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    • Welcome to Lagos

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      Lagos, Nigeria is considered an urban community, and yet the conditions there are most extreme for any human being. It’s a far cry from how the rest of the world lives. How has the conditions in Lagos changed when more than five decades ago, with only 300,000 residents, it was considered one of the loveliest places to visit.

      Today, Lagos is overpopulated with 16 million people and it’s still growing in size, while every inch of its land is being occupied with structures. Lagos is stuck and can’t progress or function properly. The city that was once revered over fifty years ago has really lost its oppulence and loveliness.

      This documentary gives us the realistic glimpse of how its 16 million citizens are living under grave conditions, going to the backbone of the country and looking into the scavengers who will take anything from the dump.

      This documentary is presented in three parts, taking the viewer through a journey of Lagos, from its glorious days to what it has become today.

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      Published on July 28, 2010 · Filed under: Anthropology, Lifestyle, Society, Nature
    • Wow

      First, you can’t play this doc in full screen.

      Second, why the FUCK do I get pop ups ANYWHERE I click? I understand needing to make some income off your site, but jesus fucking christ man. ENOUGH of the pop ups! I quit coming here months ago for that very reason. Yet I return again anyway out of curiosity and find it’s even worse than last time.

      You must really want to entirely kill your site. Look at your damn traffic logs you moron and compare now to pre-pop-ups. I _guarantee_ you had probably DOUBLE the traffic you do now.

      No one even comments on these things because you’ve effectively killed the site. And you DID have something REALLY nice going for a while. Why, man? It makes absolutely no sense. A desire to educate people shouldn’t be motivated by profiteering.

    • Tiago C.

      First of all, you can wtch it in full screen. Just click the fullscreen button it will take you to the original site and there you can see it full screen.
      Secondly, if you keep the 2 only pop up windows opened, they’ll only pop once when you first click the page. If you let them open they wont pop again and you can cruise around back and forward with no problems.
      And lastly, these are things you could have figured out by yourself if you weren’t complaining so much.
      So next time less whining and more problem solving.

    • Wyvern175

      I agree fully with you on that!

    • Carl Hendershot

      I had no problems at all. Everything was perfect. Google chrome with ad/pop block. The rest well is history. No pausing no loading and i have a older computer at the moment that I watched on. 400mhz proc. 128mb ram. pent 3. Simple and yet flawless playback. Who says you have to have a faster proc for google chrome. Pfff.

    • Carl Hendershot

      Guess I should leave my comment now lol. Great Documentary. It is amazing what we can do when we come together. And it is horrible when we dont see eye to eye.

    • marin

      I was looking forward to watching this doc but it stopped every 4 seconds so I turned it off after the first 3 mins. Shame.

    • david

      it’s excellent great documentary, thank you !

    • jf

      Very good docmentary.Helps us understant Nigera,the giant.Also helps us to appreciate the conditions we live in. Hard working people, very ressorfull,sometimes too smart, and tricky.Impressive amount of people living under different rules and cultures.Overall excellent and informative and so many aspects of life.

    • memodog

      Excellent Doc.,

      I have watched two out of the three. Brilliant!

      Nigerians are great recycables, they also have their way of scaming everyone else in lottary and other lustfull financial desires (Rich dead man, or a president being murdered, etc).

      I get weekly scam emails all have +44 number and others.

      Thanks Documentary-log for this great one.

    • Aleks

      Your name calling is well off the mark. If you dont like something you can say it without insulting somebody. In this case the very person who bothered to put this site together which you can use for free if you wish to use it.

    • Johnny Stallion

      Learn to use the internet. I haven’t seen a popup ever on this site.

      It is so easy.

    • Elliott

      Stop being a jerk. These videos are great, and I for one am glad they’re here, pop-ups or not. Thanks for a great series.

    • Aboodaub

      Lagos very hard place. Everybody want to take from everybody. You no have new friend. I not like it there.

    • Muyi Serra

      I just hope our politician watch these, and try to improve the lives of the people living there. Those children are minor and it a human right violation to make them work the way they do, they are suppose to be in school and enjoying with their parent, but circumstances in Nigerian won’t permit that.
      God bless Nigeria and Nigerian!

    • kim

      Its interesting to see how others live, Its a shame that the Nigerian guy has to imitate Jamaican reggae music and style and can’t use their own music to advance in the industry!