day and finding out that you haven’t added any new videos in almost two months? Or the pleasure of finding other documentary sites that can actually deliver?

      • (just a) FROG on the LOG

        Yeah, that kid from the Netherlands, Tim, spent 2 years building this site up & gaining a loyal following to his endeavor. I think he was respected because he had a very personal one-on-one relationship with anyone who cared to engage him, on everything from a simple hello, or thank you to issues with dead links or viewing difficulties. He also would post 3 or 4 new docus every 3 days like clockwork. It almost appeared that this new site owner was going to continue in that atmosphere, but it seems he drops the ball quite often. Now, the screen names of many inteligent people that would appear on an almost regular basis here to engage with others in thought provoking debate have virtually disappeared. Its really too bad. Documentary-Log is no longer at the top of my favorite sites, but it hasn’t been as fun as it used to be for some time now.

        (I’m going to feel like a real ass if we come to find out that this guy DIED, or is in a COMA or something. But, we may never know.)

    • shay

      It’s a pity about the sound, but cool! More of the real.