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    • The Woman Who Thinks Like A Cow

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      While challenge by her autism and is quite non-social with human beings. Dr. Temple Grandin had this extra-ordinary ability to understand and feel like animals, specifically cows that are set up to be slaughtered for meat. She uses this skill of hers, combined with her superlative knowledge of space and math, to create a system that would make slaughterhouses a bit more humane, if that was possible. Her implementation and ideas drew flak at first but later on, as most people got on board with her ideas, this brought about change that made an impact in the industry.

      Dr. Grandin strugged with anxieties throughout her life as an autistic and early on, she has already discovered that she can be calmed with the use of a device or a contraption that is similar to that of a cow’s contraption at the ranch.

      Dr. Gradin is an innovator, a genius and a humanitarian and she didn’t let her autism get in the way of changing things. She is, in fact, the most successful autistic in the world. Today, she works as professor in animal husbandry and has inspired a movie about her life and her work.

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      Published on June 21, 2008 · Filed under: Psychology
    • Morte Cerebrale

      What an amazing woman, to have that kind of cognitive clarity, that she is able to objectify and describe to us such a subjective thing. She is now one of the people whom I REALLY admire. And she loves animals. Both her and this channel rocks!

    • David Andrews M. Ed.

      Interesting documentary. Possibly one of the few autistic people doing really well in her field; the rest of us get enormously overlooked.

      She's found out not how to live despite her being autistic, but because of her being autistic… using her strengths.

    • Marilyn Kiesling

      I haven't been able to axcess this site

    • Jack Kebek

      Hi there.
      I presume you couldn't watch this video.
      Since it works for me, I can only suggest you look just above for :
      "If you can't watch the documentary, please try these instructions."

      If that doesn't work, you can use the [CONTACT] button near the top of the page, and ask our Admin for help, but please be a little patient, he's quite busy at times.

      Good Luck Marilyn

    • Maria

      Remarkable insight.
      I can truly recommend everyone to watch this!

    • Pionia

      Excellent documentary of the inspiring life of a brave woman. She’s helping people see the world the way autistic see it… by wanting to see what cows see.. she’s putting herself in the skin of those animals. Hope her hard work helps others to learn how to help her and all those affected by autism or have socializing problems, so they are not so afraid and have a better life in this world.

      Thanks so much to my friend Tal and this site for showing and sharing this excellent documentary.

    • terry beaton

      I think the title of this doc may be rather off-putting to some. Thus no traffic. I was a bit familiar with Temple Grandin before this show but getting her whole story was really interesting, even moving. A wonderfull human story.

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