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    • Western Eyes

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      This documentary features the search of two women, who are of Asian descent, in achieving a more “western” look. Maria, a Filipina, and Sharon, a Korean, turn to cosmetic surgery in order to enhance their eyes and maybe even more, to appear Caucasian. The motivation to do this is influenced by how they think other people perceived them.

      More and more women are considering cosmetic surgery so that they can look a bit like their idols and icons, as seen in the movies, television and magazines. This documentary is layered with a lot of references to celebrities and other people whom the world considers as “beautiful.”

      But what is the real effects of cosmetic surgery? Can you imagine looking into the mirror and seeing your face altered to look closely like someone you admire?

      Over and beyond the reasons by these women (and even men) for going through cosmetic enhancements, there lies other reasons that explains their decisions.

      It’s a journey though self-acceptance and beauty, one that is rings truer today than it did a decade ago.

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      Published on February 28, 2009 · Filed under: Lifestyle, Society
    • aa anon

      i think this doc could've been a lot better. good effort, but it doesnt do a good job probing the subject deeply

    • beauty

      To love oneself is accepting your looks…You are unique and special i everyway.No need to change it.

    • serene

      oh c'mon get over it. these girls have serious identity issues and grew up in an environment that is not particularly Asian. OF COS they feel like outsiders! and not to mention, their perceptive of being Asians are so inferior because they are the minority. I say the girls should save that money for surgery and travel to their respective countries and learn more about their roots!

    • crystal

      It doesn't mean that if you are ugly then other will not like you. What matters is in the heart and how you treat others. For example if you treat others really badly, others will not like you even if you look good. Anyway it is a great documentary:)

    • raidz

      Her feeling of inferiority is not exactly about her Asian look, I think its a buildup of bad experiences being/looking like Asian. She is not the cause of the problem, but the people around her is causing her to feel inferior. (so stop blaming the victim).
      I know a lot of people want to escape from this inability to merge in the society, being Asian myself I do kinda understand how she feels. And frankly speaking, there are people in America who are really ignorant in their actions and inconsiderate about other's feelings.
      If you watch the documentary "How racist are you?" here yo would understand attacks on people of different race is instantaneous and a lot of people do not get why its hurtful.

    • sylvy1212

      8:05 “The closer you resemble the Europeans the better you are.” I had a feeling this had something to do with the desire Asian women have about wanting “Western” eyes. It has to do with low-self esteem or a fear of racism. But changing the look of the eyes doesn’t change the color of the skin. The things promoting their desire for plastic surgery will still exist after the surgery. They will still not look “Western.”

      Why must we try to “change our race” with surgery or even skin lightening cream (as some women in India do) in order to be happy?

      19:50 Any man who will not have his “head turned” before a woman has plastic surgery or loses weight is not worth having after it happens.

      26:00 28:50 Oh man, she still looks Asian even after the surgery.

      I really wish that everyone was able to accept how God created them. The way He wanted each of us to look. I wish it were possible. But in every country of the world, racism, or the fear of it, still exists.