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    • Water, The Great Mystery

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      Water, is one substance in this world that many of us often overlook for its importance and significance. It’s the least one studied by scientists. But many swear by its healing powers.

      So, what is in water that makes it so potent and powerful? And are the claims of its healing properties actually viable.

      This documentary goes deep into the complex nature of water. The simple, most basic element we can find in the Periodic Table, H20 is studied at great lengths in this piece, in an attempt to find if the world’s most valuable element is really just the most accessible thing to us.

      The information presented in this film has earned so much controversy upon its release. Some purists and naysayers believed this to be pseudoscience, refusing to give credit to what the film is trying to explore. In some circles, this has been talked about at great lengths with acceptance, though. Are you open minded enough to at least try to see what the film is trying to point out?


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      Published on April 5, 2010 · Filed under: Biology, Environment, Cosmology, Physics, Nature
    • CBat

      Interesting and thought provoking, but there are so many “facts” that aren’t backed up. That isn’t to say that their statements aren’t backed by research, only that they don’t make much of an attempt to relay that research to viewers in many cases.

    • Christopher

      So many questions are answered that would not be thought to ask about water. Will we ever think of it as just the liquid that keeps us from drying out anymore? NO. Just how much more can you expect to learn about water from 80 minutes that you haven’t learned by 8 years of schooling? Let’s see… How can understanding water help us to understand why Love can and does heal the body? How is it that water retains memory like a computer information system? Why did a group of researchers fall very ill from food poisoning after only having been exposed to drinking water that when tested did not have any additives to link to their ailment.? Can a sample of water tell us, and/or anyone else interested in the development of the Earth & it’s inhabitants, about our past, present and future?

      Give these questions a pondering and get a hint. Don’t miss this opportunity to fine tune your perception of the fluid that keeps us all flowing through life!

      • CBat

        I enjoy asking questions, and a lot of the questions this docu asks are thought provoking. However I feel like this info is no more reliable than a wiki article due to the lack of cited resources. It also seemed like they were trying to fit too many ideas into a small space. Much of the information was conveyed in a disjointed fashion, or wasn’t properly expanded upon.

        I would be interested to see more information on some of these topics in order to deepen my knowledge on the subject. Please let me know if you have some good links!

        • Christopher

          Ahh, yes I see your point. I do like that this doc was able to create an interest that maybe wouldn’t have been there! There’s that at least. Just the very notion that water is affected by emotion and that its structure could store information was enough to get me giddy for more…. facts! Now that I am on board with their pondering I want more. I hope they have some soon. Some of this research was also talked about in “What The Bleep Do We Know” but only briefly. I enjoyed that this doc expanded on that topic. “What The Bleep…’ also was focused on spirituality which for anyone to learn takes a bit of faith in their own filter of whats real and true. Sometimes if I don’t have all the scientific evidence to make it an instant imprint on my perceptions than I let it linger around a bit in my awareness and often times I am able to link it other bits of info I learn from philosophy & metaphysics talks. I still, of course, stay open to adjustments.

          As many more people become interested and demand facts, that are not yet brought to light, I bet we will see more and more hard evidence exposed. There lots of room for up and coming scientists, maybe a few born from this very website, who will design their own experiments to satisfy their (our) craving for truth.

          ~Anybody need a lab partner? I’m, in ;)

          Its true that we must be aware of the mis-truths and a bit of skepticism should be a requirement when viewing any scientific matter but at the very least I do love the extra mental fitness I get from the critical thinking involved in deciphering it for myself. It all carries over into other areas of creative thinking.

          • CBat

            I’m glad to find that we’re like-minded on this topic! I did enjoy WTB, and now I’ll need to rewatch and look for the tidbit on H2O.

            I’ve already been considering doing a few of the simpler experiments mentioned (the rice was compelling but I want to see it for myself), and I’ve been wondering about having my (non-secular) preschool class pray at the table now, instead of in the hallway to see if it changes anything. Not a well-regulated experiment, but it can’t hurt anything!

            Honestly I get super excited about stuff like this and am therefore more skeptical than I might otherwise be about new information.

            • Christopher

              It’s excellent to hear that its had a positive affect on you :) Experimentation is fun isn’t it and wouldn’t be amazing to perform the water crystal experiments ourselves to know without a doubt that they are accurate in their findings.

              I myself don’t need much hard evidence sometimes when it just feels true. Though it has taken quit a bit of input to have a mental database of experiences I can link new information to when making sense of theories beyond my usual focus of study. What I like about films like this especially is that even if a person only comes away with one progressive change in perception of the bigger & smaller picture of who, what, when, where and why we are then it makes them more available for receiving greater understandings that they might have otherwise brushed off as non-sense. Still, I suppose that for each person, it is non-sense until it isn’t!

              If your interested in learning more and have not already watched it then please check out the new edition of “What the Bleep! Do We Know” titled “What the Bleep! Down the Rabbit Hole”. There are 5 parts in total and at the moment the first 3 are available here:


              The last 2, which will be available soon, are several hours worth of interviews including one with the scientist behind the water segment. Like the title claims, this Ultra Quantum Extended Version will take you much further down the rabbit hole.

              Enjoy your adventure :)

    • The Tay

      Wow, this is a really speculative doc. i wouldnt take the science to the bank, either.

    • SonyAD

      Lots of pseudoscience here. A red flag when from the very onset, when they called water a chemical element when it’s actually a chemical compound.

    • Darren Willis

      Utter crap. Studies on ‘water memory’ are, in fact, numerous. They are also thoroughly discredited. Watch Dawkins’ series “Enemies of Reason” for one example. I could only watch about 5 minutes of this, but it seemed like five minutes of poorly disguised propaganda for the homeopathic scam industry. I give it thumbs up of a 30c concentration.

    • george philips cecil stephans

      water the great mystery, if you use coffie whitener you dont need milk in beverages

    • Abdullahi

      I also believe there is some speculation but some of it is really true. Its when we do bad things on eart like sins that we get the results(punishment) for it, and when we do good the quality of life get’s better.

    • rogers

      Interesting, and it would be even more so if there was solid data to verify many of the claimed properties of water

    • here’s to us

      i believe that this doc is true, even though our understanding of water’s full potential is still unknown. everyone in science class heard that we drink the same water the dinosaurs drank. this doc goes one further and poses the thought that we could be drinking dinosaur memories also. water is the foundation that life is built on and ties every living organism together in the grand scheme of things. i truly believe in a higher power. as i try to make sense of what he/she made for us. water and it’s unexplainable ironies that it put’s before science, help me also theorize how the puzzle piece’s fit. there is a great doc called “how to see a black hole” they combine all the theories in physic’s, quantum mechanic’s, and maybe another. into one grand theory. the result is what is at the end of a blackhole. the answer is an infinity of infinity’s. dr. mitchu kaku (sorry for the spelling) looked like he could cry, because the answer isn’t good enough for the scientific community. nonsense is what he called it. however i believe that it is the window for us to view infinity for now, until we can pass through it as a door. because the infinity of infinity’s were universe’s. if one thing is infinite all things in it must be infinite also. way off topic from water, but all of these anomalies are cool. thank your water before you drink it and that you love it. see if you feel any healthier. that will be the judge and jury. or try the pet experiment and see which it drinks.

    • CuriousObserver

      Delete this, watching a documentary about Ducks would be more interesting.
      Quack, quack, quack!!!!

      This doesn’t document REALITY.

    • chsrzt

      complete and utter nonscientific crap… nonscientific methodology and hypotheses all around the film.
      it’s shit like this that gives a bad name to science.

    • chsrzt

      how is this a scientifically provable hypothesis?

    • Le

      oh please! this should not be here…

    • alexkoll

      preudoscientific crap. 90% of those who present their theories don’t seem to have a Ph.D or any form of superior studies for that matter.

      i’m also puzzled how they bring emotions such as love and hate, which on their own are extremely difficult do define scientifically, in relation to the molecular structure of water…

      i call bullshit on this one

    • Tony




      Possibly the most silly docu I have ever seen…

    • Adam

      I’m not going to bother watching this, sounds silly, waters water … fun times. Tony, your comments has saed a good hour of my life :)

    • Hadrien

      It sounds very much like pseudoscience to me. Exactly like “What the bleep”.
      I’ve seen so much of it on the web recently that I’m starting to know how to detect it from miles away. Even a guy with a Phd in whatever doesn’t own the truth. He still has to prove what he claims !
      I’m not saying all of this is untrue, but we need more than easy statements to believe in such things.
      So before you believe (or not) in any of it, please make a little research on what scientists think about it. To help you do that here is interesting link :
      The guy writing this is showing objectivity and good research. Please have a look, even though this is not a video and that you’ll have to actually read it…

    • Spetalapetala

      This site used to be very good. Whats happening?
      The quality of the Docs are decreasing!

    • Manu

      WTF??? Is this a Fringe episode?… All this pseudoscience presented as factual makes me sick.

    • LKB

      Water hates rock music, loves religion!!!
      Bible Thumpin BULL SHIT !!!!

    • Joel

      Waters hates Hippie pseudoscience!! Proof: I am 60% water represented M(for me), water is represented (W), whereas 100% of me hates hippie crap, represented H. M=H, M(.6)=W, M(.6)=W-M(.4)=H… See!… That is more scientific than all the Jargon produced by RSE Incorporated all together! This equation is a joke of course. I watched a small portion of the Docu. on youtube. I saw nothing of scientific backed information. So I decided to look into the title before watching the full version here. I found out it was made by the same corporate cult that produced “what the Bleep.” I actually sat through that one, the entire thing!, thinking maybe they were saving all their scientific facts for the very end. I prefer to make theories off of tested science “fact,”(for even current science can change.) Rather then jump into and anticipating far into the unknown… Not a good watch for a “scientific mind.”

      • Darren Willis

        LOL. Math is fun.

    • Jonimo

      very worrying……

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    • NTsRdumb

      is this movie related to Ghost Busters II? yea, these new age pseudo-scientists definitely plagiarized material from Ghost Busters II

    • rouseman2000

      Close minded fools! You see soon the Water is the key to the secrets of the Universe.

      How can you judge something that you never seen! That’s like me saying, “Hey! 5 people out of 20 said the the moon is made of cheese!” So their is no doubt that it is! Ya. Real good science people.



    • Robbyou

      that is right…..Watch out man, Water is gonna get you. Water is a comming, and we will see it soon

    • robbyou

      Also the rythm. It will also get u. the rythm is gonna get U. Na na na na na na na. You can’t fight the sound machine

    • FrAnK

      Hilarious fiction!
      Hilarious, yes, but nonetheless FICTION … .

      On the other hand … it almost makes me cry to find the scientific standard of this site going down the drain.
      Please doc-log, shape up. Don’t allow things like this movie to clutter your pages.

      Be well,


    • Tiago C.

      Hehe that made me laugh, the rythm can definetly get you ^^

    • proctor

      compound made from elements… simple mistake

    • Tiago C.

      Water is indeed one of the strangest substances in the Universe. Aside the fact that was refered in the doco that water expands when it cools, and it’s the only substance present in 3 states on Earth, it’s also made from 2 extremely volatile elemets that combine to make the Universe’s best fire-extinguisher ^^ (just seemed funny to point it out)

      I’d like to see more docs on this subject to make a better assessment of the subject.
      To me, it seems that this doco tries to reveal way much more than it can handle based on the research that was made.
      And the fact that it tries to relate too many things from the start to a theory that’s hard to believe, takes credibility.
      Even so, there seems to be some really plausible concepts about this idea, and some have already ben experienced in laboratory. So I’m not sure what to make of this subject yet. Therefore I’d like to see more information about it.

    • Toxicosis

      As an organic chemist and ultimately someone who has partaken in studying academia as it relates to both chemistry and physics, I find your contention that this site is under any obligation to provide you, much less anyone else, a perfect or heightened scientific standard is laughable. Accordingly your skepticism, cynicism, or just plain ignorance fails to encompass that comments or statements without your own contribution or supportive data, documentation, or references are baseless as far as science is concerned. If you are indeed a scientist who has the capacity to study, assess, critically analyze and objectively enquire, your above statements indicate otherwise. The old dictum here of “Show me don’t tell me” also applies just as much to your understanding of any or all science just as it does with those who contributed to this documentary. If you find fault with what is presented indicate your knowledge and insight on the basis of data and facts. And do your homework due to the fact that much of what was discussed in the documentary deals with recent developments in chemistry but most importantly physics. A real scientist is neither dismissive or mocking(childish) and presents facts to counter what is relayed intially. If you happen upon this response perhaps your enough of a scientist to do some real work, since talk is cheap. I’ll look again at a later date to see if you can really ‘man up’

      Be well,


    • Buesnauer

      The water in my house is PISSED THE FUCK OFF!

    • Buesnauer


    • I’ve been in search of and seek for knowledge regarding this for positively a while now. Many many thanks for the helpful insight.

    • Tom

      I believe they referred to to water as one of the four elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water. I do agree, however, that some of the Science and statements made were highly suspect.

    • Michael Muccio

      I’m trying to watch Water the Great Mystery and can’t get rid of the foreign language at the bottom. I can’t read the names and qualifications of the doctors etc. who are speaking. Please advise. How do I get rid of that?
      Thank you,

    • Chad

      alot of naysayers here… just because somthing sounds out of this world doesn’t mean you should discredit it… Remember when people who thought the earth was round were considered crazy… You don’t know everything, so stop talking like you do.


      Well said Toxicosis! People with this thought process watched “witches” burn alive and believe they actually decide who becomes president. Will they ever become the minority????? I hope Socrates was right.

    • Sam

      Had high hopes but very early on statements like ‘who put the water here and why’, ‘there has always been the same amount of water on earth’ and loads of blatantly incorrect statements just put me off.

      Stopped watching when guy stared talking about Jesus turning water into wine!!!

      This doc has NOTHING to do with science!

    • Sam

      That’s true about people being ridiculed for saying world was round, earth revolved around the sun etc. However, the problem was one of lack of information and access to the information required to verify and/or refute such hypothesis.

      Many of the statements made here though are plain rubbish.

      Lots of stuff here is pure pseudoscience and should be recognized as such.

      Stopped watching when Jesus turning water into wine was brought up. Matters of faith have no place in a discussion of science. Not belittling faith – just not the place for it.

    • OT

      this documentary explained and answered alot of question i have had and put to rest some doubts. to the naysayers, realist, sceptist, i bet this is not the only thing you are skeptical and “realistic: about in your life. the proof is in your experience. try it and feel it.

    • (just a) FROG on the LOG

      2 more REAL science videos added to my YouTube channel (search: user/Barredeux)

      *Deep Space Survey (lecture)
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      *Compullsion To Keep
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    • Robbyoub

      hey frog.. want to start our own site? i can go 50 50 on the set up and you seem to have a great taste and thirst in docs too. seriously… think about it

    • (just a) FROG on the LOG

      Robbyou – I’m temporarily putting my email address on my youtube channel, Barredeux. Scroll down the page half way to find it in the “about me” section.
      BTW – how did you get that “b” added to the end of your name? lol :)

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