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    • Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canada’s Genocide

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      Kevin Annett was a minister of the United Church of Canada who authored two books on what he called as the “Canadian Holocaust”, one of Canada’s dirty secrets.

      He was a witness to how his church orchestrated the genocide of its aboriginal members of the Indian Residential Schools. Along with the rest of the clergymen who also tried to document what was going on, in order to make this public one day and expose the church of its crimes, their stories collaborate and their testimonies support each other.

      Annett himself almost faced being murdered. He lost family members, his livelihood and his reputation in his efforts to force the truth out from institution.

      This documentary film apparently took a year and a half to materialize, with Kevin Annett funding his own efforts and making sure that he does not get caught for exposition.

      Meanwhile, the government of Canada remains blind and deaf to these crimes, which not only included murders, but also the illegal acquisition of aboriginal properties.

      This documentary hopes to reveal it all, so the world will know these unforgivable crimes against humanity.

      please share:
      Published on January 24, 2010 · Filed under: Crime
    • ssimon

      …and that's what's happening (might be in more subtle form) to all minority thinking patterns (the way one or society conceives the world)…
      …the fascist machine is still grinding (as it does for some thousands of years)


    • Orius

      All this suffering because of the Europeans was jealous of what other cultures had and they wanted it even to this day its still going on… also lets not forget its using religion as a front, coated with some politics the bastards….

    • craig

      They weren't jealous of the culture, they wanted the natural resources. If they were jealous of the culture, they would have adopted it.

    • hghghghg

      Its not about jealousy, its about love of power and cruelty.

    • myron

      I am ashamed of what we have done.

    • Real Christian

      Is this guy for real? He calls himself a pastor, and he is curins left and right. I can't even finish watching this. This is why people don;t take God seriously. Because teh people who claim to represent Him don't…

    • MarkT

      Sorry? Why is he not a "real" pastor? Because he didn't back off like the church wanted him to and submit to keeping quiet about the way the residential schools attempted to assimilate them… because he attempted to expose a cult of crooked and bitter old nuns for murdering children?

      Have you seen the state of some aboriginals in this country? Walk down the street and you see a lot of people who are obviously in the state they are as a result of this country's violence towards their people and culture from many multiples of generations past.

      People don't take God seriously, not because of people like Kevin Annett or Deitrich Bonhoeffer, they don't take God seriously because the people who claim to represent him have very often proven themselves to be hypocritically self-righteous and vicious towards anyone who is not like them.

    • pete b

      absofuckinglootley shocking!!

    • dwyane shaw

      ..and still no justice. It appears Rev. Annett was assualted again just a few weeks ago (Jan/10/2010) How can religious people (especially Christians) stand by and let these atrocities go unpunished?

      you can contact the Canadian Prime Minister at –

      It occured to me that the torture commited by the past administration (in America) has alot in common with this story. Atrocities overlooked because too many in power would be implicated.

      I'm just a "dispicable atheist", but i've written my senators and congressmen (and intend to keep writing them until something is done), what have you Christians done to demonstrate that you will not shut your eyes to the violation of human rights?

      You can find contact information for your state representatives at


      DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dwyane shaw

      I just sent this to the Prime Minister of Canada. I hope everyone will stand up and write him as well:


      I have just watched a film called, "Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide". The description given for the documentary says;

      "Unrepentant documents Canada's "dirty secret" – the planned genocide of aboriginal people in church-run Indian Residential Schools – and a clergyman's efforts to document and make public these crimes. First-hand testimonies from residential school survivors are interwoven with Kevin Annett's own story of how he faced firing, "de-frocking" , and the loss of his family, reputation and livelihood as a result of his efforts to help survivors and bring out the truth of the residential schools. This saga continues, as Annett continues a David and Goliath struggle to hold the government and churches of Canada accountable for crimes against humanity, and the continued theft of aboriginal land."

      If you are unfamiliar with this story, I invite you to watch it at –

      Mr. Prime Minister, I am an American struggling to end my own nations refusal to prosecute the torture perpetrated against human beings in American custody. And now I am confronted with more injustice by North Americans. I can not allow myself to believe that the great people of Canada will accept the behavior described in this documentary. I am shocked that the Rev. Annett and the native peoples of your nation have not had any success in obtaining redress for 15 or more years.

      Please redeem the reputation of North Americans by investigating and bringing to justice any and all who have, and may still be, participating in these outrageous atrocities against our fellow human beings

      Thank you,

    • Charles

      I am one hell of an atheist, but among many things, this film made me want to follow Annett's 'Christian' path…

      At the end when he speaks of Christ having been a revolutionary, well that really makes him and his point of view, as opposed to the church and their point of view, make sense.

      'Christianity' as in acting like Christ did (whoever his dad was), as opposed to just listening to what a 'christian' church tells you to do…

      That would be nice if Harper saw this, but something tells me he won't find the time…

      I don't know what to do about the issues raised, but at the very least I will never again jump to conclusions about the individual failings of downtrodden people, as now more than ever, it is clear that collectively, First Nations in Canada have indeed been on the receiving end of a cultural genocide. When we see it on the news in far away places, we're okay with it, and the condition of the individuals 'make sense…'

      But here, we seem to be able to blame the individual's shortcomings on their own actions, something that I will try my hardest to not do in the future.

    • Jeff

      I'm with Charles.

    • Espetalapetala

      dwyane shaw, what you are doing its very honorable. Good to see good man standing and acting instead of just complaining. Im not an American born, im from and live in Portugal. Wish i could do something to support you cause. If there is a way please contact me here, ill be glad to help.
      many thanks

    • raidz

      unexpected, but not unbelievable. If it is possible for the Church to commit horrid crimes in the middle ages, why not now?
      Kevin did a great job trying to expose the evidence and promote justice.
      Christian churches had always been using scare tactics and other unrelated charges to doom another person, it is shameful how people can defend their churches believing everything the authorities told them. They never think, never question and i guess that's what get them into religion in the first place. Even when the evidence is everywhere overflowing and shocking, people can still keep silent or try to deny logic behind those evidence (creationism as great example)
      Eugenics, or i should say racism, has a Christian root and I guess Canada is just lucky enough to have someone stand out and talk about it. I would not be surprised if similar genocide is to be discovered in other parts of the world.

    • WoW

      So glad to know there are open-minded people here who can see the reality for what it really is. It's never been about choices in the West, the idea of choices only helps the middle class not feel guilty.

    • dez

      All Asians, Europeans and Africans are illegal aliens in North America. Queen Elizabeth said Europeans can make a government in the americas. She is not the ruler of earth the governments of Canada and the US are illegal foreign governments IN occupation of the Americas. NO different then the Chinese in Tibet. The America’s is not even the name of the land. The native people of the land are the most marginalized people in history. Genocide is made legal in the US and Canada for profit. The act of people from other countries still living in North America IS genocide. All ethnic groups need to leave the land or change the law and government to the true governing body of the land. Every time a person who is not native says they are a Canadian or American, THAT is legal genocide, every holiday, every house built, every TV show, every cop, every immigration official that allows another person into the land, All are illegal entities using legalized genocide to continue living illegally in the land.

      THe native people of the land are not considered real people by the immigrant population of the land.

      Ever wonder where Hitler got his ideas? HE WATCHED THE PEOPLE WHO CALL THEMSELVES CANADIAN OR AMERICAN. Ghetto-reservation-final solution-reservation system. Round up-round-up, liebenstaum-Newworld.

      Master race-master. All Nazi concepts where taken from the land called “The Americas”. We even know IBM made the holocaust happen. Canada set up Apartheid in South America. All atrocities in the 1900’s where taking from lessons of legalized and continued genocide in ” The americas”.

      • mike

        what the hell are you talking about….it’s soil water and food, if you let insane people effect your judgement they win, just enjoy what you have. dont let the past define who you are and ignore ignorance man, life is to short to worry about what the tax man does with the planet.