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    • Voyage to Pandora: Humanity’s first interstellar flight

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      In the movie, “Avatar”, we see this Earth-like environment that is actually a moon of the planet Polyphemus in the Alpha Centauri system. It is called the Pandora and this moon is inhabited by the Na’vi, which are characterized as blue-skinned, human-like figures who are over ten feet tall. They worship nature via a Mother Goddess they call the Eywa.

      This documentary, however, is not an ode to the movie helmed by award-winning director James Cameron. But rather, it presents what it would have been like if we are ever to cross intergallacti borders and touch down on Pandora.

      The thing is, can Pandora be actually real? Can this world actually exist?

      The Alpha Centauri is real, that you have to know. It is a star that is nearest to the Sun and our neighbor in the solar system, so to speak.

      But exploring the Alpha Centauri may be quite impossible as it is known to be anti-matter and only in the world o science fiction is it possible to travel there.

      recommended by Roman. Thanks, Roman!

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      Published on April 16, 2010 · Filed under: Astronomy, Space, Cosmology, Physics, Mystery, Conspiracy, Science, Technology
    • Leo-Peo

      This is an awsome site! Keep up the good work!

    • Rossman

      Another one of those space films that make you hold onto your seat, thinking “we’re all going to die!!!”

      Love it.

    • holy bajesus

      this was a great one.. thank you

    • ben

      Pandora in avatar, i think, is in the moon of Jupiter ‘Europa’. because Scientists always thought maybe there could be life there. and in avatar, when they show the skies of pandora you can see jupiter! i think…

    • Josh

      I’m sorry ben but you are wrong Pandora in Avatar is depicted as being located in the Alpha Centauri system approximately 4.37 light years away from Earth.

      A great little short.

    • mu

      ben is part of the way there, Avatar’s Pandora looks like it is supposed to be a moon orbiting a gas giant. So, not Jupiter but he’s on the right track at least.

    • Jake

      This was a pretty good documentary, but unfortunately it was largely superficial. Most of this stuff I’ve seen before.

    • chuckula

      This would have been watchable with a different narrator. This is the second documentary I’ve stopped because of the mechanical sounding and breathy speech patterns of this narrator. It is just a personal preference I don’t expect anyone else to agree with and my comment will probably give birth to some discontent and ranting from other members. Speaking from some experience in film making, it can kill an A+ show when the sound and vocal aspects are annoying. It negatively affects the film just like somebody eating crunchy stuff or talking with their mouth full of mashed potatoes. They might as well be farting into the microphone.

    • Oshuddup

      Firstly, Alpha Centauri is a star system – not a star. The closest star is Proxima Centauri, a star within that system. Secondly, I take deep factual offense at this statement: “Remarkably, it’s anti-matter, the science fiction fuel of choice that could take us there”. In actual fact, we currently make antimatter here on earth ourselves, and have for some time. Antimatter was first experimentally confirmed in 1955 and its discoverer awarded a Nobel in 1959. It has been produced prolifically since Nov 2008 and there are even containers designed for it. Science fiction? It’s science fact.

      Since the reference to Avatar’s “Pandora” dates the doco after Dec 17 2009 and it certainly doesn’t predate 1955, I will be giving this little “science” doco a very wide berth, despite the ratings.

    • Oshuddup

      BTW u guys rock – my intention is to help ;)

    • Boston

      You couldn’t pay me to inrgoe these posts!