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    • Was Darwin Wrong?

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      In the 19th century, Charles Darwin, an English naturalist, suggested in a theory that human beings actually evolved from apes. His ideas, which were further explained in his Theory of Natural Selection, a concept being studied in universities today, were both shocking and revolutionary. And while the Science community have taken his ideas into account, to this day some sectors are still refusing to believe this as even possible.

      But is Charles Darwin even correct in his ideas? Does his evolution theory carry weight?

      As with all types of theories, tests, studies and researchers were done to find links, supports and evidence to the ideas that Charles Darwin has put forward. However, as much as these theories are applied to our very own existence, it may open doors to a truth that may become threatening to man. The fundamentalist already dismisses this as it is not in accordance to what is written in the “Book Of Genesis” and Islamic creationists calls Darwin’s theories as The Evolution Deceit.

      What if we find out his theories are actually true? This documentary explores the different beliefs and reaction to the Evolution theory that baffled the world.

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      Published on May 28, 2008 · Filed under: Biology, Environment
    • mark

      Creationists constantly demand evidence and explanation; it's their right to do so. Unfortunately they can't do the same with their own beliefs and scriptures.

    • JimmyTicer9

      I think its soooooo funny that creationist say that they disregard evolution because it contains some minute gaps, though they put all of their faith and belief into sumthing that is in itself one huge gigantic gap with absolutly zero evidence of any kind. oh so funny, though also a bit sad, makes are species look kinda dumb.

    • Sindri

      It's not really their right, it's their only means of defense.

    • Simon Jester

      "The theory of evolution is a fact"
      I think english teachers might have some issues with that statement as an oxy moron.

      Most species have eyes, some sort of limbs, reproductive organs, and the rest is somewhat unique I guess.. thats about 33% thats similar.

      The debate isn't really against creationists, its against intelligent design. This documentery was like a heavyweight bout between the ultimate fighter and peewee herman.

    • Venerable

      Simon Jester: Creationism IS Intelligent Design. It's just another word.

      It's like saying "Using your eyes and seeing are two different thing"

    • George

      The great shame is the polarisation in the debate. Looking at the comments here it is obvious that very little thought has gone into most of them. Instead, they are driven by hateful prejudice (emotion) and not well thought out arguments (reason). Hate leaves no space for others and is tyrannical in nature. So my question is, do those who think that man evolved from apes also think the highest form of that evolution is a hateful human? If not, then they must be further down the evolutionary scale than they might wish to acknowledge. If so, then humankind will destroy itself. Both interesting idea and both straight form the Bible.

    • norm

      If a person measures gravity and how fast it is lossing it's pull on earth.
      And uses that as as scale to measure. time of life on earth it goes back around 7000 years.
      This film was totaly one sided.

    • stievstigma

      Er, um…I can hardly begin to describe the things wrong with this statement. Seriously, if you don't know what I mean, then perhaps we should begin a study into the possibility that evolution only applies to those who believe in it. Therefore, an inability to grasp the theory's concepts could be evidence that you are somehow immune to its benefits…which would explain the underdeveloped linguistic capability and, I presume, sloping brow and prominent jawline.

    • Tyler

      I won't try to convince you or belittle your ideas, and I have no interest in what you choose to believe. That's entirely up to you. But I have something to say.

      Is it not enough that all the evidence found supports evolution, that not a single fossil has been found that cannot be shown to fit into the pattern? Is it not enough that it unites all of biology–in fact, all of LIFE? Is it not more unreasonable to assume that life popped up out of nowhere like magic, rather than assume that it was a slow, observable process–just like every other process in nature?

      If not, then what is it that makes you so opposed to the idea? Faith? Why does evolution have to challenge your faith? Evolution only explains *how* life came about, not *why*.

      If that little factoid is really true I'd like to see where you got your information. But, yes, of course the video was one-sided. It approaches evolution from a scientific perspective, and creationism has no basis in science or reason; it relies on faith. Any science used to support the theory is crippled by the fact that it presupposes life came from a supernatural force. The existence of god is not a valid hypothesis, because it is untestable and unprovable.

    • J.

      "Oh so funny, though also a bit sad, makes are species look kinda dumb."

      How ironic! You're right. It is funny and a bit sad that it makes OUR (not are) species look dumb. Thank you for that.

    • Maire

      I agree! A shame–great choice of words–that people cannot often remain civil(ized) when discussing this important issue. It does make you tend to question how evolved we are, as opposed to how evolved we *think* we are. Science clearly points to evolution, so I have very little reason to doubt it. On the other hand, as a Christian believer, I have always sympathized with Creationism, I think it would be great to have it taught as PHILOSOPHY rather than science. Maybe in schools where it is a hot button issue, students could opt for a Creationist elective, in addition to regular science class. Whatever happens, may cooler heads prevail!

    • Bendik

      I'm a Darwinist, yet I don't believe we are far up the evolutionary scale.

      We are probably about as far as we can get, because natural selection looses its toll in a modern society with human rights and empathy. Physical advantages are usually limited to the aquired characteristics, not the inborn, so everyone can get them. Mental advantages are not always preferred by the partners, and you do not need it to survive or mate. The only characteristics which will benefit you and ensure some natural selection is ruthlessnes and apathi etc, which will devolve us.

      Genetic modifications, which I don't see improbable of happening, will also work against evolution in a way. We will control it, but we don't know what is actually best for us.

      If evolution can somehow get around this stage of empathi and rules, we can evolve further until something similar appears in a higher form of life again.

    • Bendik

      This video makes me wanna puke, however. I'm getting so pissed off by all these drama-documentaries. The music during the sky-scaper analogy abhors me. This is a documentary for Pete's sake! Gah, I wish there was a law preventing all these crappy Americanized companies from creating this shit; they give real documentaries a bad reputation (e.g. BBC ones). NGC sucks…

    • dwyane shaw

      It's astounding how many people cannot grasp the concept that a Theory, in a scientific context, is not merely a whimsical guess.

      But I wonder why science hasn't yet taken that next step and declared the "Law of Evolution". What critical bits of information are lacking for this final classification? Is there a declared "Law of Natural Selection" (or other Laws) that are contained in the Theory that I am unaware of?

      Evolution is absolutely proven by fossils, genetics, and even animal husbandry which takes advantage of the very same mechanism.

      I just wonder about the nomenclature. When will we jump that last hurdle and declare Evolution, or any of its various aspects, Laws?

    • metafa

      Great docu actually!

      Haha… now that evidence is presented the creationists stick to "I am not gonna believe anything because this docu is biased." OF COURSE its biased. If someone is convinced of the evidence for some theory then he has an opinion about the subject.

      And for the other ones who use the fact that its a veoh link as an excuse not to watch the whole thing: download Illimitux, a little addon for firefox which will enable you to watch the whole thing without the veoh player (I dont trust these guys).

      HERE is the evidence. Anyone who sticks to creationism just isn' informed enough. You cannot imagine such variety of species forming in such little steps. So now anything which you can't imagine cannot be real ??? Think about it? Is there any evidence that you didn't inform yourself enough about the subject and are only sticking to the things your mother told you when you were young (because for an infant this subject is definitly too complex, not so for a teenager or grownup on the other hand) ? Please think about it this way….

      Don't use the fact that you don't understand anything completly or that you cannot imagine or comprehend all of its features as the driving force behind what you really believe about it! Evolutoion is testable, creationism is not!

    • sylvy1212

      If evolution is true, why aren’t animals and humans still evolving? Is evolution now complete?

    • Adelbert

      First of all, I agree with the person who expresses his dislike of this kind of docudrama. Typical american, I’m afraid, they don’t seem to understand that the facts are fascinating enough.So yes, give me Attenborough or other BBC documentary’s anytime.

      As for creationism/intelligent design/…Well, offcourse those things have nothing to do with science or trying to find out how things really work. I thought everyone knew by now.
      Extremist Islam teaches that every answer is in their book. Extreme ‘christians’ (my apologies to real christians for using the word) have it in their book.

      Science is a danger to those debillitating beliefs: it poses questions, opens the eye.
      So they use any method to prevent young people from being exposed to rationality.
      Important to know for the 94% of humans who do not live in the U.S.A.: The country has a law (a clause in the first amendment) about the separation of church and state.
      To circumvene that law, to prevent young people from being exposed to real science they try to propose their beliefs as some kind of science.
      Offcourse they can’t and everyone who studies their arguments finds out there aren’t any real arguments but that’s not the point.They are not trying to convince intelligent people with real questions, they are trying to get to the voting public and to influence young people who are allready brainwashed from childhood.

      So yes, read the Bible, and the Koran and something about Buddhism. Old books with some nice values. They were meant for an illiterate people but still, some values are of all times.

      An interesting thing:Those ‘christians’ never seem to investigate ‘the Origin of The Book’
      The 4 testaments were selected out of a few hundred some 1600 years ago and the old book is several books offcourse, allso a selection, with many possible translations.

      And yes, out of interest in all things human I read a lot of what is available, even did Bible studies, though the elder didn’t like the fact that I had questions. And no, I didn’t ask the funny one about the sons and daughters of Adam and how they made little ones.

    • Adelbert

      to Sylvy1212:

      Yes, evolution is still going on. Look at viruses, bacteria,.. how fast they evolve into new species. Thing is: with bigger animals you have longer lifespans and it takes a whole lot of generations for evolution to become visible.
      Varieties should allready give you an indication.
      As to real new species of big mammals,you’ll have to have a lot of patience.

    • Tiago C.

      Who said they and we aren’t?

    • Robbyou

      “Important to know for the 94% of humans who do not live in the U.S.A.: The country has a law (a clause in the first amendment) about the separation of church and state.” I always forget the rest of the world isn’t privy to every detail of our US ways. I appreciate you reminding me of that. Still We did give the rest of the world democracy, mathmatics, plumbing, the bomb, biology, flight, the pyramids, and whatever the hell else we want to take credit for!!!
      Apparently I fall into that trap as well

    • Chloee

      Have you ever heard of antibiotic resistant bacteria? Or maybe the doctor said to you “we have to increase the dose of antibiotics because the germs are resistant to the old dosage”? That is evolution in action right there. There are moths that are evolving into two different colored species as we speak. Geneticists can mutate and make fruit flies evolve in their labs. Just because evolution is a slow process, it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Gravity and the wind cannot be seen, yet everyone knows they exist – because they can be tested. Evolution can be tested. Where was God on 9/11?

    • T

      Has anyone ever thought that maybe it is possible that evolution was God’s form of creation. God might not see time as we do. When God spoke his word and saw that it was good, was evolution the process that could have started when he spoke it? Who can know what time is to God. I believe in science facts, but I’m glad the world is no longer thought of as flat. We must be open minded to the possibilities of things we still don’t know. It is kind of like. What came first? The chicken or the egg.

    • EGG

      The egg came first. Through evolutionary processes a proto-chicken was borne of an egg and started producing chicken eggs. The egg as a delivery device for the embryonic passenger had been evolved many millions of years before what has become a chicken.

      You can evolve something yourself. Over the last 120 years or so approximately 40 species of dog have been evolved into many more than 400 by human dog enthusiasts. A dog show is your proof, as are all of the domesticated animals proof of the evolutionary process.

      One thing that makes me think is that we as humans, thinking the world and ourselves are “as it should be” have the potential to begin to “freeze”, if you will, evolution in its tracks.

      The Egg came first, of that there is no doubt. What will come last? We, each of us die and will never know the answer to that question.