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    • Total Isolation

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      They say that sensory deprivation does something to a man’s sensibilities in that, you lose all these senses long enough, you will start exhibiting behavior that is not like your usual, normal self. Is this true? And how does sensory deprivation actually affect your whole being?

      In a controversial move, the team from Horizon delves into an experiment on sleep deprivation, enlisting six people to participate in it. They are housed in a nuclear bunker where they were supposed to stay for at least 48 hours, with no other contact from any human being.

      The bunkers were dark, sound-proofed and cold and three of the participants were also given googles, as well as foam cuffs, with their ears drowning down to the sound of white noise.

      These were experiments used to be carried out in the 50’s and the 60’s with psychologist Donald Hebb. But these experiments were also considered cruel by many in the science and political fields, thus, they were discontinued.

      After more than four decades, Prof Ian Robbin from the St. George’s Hospital Trauma Psychology department in the UK, does the same in order to see the kinds of alteration the brains go through when deprived of its senses.

      So, what does this experiment entail and resulted to? Watch the documentary to learn more.

      “There is Currently Only a Trailer Available For This Documentary”

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      Published on January 29, 2009 · Filed under: Psychology
    • thony

      if u want to go deep into the human mind, lsd is the answer.

    • Terry

      That poor man! Look at the damage that his time in isolation has done to him! It's hard for me to look at the fear and mental anguish on this poor innocent man's face! I can see he's still there in that room..a lot.Stay strong mate. Yes you are STRONG;you're still here after ALL you've been through!!! I think you are amazing…

    • L'heretique

      Le silence est le plus grand des mepris.

    • magasen23

      why didnt the examiners just slept and dreamt about something pleasant, like a love lost or something. its like its too big deal to them to stay in the dark when we have blind persons everywhere who is used to not seeing their surroundings. i feel the experiment is either lacking or flawed, or just influenced. a normal person can sleep 12 hrs straight if he wants too. just making the subjects anxious influences the outcome of the test. it did not put into play the person's ablity to improvise in such extreme conditions.

    • Fallout

      I liked this. Good watch

    • Z

      a good watch. It was interesting, although the experiment itself is far from perfect. The scientists assume that changes in the score are being caused by lack of sensory input, and not by something else. In my opinion they should've taken into account the fact that these people were alert and anxious at start, but dull and sleepy in the end. Also its VERY bad to let somebody in the experiment that is actually studying for a PhD in psychology. Im studying psychology in Holland, and these little experiments they test on the subjects are very very basic. Somebody that is studying for a PhD in psychology knows – how a psychological experiment looks like, – what the tests are supposed to measure, – what you are supposed to answer, and more importantly – how to manipulate the experiment in any way you want.

    • ga.

      I can't watch this because it's pissing me off. Big deal! Only 48 hours in isolation? That's it??? You could sleep a good portion of that time and if you like to be alone, like I do, then that short amount of time would not be bad at all.