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      Published on April 2, 2010 · Filed under: News
    • Austin Chernencoff

      I want to see more documentaries with counter points. I’m tired of documentaries that glorify unproven theories. I like the one about how global warming isnt true. While I do not deny we may be warming up its whats causing it and again in evolution I beleive things evolve just not gradually, to me the fossil record does not support this. Thats one example I guess what im saying is if you put up a documentary try to find a counter one. And by the way I love this site it is amazing. Kudos

    • rick

      Dear Austin Chernencoff, I respect your opinion as I’m sharing the same one. But the reaility is a bit different.

      Documentaries are not realy there to form an opinion or solution to the viewer. Documentaries merly present the facts so you can decide for yourself. Usualy ideas presented in documentaries are controversial or hard to find at this time because it hasnt been fully researched yet.

      I think you are referencing to activism movies, which are around plentyful. And it would surely be a great addition to have these more on this website.

      Great website, I watch movise here almost every day keep it up adding new movies =)

      • Austin Chernencoff

        While I agree the reality is a bit different I don’t agree that all documentaries show the facts. Like the news they can be skewed by politics, money, and public opinion. I don’t even know if the documentaries I would like to see exist which is the reality I am faced with. Perhaps I should make them until then I will hope someone finds existing ones with a more objective point of view you are talking about. Most documentaries show facts but also tell you what is right. However true objective opinion doesnt really exist, only a camera and microphone are objective we interpet.

        • (just a) FROG on the LOG

          “only a camera and microphone are objective, we interpret”

          Thats pretty cool, Austin – I like that one a lot.

    • spacebunny

      I’ve never been interested in documentaries about conspiracy thories, quirky subcultures, or religion (again, quirky subcultures). Just give me Darwin, quantum theory, and nature docs.

      • Christopher

        If you liked What the Bleep! stay tuned for the Down the Rabbit Hole Quantum Ultra Extended Edition plus behind the scenes interviews with the cast and some in depth conversation surrounding the theme of the all the films.

    • AJR

      Anything to do with World War II or human sexuality :)

    • Wakka

      I would like to see more documentaries on Communism, thank you very much.

    • (just a) FROG on the LOG

      I like this poll, DL. I find it curious, though, that so few votes have been cast for the , the lifestyle, religion, and politics categories. It seems to me that many of your most popular videos are found there; those that have been viewed tens of thousands of times, and definitely ones that have sparked far more comments than those on other topics. Personally, I like any related to sciences. Not a big fan of biographies or music docs (which is funny, considering The Lobotomist and John Lennon)

      I think your new ‘news’ category is a great addition, too. I’m excited to see what videos will be posted there!

      May I also use this as an opportunity to cast my vote for re-establishing the ability to view all comments in a chronological, running page format, something like the way it used to be ? It was so interesting to read all the comments from people from every corner of the globe! :(

      • Robbyou

        I agree! I have only started following the comments recently, but lost my ability to track them chronologically about a week after I started really getting into it. I would LOVE to see this section come back

      • Tiago C.

        I posed that question myself before about docos like “Guys and Dolls”, the one about women and their vaginas and also (the male version) “Penis Size Insecurity by Men”. How could these have so many people watching and posting while compared to other more interesting and intelectual documentaries? (in my opinion , I gotta say) The conclusion I got to, was that most docos about lifestyle are easy to comment on, simply because if you pay attention, many of those comments are fast replies about how someone in the doco was making a fool of himself or how idiot he/she is/was, and are otherwise void of any intelectual purpose (im just saying ^^).

        Religion and politics are good docos to read comments on and also post your opinion if you like to debate because these are polemical subjecs wich can lead to some intese discussions.
        I’ve already read and participated in some fiery discussions on these subjects and, I got to say, this is one of the things I personally enjoy most about this site, and find it hard to find anywhere else – inteligent people debating ideas and opinions from around the world and from different cultures and also the fact that learning from a subject doesn’t always end when the doco does.

        Anyway I generally spend more time watching docos about stuff that are not so polemical. And I’m guessing other people do to, therefore the few votes on these subjects.

    • iom

      would be nice to have release dates of the docs, somehow i prefer those with latest findings (not saying old docs are bad though;), thx btw. one of the best docu web pgz

      • Flich

        Seconded. This is especially important for science and technology documentaries, which concern subject matter that can change at a rapid pace. It is frustrating to watch a doco and not be able to immediately assess whether or not its content is up to date.

      • Christopher

        Its good idea and will be kept in mind when making new posts and revising others. Thanks :)

    • Lord Metroid

      I would like to see the number of comments posted for the various entries on the frontpage.

    • WoW

      Made in America! It is on Bloods and Crips of the U.S. Must watch!

      • Christopher

        Its on its way.

    • joe

      please try to get:

      Who gets to call it art?

      I really want to see that movie!

    • Kariiina

      Documentaries regarding Social issues, Science and Biographies I find are the most interesting :)

      Though I would also like to comment- that this site is absolutely amazing and thank you for doing this. Documentaries are really an informative way to gain information as well as the better alternative to tv.

    • cub

      Hey, I would like to see some documentaries about the punk/hardcore scene when it started.

      • Christopher

        A few titles to refer to would be helpful! Thanks!

    • shakir

      knowing the unknone is the bigest desire of mankind… i should know everything… when we ill know the God, the creater the one we all have to go in frount. world’s bigest Q what will happen when i will die…. if any one know about this kind of documentairy please tell me according to diffrent religens. thanks….

    • Robbyou

      I love the documentaries by pelosi’s daughter, Love to see more of that type of DOC. Thanks

    • 01001110

      Hey…first of all ..this is a really great site and very much thanx to you who run this site.

      I didnt read all the comments, but i read the first one, and i agree with a reply that documentaries represent a fact and leave the conclusion up to you…

      But maybe would be a good idea, if you have time that is, to organize some kind of a “documentary-duel”…you put two documentaries about some topic (if you have two of such…)with conflicting opinions and invite the viewers to watch both and decide (or perhaps vote and comment, or even engage in discusion) which one better represented its views and gave better arguments…

      Also i like all science, technology and physics documentaries…perhaps if you could get some newer ones, i watched a few good ones on discovery channel (2science fiction science fact” is nice, and another one that is once a week aboat space which name i dont recall unfortunatly :(… ), but i never cant get the time to watch them :P

      Maybe you can get one of those..heh if i had big enough hard disk and could get my TV card to work with digital -TV device (or how ever it is called)i would be able to record them and upload for someone who cant watch those here on your site…but until i fix those problems..nothing unfortunatly :P

      Once again ..great job on the site :D

    • Attila

      I would like to see “American Casino”. A documentary about foreclosures and the financial meltdown.

      • Christopher

        No luck yet :( If you have or find a link please share it with us. Thanks!

    • Janan

      I want to see documentaries about SPACE. And the Cosmos…MORE…MORE DOCUMENTARIES ABOUT SPACE. A NEW ONE EVERY NIGHT!!!

      • yol

        Fully agree :)
        Some about quantum physics are ok to. though i think ive seen most of them already

    • here’s to us

      this is a great site. thanks for making it for us. the food doc just put up was cool. just couldn’t keep watching it because the audio was so far behind the video. there is one nature doc you could dig up that i watched when i was a kid. late 80’s early 90’s. i can’t remember the name, but i have details that may help someone find it. it is in africa for sure, starts a little after the rainy season ends. animals have their offspring and it is funny. then everything dries up and it gets sad because all birds that can’t fly yet start dying. then it rains again and life comes back to what had became a desert. happy ending. it really was very funny to a kid and sad also, but such is life. one other thing i can remember that really sticks out from that movie. was how this bushman tricked a monkey into showing him were their water was hidden. he stuck something in the hole of a tree that would make the monkey’s hand to big pull back out if he held onto it. maybe a piece of fruit. but made sure that the monkey saw that he had put it there. then he sits and waits for the monkey to try and get it out. the monkey tries to get it out and the man walks up on the monkey, who is freaking out but is to stubborn with curiosity to let go, and puts a leash around it’s head and ties him to the tree. then he feed’s the monkey salt. and waits a few more hours. till it is dying of thirst. lets it go and follows it back to a cave with fresh water. cool trick, hope i never need to use it. i would like my kids to get a chance to watch it, so i wrote alot to help. HBO is the channel it played on back then. really was a well done nature film. thanks again for this excellent site.

    • Robbyou

      I am only going to request this once, and you can put a HUGE disclaimer that it is a one time brain-drain offering, but… GIMME a DOC about the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot!

      • Christopher

        Your in luck! They are on there way. Check back next week. Thanks! :)

    • jtl1985

      I would like to see more documentaries about history and philosophy

    • Rompe

      Anything on WWII Nazi Germany, WWII Russia, Ancient Rome/Greece, Communism/KGB, Human Trafficking, Japan/China/Asian/North Korea, anything from the show “Lock Up MSNBC”.

    • Mike

      theres a documentary done bye disney around 2004 or something that was aired accross the usa and they put there corperations reputation on the line and said aliens are amung us ive been digging through the net trying to find a link to the vid but cant i can only find referances to it

    • Donk

      Please oh, please! please! add “The Boy in the Bubble”. The story about, well, the boy (David Vetter) in the bubble. Who had no immune system and was subjected to isolation in a bubble.
      Oh and Kings of Pastry and Blood and Guts, The History of Surgery.
      I LOVE THIS SITE, i would donate, but, i’ m dead broke. :(


      • Christopher

        “Bodyshock – True Story of the Boy in the Bubble” has not been easy to come by yet. Will continue to search for it but please share a link if you find one or choose to upload and share it yourself so that we can all have access to it.

        “Blood & Guts – A History of Surgery” will be available soon. Please check back periodically.

        Working on finding a non subtitled version of Kings of Pastry.


    • sue

      More from Michael Tsarion, please! ‘Subversive use of sacred symbolism’, ‘Astro theology’, ‘Divination and the goddess’, and ‘Weapons of mass deception’. THX

      • Christopher

        You got it!

        Check back soon!

        Thanks ;)

    • sue

      ‘The Great Contemporary Art Bubble’
      ‘Baal’s Shaft & Cleopatra’s Needle’
      ‘Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings’
      ‘The Magic Never Ends – The Life and Work of C.S. Lewis’
      ‘Celtic Legends – Irish Legends”

      ohhh, thank you!

    • Peter

      Oooh! Oooh! “Science of Interrogation” showed on National Geographic.

      • Christopher

        It’s on the way. Thanks! :) Check back shortly!

    • sue

      Women in Boxes

      • Christopher

        Not available yet. Please let us know if you come across a working link. Thanks :)

    • Robert

      I want to see the “the curious tribe”-serie, I’ve heard it’s great, havn’t seen it my self yet.
      Description (from MSN Tv): Five members of the Insect Tribe of Papua New Guinea visit London.

    • tokester

      lets see sum alien,alien abdutions,bigfoot, cupacabra or paranormal docs.havent seen to many of em here. love the site keep it up !!!

    • Robbyou

      I want to see a DOC on that Gov. Palin chick. I don’t get it. I need it explained to me.

      • (just a) FROG on the LOG

        She’s an idiot – what more needs to be explained?

        • robbyou

          I am pretty sure the moderator is removing comments based on if the content is supportave of the site changes or not

          • (just a) FROG on the LOG

            robbyou – and I was just going to respond to your comment that you had made in reference to the post of mine that had been removed, and tell you that I appreciated your acknowledgment of it, but it seems your comment was removed as well ! Perhaps they were just Higgs Bosons, eh ? ;)

            • robbyou

              It is a bit disheartening though. You made several good points, as well as bringing up the question of the site’s ownership. I had to post twice that I thought it was being removed, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this string gets pulled as well. Which is sad because in a web full of comment sections which degrade into name calling within 3 replies, this acted as my oaisis of mostly intellectual venting and information distribution. BAD MODERATOR!!! Bad!


      I have watched over 50 doc’s from your site….
      I would LOVE to see the following on your site:
      Mad Hot Ballroom
      Ballerina (documentary)
      Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey
      Ballets Russes (documentary)
      Bone (documentary)
      The Dancemaker
      Dancing with Time
      Every Little Step (film)
      He Makes Me Feel Like Dancin’
      Only When I Dance
      Ride, Rise, Roar
      Sharing the Dream (16mm film)

      • Christopher

        So far the “Ballets Russes” is the only one on the list that will be available soon.

        Should you find links to the others please let us know.

        Thanks :)

    • Summer

      I think maybe you should put:
      “The Curious Tribe”
      “The Incredible Human Journey”
      and anything about communism, WWII, politics, current news, some biographies…(hint: tesla)
      also some about human psychology, maybe about some interestign experiments?
      I love this site, thank you soooo much for all the work you put into it.

      • Christopher

        Thank you for the recommendations! A few of them will be available for viewing soon.

    • e

      id like to see all docos supporting the monumental lie that is religion removed. amen !

    • Robbyou

      I would love to see Hawking’s new “into the universe” series

      • Christopher

        Will be here soon.

    • Chloe

      Would like to see “Future of Food” please (by Lily Films)

      Thank you!

      • Christopher

        Check back soon.

    • Robbyou

      For Logic. let us see a DOC on the Master. Sherloc Holmes. life, death, story,history…. he lived by Occam’s razor. Was he correct?

    • Robbyou

      I was thinking it may be nice to see some of the older docs reposted> it could be a once a week thing, or maybe a “most commented on” post to bring back some of the more important docs we wouldnt want the public to miss…Possibly vote on which ones to repost as well.

      • Tiago C.

        I agree with your idea of a most commented doco post, like the one that there is already for the most watched docs.
        Some comment threads also have some interesting information besides the doco itself.

        And btw, I’m not sure if my doco sugestion wasn’t yet approved or if it wasn’t approved at all because I posted a link for it. So I request again (:P):
        “The Known Universe” series. From Nat Geo (I think).
        At least “The Known Universe: Sizing up the Universe” wich I have seen and was really good.
        I gotta say I haven’t seen any of the other docos of the series yet, but they might keep up with the quality of this one.

        • Robbyou

          In the past week the ideas in both the “bloody cartoon” doc as well as the design on trial doc have been in the news (in the good old US). I would love to see a “in the news section” or some other way to repost. To the Moderator… I admit I suggest alot, but please take it as my best possible compliment, as I respect highly the forum you have given us to express ideas and promote education and information. Thank you

    • (just a) FROG on the LOG

      I haven’t suggested any videos yet since the site format switch. But back in our old “playground” every doco suggestion I submitted was posted on the site very soon after. But, I also provided the code for embedding & all that, so I’m not sure if that may have factored into the quick turn-around time.

      I can understand if doc-log turns down some doco suggestions (not yours, Tiago; the Known Universe I’m sure would fit nicely here like hand in glove). But for those that might get rejected, I think it would be an appreciated courtesy if Admin would email a brief note telling that person why their documentary was passed over. It may be helpful to them, too, for any subsequent doco suggestions they might have.

      • Tiago C.

        But, I’m sorry (because actually it was my mistake) I didn’t mean to say that my doc suggestion wasn’t accepted, I was refering to the comment itself where I suggested the doco. Now I see how you can get that idea from my comment also, hehe

    • robbyou

      Let’s see the first doc on the oil spill. I want to see it in progress. I want accountability

      • (just a) FROG on the LOG

        Can I tell robbyou this without being deleted?:

        CBS News’ show, “60 minutes”, has a 2 part, jaw-dropping investigational piece that they just did on the BP oil spill in the Gulf. You can watch it online from their site – its called “Blowout: The Deepwater Horizon Disaster” (parts 1& 2).

        The American public should be staging a total boycott on BP! So shame on us for continuing to buy their products!

        (I pulled an “Ooops!”, Robbyou, by trying to post a direct link to that video. Thats a no-no & my comment was removed. Hopefully this will stick.)

        • robbyou

          I appreciate you getting that post reposted. I will check that out asap. I agree about the boycott$ irresponsible finger pointing by everyone involved. This won’t be the last time either

        • Robbyou

          Hey… I had a chance to watch this, and was amazed. I mean seriously, this is the only time i have heard most of this. I gleans a new perspective the we are just not hearing. I Highly recommend this to everyone. BP made 6 BILLION dollars in the first 3 months of this year alone. Boycott. I made the mistake of going to a BP yesterday. Once I realised I was in a BP, i left my stuff on the counter and left. I dont need a stick of gum and a soda that badly.

    • Robbyou

      TO ADMIN: Thanks for the recent change regarding a certian poster. I take back my former comment referring to deleting posts. I imagine it must be hard to filter through what is right and wrong for the site. Thanks for keeping up the quality.

    • thinkandspeak

      do they have a docu on adhd and crime. I know that more then 50% in prison around the world have adhd. but yet again the ones that are big in something have it, maby not a docu. but I only either find docus against adhd, and its not real or boring stuff. maby cause thats all there is?

      well maby something that dose not always put the shrinks under a bad light. there a bad ones but MANY MANY helps thousands over the world:) nice sight

    • Chloe

      there isn’t not much new docos lately! More more more please!

    • (just a) FROG on the LOG

      Robbyou – that was meant as a reply to your June 11th comment – it seems that the “reply” button is not working.


        hmm, seems to work for me.

        • (just a) FROG on the LOG

          But isn’t it weird where my 4:47 comment (above) turned up in relationship to the one posted at 4:42 (below)? Originally, I had hit the reply button on Robbyou”s comment, and prior to submitting, it appeared just as this reply does, to you. But when I hit the button, it posted as its own comment. The 4:47 was just a new comment and it jumped up there!

          Strange, huh? Lets see where this one goes!

    • darth pete

      ive been quietly watching and reading doc-log for a year now, and love it! but its time to speak out for the inner geologist in me. i would like to see more geology that has Aubrey Manning in it, he is a rock god. avoid that dr ian stewart stuff, its flashy, but not very clever.

    • Andy

      I’d like to see bodybuilding and fitness documentaries. Not many of them around.

    • Tiago C.

      Hello Doc-Log’ers.
      I was just looking around the web and found this little detailed explanation of how the LHC works so I tought I’d suggest it with here.

      Here’s the link (for reference): http(:)//www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=qQNpucos9wc&feature=related

    • Tiago C.

      I’d like to see Stephen Hawking’s lecture on the origin of the Universe posted here.

      You tube reference: Origin of the Universe – Stephen Hawking (1 of 5)

    • Jerry

      First, I’d like to thank you for the many brilliant and interesting documentaries you have made available. This is all far more entertaining than TV. My personal prejudices make me want more films on religion, cosmology, quantum physics and history. I would also love to see more docs about popular music, especially counter-cultural rock stuff from the 60’s and 70’s.

      Keep up the excellent work!

    • wandab

      your list didnt have what i wanted to click on, so may i suggest some more about art and architecture??

    • farrah

      do you have the up series where the lives of several children are followed to adulthood and further?

    • Paul

      I don’t know if these have been said but I’d love to see:

      – waking sleeping beauty
      – Sound and Fury
      – the last days
      – the long way home
      – Anne Frank remembered
      – Common Threads
      -Just another missing kid

      Just to name a few. Many of these are Oscars winners and I’m surprised aren’t already included. Let me know if you find them. Thanks!

    • Paul

      guess no ones gonna reply to my comment lol

      • Tiago C.

        Yea I think DL might be too busy lately, all my suggestions didnt get a response yet either.
        And btw you can also try the “suggest a video” option on the top of the page. I think that might be a more efficient way to get the message to him rather than the comments page.

    • Stephen Hawking is a boss.

    • Stephen Hawking has said the universe wasn't created by God. Soooooomebody's bitter.

    • I actually got to this site by doing a search for movies to stream Online. Will you do an article on the top movies to stream online thank you

    • Robbyou

      I am getting bored, i have been through all of them. WE crave the updtaes

      • (just a) FROG on the LOG

        I’z hear ya thar brotha !

    • LKB

      It’s too bad the koran bonfire was cancelled. I wanted to attend, so I could add to the flames,with not only the koran, but just to raise the level of stupidity,throw on a bible!!!

      PS : More science docs svp!!!!!!!!

      • Rita

        Was totally stuck until I read this, now back up and runnnig.

    • Success means finding the courage, the willpower, along with the will to be the person you believe you were meant to be

    • Robbyou

      Is this site being maintained anymore? It has not been updated in over a month

    • (just a) FROG on the LOG

      Hi Doc Loggers – it looks like DL is MIA, so until he comes back, I put together some new documentary playlists for all of you on a YouTube channel under the name Barredeux. From the search bar on Youtube type in Barredeux, that should bring up the playlist titled Brain Science, click the name Barredeux under that & it will bring you to the main page.

      I’ve got EVOLVE, a 2008 documentary series, where each 50 min episode gives a complete dissection on the evolution of a single characteristic known to living creatures, from its first origins to modern incarnation. I put together 8 of them – excellent series – very detailed.

      I also have 4 episodes of The History of Surgery (my playlists say SurGORY, but their not). Including Heart, Brain, Transplant & Cosmetic.

      The Brain Science playlist I recorded myself. I’m not thrilled with the quality of the software I used to record it, but the content of the videos themselves is absolutely fascinating, and I doubt you would find copies of them anywhere else on the internet.

      And I’ve got a bunch of interesting episodes of Modern Marvels, which, if you’ve never seen the series before, you should. Just watch the first 15 minutes of one on any particular subject & I’ll bet you’ll be hooked.

      Hopefully D-Log will be back soon with some more videos for all of us. But until then I hope you all like the documentaries I put together for you! I’m sure you all know, but to get each playlist to run you only have to dbl click the first video and the rest will follow.

      • (just a) FROG on the LOG

        2 new documentaries I just added (on YouTube channel/user name: Barredeux

        Bog Bodies – The remains of two ancient Celts studied by archaeologists from the National Museum of Ireland. The bodies had been preserved by the peat bogs in which they were found, allowing experts to establish how they died and learn about the lives they led.

        and the other one I ripped & uploaded myself. I haven’t watched it yet, but it sounds quite interesting:

        Planck Time & The Big Bang –
        The Planck time comes from a field of mathematical physics known as dimensional analysis, which studies units of measurement and physical constants. Unfortunately, all of our scientific experiments and human experience happens over billions of billions of billions of Planck times, which makes it hard to directly probe the events happening at the Planck scale. Analysis of Hubble Deep Field images in 2003 led to a debate about the physical implications of the Planck time as a minimum time interval measured at the moment of the big bang.

    • Emo

      I really think so too=P I have been browsing around the web for a while this week, and its kinda hard to find anything good to read on blogs:P Maybe thats because there are too many of them around =) But this site actually keeps catching my attention=P Great posts, and cool design ^__^. Ill be sure to give it more time now :P

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    • Marshall Lock

      Thanks so much for a superb site…just keep ALL the suggestions coming …and for my part ..more art ,architecture ,dance (world) music (world ) and anything controversial.

    • Sam

      I thought the admin had died, lol. Is this his second comming or what?
      How long does it take to update a few of your documentaries once in a while. I mean 4-5 months is a loooooooooooong long time to just come up with only 4 docs.

      Countless suggestion by myself and others have been completely ignored by this “admin”.
      I am a web designer, graphic designer, coder (AS3, JavaScript, ect), animator, video editor, etc. and I have offered my assistance countless times to this guy…
      Not a single reply I received back from this douche.
      At least have the courtesy to reply back when someone is trying to help.

    • terry beaton

      I’m sure I’ve watched over a hundred doc’s already and I usually watch one a day. If I could have my wish it would be to see some documentaries by Joseph Campbell. I’m not sure exactly what catagory they would fall under but they are certainly facinating. Thanks for the work you do to bring us this site!

    • andrea

      i would like more documentaries aboutmental disorders:
      such as depression, insomnia, eating disorders, bipolar all that sort of thing

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    • Emo

      I can’t think of a cool comment =( Just wanted you to know i was here =P

    • 5 star


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    • Naproxen

      Various thanks as regards this remarkable details. It actually assisted me finished!

    • Steve

      I have really enjoyed this site, thank you very much. I would really like to see some instructional/skill based and how to videos. It’s a catagory I notice that is strangely missing. We all have skills we could learn from each other.
      As for specific movies there is a movie on the abortion debate that shows both side called In a Lake of Fire and another called Born Rich

    • hiit

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    • Bielizna Damska

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